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When Cas gets this contemplative look on his face at the tattoo parlor where they get him his anti-possession tattoo Dean doesn’t make much of it. He just tells Cas to hurry up when he pauses to whisper something to the tatoo artist, gesturing as the other man nods back.  He starts to notice when Cas withdraws into their room for hours at a time in the next few days  with a sketchbook and pencil in hand. When asked, Cas just gives him a small smile and says he’ll see soon enough. 

A few more days pass before Cas finds him in living room and gently places the sketchbook on the table before him. It’s flipped open and Dean’s vision is filled with wings. Sketches upon sketch of wings, some rough some detailed, and near the bottom, on drawings of backs. 

“They’re beautiful, Cas.” Dean murmurs, a little confused and looks up to see Cas beaming at him, eyes shining with an excitement he hasn’t seen in Cas since he became human. Maybe even longer. 

“I want them. I talked to the man who tattooed the anti-possession sigil on my chest and he said he could do wings too. I-I mostly drew them from memory, from how I remember them manifested before… and I took some qualities from my true wings and added those too. Will you take me?" 

Dean pauses for a second, not in hesitation but because he can’t stop staring at the change in Cas’s face, how excited he seems. And the decision is nothing, simple really. "Of course, Cas. If that’s what you want.” Dean smiles back at him, reaching over to give his hand a quick squeeze. 

Cas nods, that light still in his eyes. “I do. They can’t compare to my d wings of course but I want to honor them, and to keep them in my memory I suppose. This seemed like an apt way." 

They go in the next day, hand in hand because Dean notices somewhere along the way how much Cas’s hands are shaking and that the excitement has been replaced with a jittery nervousness that he can almost feel rolling off Cas.  "Hey, don’t worry, babe. You’ll be fine, hm?” Dean whispers when he feels Cas clutch his hand tighter as they walk in.  

He keeps a hold on Cas’s hand through it, whispering little encouragements to him.

And after, when they’re shown into a room with wall to wall mirrors so Cas can see the result and he breaks down crying at first sight, he holds Cas against him and tells him how beautiful they are, how beautiful he is. Cas just buries his face against Dean’s chest and sobs but Dean thinks they’ll be alright because this is so different than all the other times he’s held a crying Cas in his arms this past year. Because when he pulls Cas’s face up to press a gentle kiss against his lips, he can feel the curve of his smile. 

It’s hunting season~
My AU where angels are disliked, mistrusted and hunted for sports and glory and Dean shoots his first angel. But once he tracks him down, he simply cannot kill him. Instead, he nurses Castiel back to health in secret, who’s at first very aggressive and defensive. (Fic in the works)

Castiel’s tattoos are Enochian; Monons, Vgear, Vooan. Meaning Heart, Strength and Truth.

im so into dean being the only one who can calm cas down when he’s in like full on angelic wrath mode about to slay tho

just laying a soothing hand on him and rubbing along his shoulder a little, whispering a few words in his ears and cas is just like aw shit now i just wanna kiss this idiot and hold his hand a lot dammit hold that thought ill get u next time asshole //tries to glare but dean is so cute wtf//

“Sometimes I remember,” Dean says suddenly one night. They’re in bed, Dean’s body half-draped over Cas’s, both of them sated and sleepy after a round of inexplicably emotional sex. Cas is almost asleep, but he jerks awake at Dean’s words.

“Dean?” he murmurs into the top of his head. “What are you talking about?“

Dean’s Adam’s apple bobs against Cas’s chest as he swallows. He shifts, looking up and resting his chin on the fallen angel, the green of his eyes burning through the darkness of their room.

"Sometimes I remember,” Dean says quietly, one hand roaming across Cas’s body almost nervously, touching, tapping, rubbing soothing patterns. “It’s just bits and flashes. But sometimes I remember. You. Coming to get me.“ Cas stiffens at the hesitance in Dean’s voice, wanting to reassure him, to tell him that he doesn’t have to talk about it if he doesn’t want to. But Dean lays his hand comfortingly right above Cas’s beating heart.

"Your eyes,” he says quietly. “They were so blue, even down there. And angry. You wanted to protect me from the moment you reached me…"

Cas swallows, covering the hand on his chest with his own. He pulls it up to his mouth and kisses Dean’s palm. He hesitates, then turns, rearranging their bodies swiftly but gently, so that Dean lies on his back and Cas hovers over him.

“I just thought you should know,” Dean says softly, reaching up to cup Cas’s jaw in his hand, his thumb stroking over his cheek. “Whenever I have a nightmare…"

Cas closes his eyes against the words and lowers himself to Dean’s side. He slings one leg over Dean’s, wraps an arm around his torso, and pulls Dean into the crook of his neck.

“Whenever I have a nightmare,” Dean whispers against his throat, “you always come to save me. You and your eyes. Just like this. Your body surrounding mine…You’re always-“

"I’m always watching over you,” Cas says quietly, but the fierceness in his tone is unmistakeable. He kisses Dean’s hair, and Dean pulls his head back, looking up at Cas drowsily. He reaches up, his hand going to Cas’s jaw again, and pulls him down for a sweet, chaste kiss.

“I never really said thank you,” he murmurs against the Cas’s lips. “For saving me.“

"I never needed your thanks, Dean,” Cas replies, his words sighing out against Dean’s mouth as their eyes close and their foreheads rest together, breaths intermingling. “I just need you.“

They fall asleep wrapped around each other, dreaming of green and blue eyes.