10th House Planets + Careers

I can imagine people with Sun in the 10th having careers where they’re constantly in the spotlight, maybe being actors or singers, but whatever it is they choose, they’ll be well-known

For Moon in the 10th, I imagine careers involving hospitality and nurture/care, maybe stuff like nursing, counseling, therapy, but their motivation is to help others

And with Mercury in the 10th, I imagine careers related to language, whether it’s written language or verbal language; writers, poets, authors, journalists, reporters

Venus in the 10th reminds me of careers that have to do with art, like fashion, interior design, painting/drawing, music, anything that is creative

I imagine Mars in the 10th careers being stuff like having authority over others but having an inspiring quality at the same time - coaches, being the head of a company, athletic occupations, careers where high energy is required

For Jupiter in the 10th, I imagine careers revolving around teaching others; teachers in higher education (college professors), philosophers, priests, etc. These people may be lucky and might find themselves obtaining their career fairly easily, in whatever they choose to do

Saturn in the 10th careers (to me) are things related to teaching as well, they could be wise teachers, also may do well in finance or careers that require mathematical/critical thinking skills, lawyer

For Uranus in the 10th, I think of careers related to technology; careers that have to do with computer science, innovation, inventing newer technological pieces, or even “odd” careers that are relatively unpopular and difficult to attain, unusual career choices

With Neptune in the 10th, I think of careers where they are healers, so stuff like being a veterinarian, surgeon, or things related to spirituality

And for Pluto in the 10th, I imagine things related to mystery/psychology - detective, stuff dealing with crime, psychologist, occupations where they have to keep lots of information privately