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So far he’s at 40% Please vote for him as much as you can, he has always made sure to be close to us his fans, from livestreams to being a huge inspiration to do good with his charity work, and calling out a certain political figure and standing up for miniorities and always show support for them, despite being so underrapreciated in general, and faced so much hate for being so vocal about his beliefs ….. it would be amazing if we could give him something back too he really deserves it

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“Do you love Cas?” Sam asks one day, blurting it out after dealing with their shit for far too long.

Dean looks away from the television and frowns at him, “Huh?”

Sam takes a deep breath in, waiting for the inevitable of Dean to yell at him, “Do you love Cas?”

Surprisingly, Dean doesn’t shout, in fact he looks at Sam like he’s the biggest idiot in the universe, “Course I do, it’s Cas,” Dean shrugs, “He’s family.”

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Cas’ whole depression/ptsd really ended up going nowhere. The show made it very clear why Cas had said yes to being Lucifer’s vessel, all that build up then nothing. That story arc just literally just disappeared into thin air. Cas comes back this episode miraculously “fixed” because it’s convenient for the plot. I don’t even know what to say.

Sometimes, Dean walks in on Cas sitting on his bed, curled up into a ball with his hands on his shoulders, his eyes shut tight, fingernails digging into the skin on the back of his neck hard enough to leave angry red marks.

Dean moves, sits down on the bed behind Cas. When he puts a careful hand on Cas’s arm, he doesn’t flinch, but Dean can feel him shivering.

”Dean…” The name that escapes Castiel is nothing more than a whisper. ”I can feel them… but they’re gone…” And his voice is so frail, Dean feels it like he’s being stabbed in the heart.

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So…I blatantly stole most of this idea from David Levithan. So if you recognize it, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway: Dean and Cas. At a pride parade. :)

Cas is nervous.

He has plenty of reason to be nervous. For one, he’s snuck out of his home under the premise of staying at a friend’s house for the weekend. To go to a gay pride parade in the city, of all things.

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You know, sometimes I wonder about Cas and how he loves. Because he’s not human- at least, he wasn’t and he was and now he isn’t again- and I wonder- is love like peanut butter and jelly to him? Maybe he looks at Sam and Dean and see all their molecules and little bits that he loves, but he can’t quite put it together. It’s so foreign to him, but he knows he loves them, he knows it, deep in the roots of his grace he knows that he desperately loves these two precious hunters, the righteous man of hell and the demon boy king with grace in his veins, but he just can’t piece it together to make sense of it.

Love tastes like molecules to Castiel, and I wonder if in that one night he was with Dean, before Dean dropped him off at the gas station in the morning, I wonder if Cas was able to explain it to him. Maybe Cas didn’t just speak of molecules to Sam, maybe he finally told Dean, “I love you,” because Dean wasn’t pieces of the whole anymore, Dean was Dean. And maybe Dean understood and kissed him in the car that was his home, and held him all night, and told him that he loved him too, molecules and all.

Maybe love tastes like molecules to Cas again, and maybe that’s why he’s so sad- because he can’t feel it anymore. He can’t feel human love anymore, and he aches for it despite his deep angelic love for Dean and Sam, because he knows what human love is like now. And he wants it back.

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dean running his fingers absently through cas’ hair, tugging every now and again, smiling when cas moans out half-hearted protests. 

cas sprawled on top of dean in the grass on a warm, july afternoon, the sun casting long shadows, a soft breeze blowing their hair.

dean and cas sharing slow, languid kisses, only stirring from their spot in the backyard when the clouds grow dark and thunder claps in the distance.

cas laughing as he tugs dean up from the grass, the first splashes of rain falling heavy on their faces, soaking into their lips as they steal kisses.

The Fall

He struggled a bit as he walked on shaky legs, making his way to what he deemed as familiar ground. He was still getting used to having to stand with the full weight of his vessel without having his wings lift him up even the slightest as he trudged on. He took his all to ignore the sound of bodies falling all around him. He already saw it, and God did he wish he hadn’t. He saw all of them, every single one. His brothers and sisters falling from the sky like a rain of comets . Their grace quickly being yanked away from them, their wings vanishing in a golden flame as they raced towards the unforgiving ground.

How could he allow this to happen? How could he allow Metatron to play him as a fool? No matter what he had done, no matter how hard he tried, he always let heaven down. How many of his kind had he slaughtered? Only for this to happen to the rest of them? Was this really God’s plan? Was this really his intention before disappearing on them? To have the protectors of his creation walk amongst them, as them? Or was all of this simply Castiel’s fault? H wasnt sure, nor did he want to dwell on the thought any longer.

He looked down at his now very human hands, the hands of his vessel. The hands that would no longer be able to heal nor help anyone in any way. He can’t help Dean. He can’t help Sam. He couldn’t even help himself.

He was useless.