Hartbig Fanfic_A Red Flashing Light_Chapter Four

Chapter 3 -

Hannah had mistaken Grace’s wobbliness and visible urge to look at her for a panic attack and gently brushed Grace’s forearm with the back of her fingers , setting electric-like currents flowing frantically through both of their veins. Hannah watched Grace’s eyes immediately follow her hand as it curved around her trembling arm, gradually moving down , tracing her wrist then finally stopping and intertwining her fingers securely with Grace’s , stopping her from trembling.

“Grace , look at me”. In one swift movement , Hannah stepped directly in front of Grace , taking her other hand. Her voice just above a whisper as it called her name. Grace gave in completely. The guilt for loving her best friend was nowhere to be found as her face straightened out and her eyes started to slowly devour Hannah’s presence.

Grace gazed at Hannah for the first time since she had walked through the doorstep. Her t-shirt continued to cling to her curvy figure , her neck and shoulders were still shimmering from the rain and the bone structure in her face became more prominent as the darkness of Grace’s kitchen touched upon the shadows beneath Hannah’s cheekbones. Grace lastly noticed that moonlight coming from the window behind her had reflected off the top of Hannah’s face , making Hannah’s fluorescent eyes the most deepest and captivating shade of blue possible.

Grace didn’t realise she had been physically gravitating towards Hannah. Her body and face was just centimetres away from hers. Hannah felt Grace’s warm breath brush against her open lips and as she looked into Grace’s delicate and soothing brown eyes she forgot everything she knew about her.

Grace froze. Standing with her hands stuck at her side as Hannah stepped forward and leaned against her , leaving no open space at all between them. Hannah wrapped one arm around her waist , tangled one hand deeply into her hair and leaned her forehead against her’s , the tension too precious to brake just yet.

Both of their minds fell static as they listened only to each other’s heavy and unsteady breathing and the faint sound of their heartbeats , gradually increasing in speed.

Grace flinched , managing to regain the feeling in her arms and the electric-like currents began to spark viciously through her whole body as she grabbed Hannah’s waist with both hands and swung her around in an 180° angle to push her firmly against the kitchen counter. Then pressing her lips fiercely against Hannah’s.

Hannah’s grip on Grace’s waist and hair tightened as Grace abruptly lifted Hannah and planted her on top of the counter , bringing Hannah to her height. As Grace’s tounge brushed Hannah’s , the pungent and acrid taste of alcohol filled Hannah’s mouth.

“Grace” Hannah whispered , her whole body tensing. “Hannah” Grace whispered back as she ran her lips down Hannah’s neck then along her collar bone , enraptured.“You’re drunk” Hannah’s voice sounded lifeless as her hand loosened from Grace’s hair. “No I’m not” Grace replied in the same low whisper , holding Hannah’s hand on her waist with her left hand.

Hannah’s hand released from Grace’s hair and followed Grace’s other hand as it clutched the bottom of Hannah’s top and ran it upwards along her spine. “Grace , stop” Hannah hardly ordered Grace , maintaining the dead tone in her voice as she gently lifted Grace’s chin away from her neck.

“You are drunk. You don’t feel the same way as I do for you , you just think you do” Hannah said quickly , the tone beyond emotionless. Feeling Grace’s eyes burn into hers as she avoided eye contact and took her hand from her waist , she got down from the counter.

“Don’t you tell me what I do and do not feel Hannah!” Grace yelled at the top of her lungs. “I lie to you. Tell you I haven’t been seeing you because of panic attacks , but when I tear my own heart out right in front you think its a lie? Do you know how long it’s been since I had opened up to someone like that?”. Hannah stared down at the floorboards , folding her arms tightly around her torso. “Hannah , look at me” Grace shrieked, louder then ever before. Her voice cracked and became quieter on the last word.

Hannah immediately looked up and saw that Grace’s face was covered in sincere , sheer sorrow. Hannah’s eyes widened and fell and guilt began drowning her face. “Grace I-” Hannah stammered. “Do you want to know how I really feel around you and everyone I have ever loved? How I have always felt around you apart from five minutes ago?” Grace challenged , wiping the tears from her face struggling to keep a strong stance. “I feel like an annoyance. A red light flashing in the corner of your eyes. Just in the corner. We’re nobody cares enough to look” Grace slumped herself down on the floor and put her hands in her hair. After a few seconds she exhaled deeply then whispered , “I love you Hannah , but everyone I love seems to get back at me somehow”. Hannah’s face was gradually nearing grace’s extent of sorrow , a single tear escaped her eye as she threw herself as Grace. Sitting in front of her and wrapping her arms tightly around her shoulders and waist. “I’m here , Grace. I’m here. I love you.” Hannah’s voice trembled even more as Grace clutched on to her “I love you too , Hannah” Grace replied , rocking back and forth slightly and soaking a wet patch into Hannah’s T-shirt.

PLEASE READ. The emotional outburst from Grace in this chapter was completely spontanious and unexpected. But I’ve always thought that storys are at their best when the writer doesn’t hesitate to mention every part of what they are thinking in the story. Then it’s all straight from the hart right ;) .Be aware that this fic is based around two characters emotional reactions , how they contrast and alternate , and a representation of how much of a common emotion it is to feel as though the people you love hurt you the most. This fic is not so much story based. I can promise you guys a resolving ENDING to this fic tommorow :D

Btw I am planning to write more Fanfics , most likely Hartbig. I will make them fun instead of deep , for a change. <3. leave your thoughts in my description box and tell me how you think it is going to end! thankyou

Chapter 5 -


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