VOTE FOR MISHA COLLINS IN Alpha Male Madness 2017 ! Elite 8


This round will close on Sunday, April 23, at 5 p.m. PT.

Tag your friends - Cas/Misha stans to spread the word and get them to vote !!!! let’s show how loved and appreciated he is ♥

So far he’s at 40% Please vote for him as much as you can, he has always made sure to be close to us his fans, from livestreams to being a huge inspiration to do good with his charity work, and calling out a certain political figure and standing up for miniorities and always show support for them, despite being so underrapreciated in general, and faced so much hate for being so vocal about his beliefs ….. it would be amazing if we could give him something back too he really deserves it

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“Do you love Cas?” Sam asks one day, blurting it out after dealing with their shit for far too long.

Dean looks away from the television and frowns at him, “Huh?”

Sam takes a deep breath in, waiting for the inevitable of Dean to yell at him, “Do you love Cas?”

Surprisingly, Dean doesn’t shout, in fact he looks at Sam like he’s the biggest idiot in the universe, “Course I do, it’s Cas,” Dean shrugs, “He’s family.”

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Cas’ whole depression/ptsd really ended up going nowhere. The show made it very clear why Cas had said yes to being Lucifer’s vessel, all that build up then nothing. That story arc just literally just disappeared into thin air. Cas comes back this episode miraculously “fixed” because it’s convenient for the plot. I don’t even know what to say.

So…I blatantly stole most of this idea from David Levithan. So if you recognize it, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway: Dean and Cas. At a pride parade. :)

Cas is nervous.

He has plenty of reason to be nervous. For one, he’s snuck out of his home under the premise of staying at a friend’s house for the weekend. To go to a gay pride parade in the city, of all things.

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Greetings Supernatural Fans ! This is a NEW Blog dedicated to “Castiel” the character from the CW show “Supernatural” It Is Ship free (However Friendships/Brotps are very welcome), to allow more people no matter their preferences to fully enjoy our little angel, any post about him will be posted, whether it’s fan fiction, videos, gif sets, graphics and even especially texts posts about how/why you appreciate cas :) You are welcome to send us a message if you want to discuss anything.

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i can’t be sure but i think, based on evidence we have so far,

that misha just might enjoy resting his head on jensen’s shoulder