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Deranged Secrets - A BTS Jungkook X Jimin X Reader Fanfic Part 1

I’m sorry i haven’t been active lately due to stressful weeks so i hope this fan fiction makes up for it so please enjoy x

Let the journey begin….Enjoy ;)

Deranged Secrets Part 1
Dedicated to my best friend @bts-sugatrash for being so amazing in supporting me all the way with writing this story as I was very hesitant to publish it so plz tell me what you think of it, I love reading your comments :)

Genre: Rough(ish) smut, Angst.

Rated: M - Read at your own risk

Word Count: 14,500 (sorry) XD

Summary ~ Two boys, both the worst of enemies. One boy gave you everything he had and took nothing from you. The other boy took everything from you and gave you nothing in return. It started from a broken heart, which grew into a sick game of lust and desire and ended with one single, deranged secret that could shatter and destroy you both.

The night you kissed Jeon Jungkook was a blessing and a curse. It was the worst mistake you had made for all the right reasons but in all the wrong ways.


An anonymous pair of cool, black eyes stood, hidden within the shadows against the corner of a room in an abandoned warehouse, watching you.

It was late.

In the centre of the cold, dim room, you were perched on the edge of a piano stool, slender fingers gracefully gliding along the rusty piano keys as your eye lids fluttered closed: praying, yearning for an escape.

“Take me away from here,” You whispered into the silent darkness, craning your neck back as a sweet melody sang through your ears, “even if it lasts for a second, a minute even, please please just get him out of my fucking head―”

A twisted yet sickeningly perfect image of him flashed into your vision; he was standing there in the pouring rain, his signature leather jacket slung over his shoulders, clad in his ripped skinny jeans and fresh t-shirt, the lazy grin that you had fell in love with resting on his lips had disappeared and his deep brown orbs were no longer twinkling and smiling in adoration like they used to:

“ Fuck, I can’t do this, Y/N.” He muttered quietly, staring down at the hard concrete floor in shame as the heavy rain showered both of your bodies, the harsh wind whipping your bare skin dry to the bone.

Inside your mind, all of your thoughts were racing like crazy in confusion and anxiety as you watched your boyfriend who could barely even look at you without flinching.

“ Jimin, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say,” You whispered softly and Jimin sighed, shaking his head before sadly looking back into your innocent eyes.

“ You don’t get it, do you?”

“ Get what?” You pushed on, exasperated. Why was he being like this?

No longer bearing the distance between you both, you reached your hand out to touch him but he quickly stepped away as if he had been burnt, rejecting any form of physical contact from you. And at that exact moment, you felt tears sting at the back of your eyes and a small piece of you cracked and died.


I don’t love you anymore, Y/N,” Jimin said, loud and clear enough for you to hear through the rain splattering on the ground. “ I don’t love you, not in the same way I used to. Everything has changed now.”

Thunder suddenly clapped, the rain heavily pouring down and drenching you both in cold water, the sky grey and lifeless, wind too strong and monstrous for you to think properly.

You blinked and a single tear drop trickled down your cheek, his words slicing straight through your heart inch by inch like a dagger made of fire. You desperately tried to move towards him again but he stepped further away from you, like he hated you.

“ No you’re wrong.. nothing has changed, I—you’re lying to me.. you’re lying-”

But he wasn’t. Jimin wasn’t lying.

Your bottom lip quivered uncontrollably  and it took every ounce of the strength you had left not to completely break down in front of him.

“ What did I do wrong, Jimin? Tell me, and..and I can fix it.”

He screwed his eyes shut, his jaw clenching in frustration at the sound of your broken tone and your big teary eyes that stared up at him, pleading, begging for him to tell you that none of this was really happening.

But as he stared in silence at the one beautiful face of the girl who was crying in front of his own eyes, Jimin knew what he was doing; he knew that this was the right thing to do. There was no other way, no turning back now. This was it.

“ You didn’t do anything wrong, Y/N,” Jimin answered, his tone plain and monotonous yet still he was crumbling into dust at the same time with every word that left his lips, “ And there is nothing you can fix.”

“ I don’t love you,  I haven’t loved you for a long time,” He repeated again, the words stinging his heart as he gazed long and hard into your eyes, “ Because…” He gulped slightly and his voice cracked into a whisper:

“ Because I’m in love with another girl.”

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Princess Alexandria


Requested by: @redroses879

Summary: This is quite a long one but I enjoyed writing it :) 

Asana discovers she is the great-granddaughter of a lost Princess, Princess Alexandria and Klaus is scared of losing her because the current ruler of the existing country is her distant cousin. 

Sorry for the length of the story. I couldn’t be helped.

Originally posted by thestandrewknot

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Tiger in a Suit 

There were many things deemed illegal in the world, many things that should not be done for being too evil or criminal or just wrong. And although pirates were supposed to be free, Trafalgar Law should be barred from donning a suit in front of everyone who was not Luffy. It wasn’t happening. Shouldn’t be happening. Luffy had decided that Torao in a suit was a crime against him.

And yet there he was, looking unfairly sexy and delicious in his black suit. He was eye-catching enough for Zoro—with his one eye, dammit—to glance, stop, and have a good second look at the Surgeon of Death himself standing on the deck of his yellow submarine earlier. His crew gathered around him like they were going to kill anything that threatened to ruin Law’s attire. You know, like unwanted insects or stray leaves from god-knows-where. The Heart pirates looked so damn proud of their captain. Luffy felt like being proud, too, because now that Law was in front of Luffy on the Sunny, it was very difficult not to just jump him. And this was odd because Luffy had seen men in suits before, no big deal. Sanji always wore one, but Torao was just… damn.

“Are we ready?” Law put on a pair of faux eyeglasses and just… damn.

Trafalgar Law stood out like meat in a banquet of peanuts on the deck of the Thousand Sunny.

Dressed in this very distracting kind of garb, he was going to infiltrate a party with Nami, Sanji, and Robin who was going as his “date”. It was a party. There was going to be food, obviously. Luffy originally wanted to be part of this whole thing, but somewhere between kisses and touches and moans, Law was able to make him promise to stay on the Sunny and “wait like a good boy”. Thinking back now, that was a lot of “yes” coming out of his mouth.

Yeah, maybe he could do that. Be a good boy.

Luffy never went back on his promises regardless of how meager they might be, but that didn’t mean he didn’t immediately regret not being part of this mission. Like, sure, he couldn’t follow stupid plans but that wasn’t the point. Not only would there be a small chance of food, but there would also be a hundred percent chance of Torao in a suit that Luffy was missing out on.

“We’re re-ady!” Sanji chirped in a sing-song voice as he walked with heart-shaped eyes, arms locked with Nami across the deck. Nami wore an off-shoulder blue dress that transitioned into a darker shade towards the ruffled end falling just below her thigh. Sanji’s suit was a shade or two lighter than Law’s, with thin stripes of faded white. Both the Strawhat and Heart pirates exclaimed how Nami was exceptionally pretty that night and she basked in it in a way only she could. Zoro had gone off and insulted Sanji who lost no time fighting the swordsman across the deck.

See? Sanji in a suit did nothing to Luffy’s dick.

So what was it? What was it about this black suit that made Law look so… wantable? Why did it fit perfectly over his lean body? And why did it make Luffy imagine what his toned tattooed torso looked underneath the layers of clothes that Luffy was dying to peel off? And why did those glasses do things to his… feelings?

“Where is Nico-ya?” Law’s eyebrows furrowed but Luffy distracted himself with the man’s bright yellow tie. Robin stepped out from god-knows-where (it was difficult enough to focus-not-to-focus on Torao to pay attention to anything else), wearing a flowing white dress with a high slit. Sanji practically had a heart attack as soon as he laid eyes on her and everyone went “Woooow, Robiiiin”. Luffy immediately turned to Law who looked less interested in Robin compared to the time it was taking them to commence his whole operation. He did spare her a glance as he adjusted his fake glasses with his fingers.

Those glasses were distracting as fuck.

“Since when did you need glasses?” Luffy voiced out mindlessly in his quiet effort to sort out how Law being decked out in this black suit was speaking directly to Luffy’s chest and way down south.

“It’s a disguise.” Law slightly turned towards Luffy and the smaller captain just went something like ding-dong inside as he shivered visibly. The older pirate frowned and studied Luffy for a while. 

“So…” the Hearts Captain was saying again, looking around so he could take a look at every member of both crews, “I don’t know why I still try but… Does everyone remember the plan?”

Everyone nodded.

“Okay.” Law nodded as well, pleased with the response, but giving the Strawhats one more quiet look. Zoro grunted and Usopp elbowed him by the arm. Law shrugged before he walked towards Robin and offered his arm to her in such a suave manner, which Robin took with grace.

It reminded Luffy of a wedding.

“Stop.” Luffy just spat out without thinking again, but everyone froze anyway and turned to the smaller captain, “This isn’t going to happen.”

“What?” Law raised an eyebrow amidst murmurs and reactions from other people across the deck.

“This isn’t going to happen.” Luffy frowned, his gaze zoning in on Law. All he could think of was how he wanted to pull him into a corner, push him against the wall, and figure out what to do from there, “You’re not going anywhere.”

The Hearts captain sighed heavily, shoulders falling in a tinge of annoyance as he rubbed his forehead.

“Look, we’ve been through this, Mugiwara-ya.”

You’re not going anywhere!

He yelled that. He didn’t care.

“Not while looking like that!” Luffy waved his arms at Law as if trying to show everyone what he was seeing because why the fuck not?

There was a distinct “Eh?” from the males of the Strawhats and an “Ohhh, boy” from the Heart Pirates. Robin giggled and patted Law on the arm she was holding onto. After making a sound between a groan and a sigh, Law gently took back his arm from Robin and walked towards Luffy. The younger captain swallowed thickly without knowing it as he watched the Hearts captain approach with the soft sound of his footsteps across the lawned deck of the Sunny. As the distance between them got smaller, the urge to just jump Torao got stronger.

Yeah, Luffy wanted to jump him. He wanted to jump him. He wanted to jump him. Was going to jump him.

The doctor’s slender fingers gracefully pulled off his faux glasses, tilting his head just right so his hair rustled beautifully with the passing soft breeze. Luffy caught a whiff of perfume mingled with Law’s scent. And that was the damn end of the line.

Fuck it.

Unfinished. Well, kind of. It leads to a lemon and I just… am not sure.

Haunting - A Moriel Fic

Thank you as ever to my wonderful @blackbeak for reading this through for me before I posted it and for sending me the prompt that lead to it! Companion to this. It’s not essential to have read it at all but they do tie in with one another.

Title: Haunting 

Summary: Set in the midst of ACOMAF. Azriel is still desperately trying to infiltrate the queens’ mortal court. His absence takes its toll on Mor who finds her old nightmares returning to her. In a bid to escape them she leaves Velaris and heads to a quiet spot outside the city to gather herself. Unknown to her, Azriel has the same idea. 

TeaserWhile none of the lovers she had taken over the years had ever been allowed to feel like home, Azriel was home.

He was safety and warmth and comfort; the one who could always calm her even when she woke in near hysterics. He had always seen himself as a broken bastard, barely worthy of being included in their court, or of mattering to anyone. Nothing. But ever since he had come for her in the Autumn Court all those years ago and scooped her out of the snow and into his arms, she had struggled to see him as anything less than everything.

Link: AO3 

Mor closes her eyes and slowly tips her head back, exposing her throat to the moon’s blinding white bite. The darkness embraces her like a lover, clinging close, pressing into her skin, coating every curve. But its touch is soothing, comforting, familiar and worn. Unlike any of the lovers she’s taken over the centuries. They had been a soothing comfort for a few nights, weeks, perhaps months. But were always gone, always pushed away, before they felt truly known and familiar the way this darkness does.

She never wanted that, never wanted to get that close to someone, never dared let anyone who shared her bed feel like home. It felt too much like relying on them. And she had decided centuries ago never to bind herself to anyone like that, never to make herself feel owned, even in the slightest of ways, again.

Her freedom means more to her than familiarity or stability. And that’s what she reminds herself of now, drowning in the memories of what was done years ago. They’re things she hasn’t dwelled on this way in decades but they’ve plagued her dreams these past few nights. She is free now.  A marionette who cut her own tangled strings and made her masters bow before her. She is the queen  over the men who once tried to sell her like chattel. She is the conqueror of her nightmares. She is the dreamer released into a new world that smells like hope.

Propping her chin on her knees where they’re tucked in tight against her chest, Mor glances out over her surroundings. She had winnowed here tonight after waking alone and screaming in her room. As the memories continued to stir within her the walls around her had quickly come to feel like the bars of a cage and she’d needed to get out.

This was one of her places in the Night Court. Too far from any of the main cities for any who couldn’t winnow or fly. It is quiet and secluded, untouched and undisturbed for all the centuries she’s been coming to it. The bank is covered in thick, lush grass that looks black in the darkness of the night but by day glows, a stark emerald blanket covering the world.  

The soft carpet of darkness fades smoothly onto the stark, onyx mirror before her. A deep, fathomless glassy lake, still and untouched by the gentle fingers of wind that run through her hair. The sight of it sends thrills dancing along her spine at the same time as it soothes her. Magic lives and breathes in this place, to make the surface of that lake so still. So still that it forms a perfect mirror and the stars that shine overhead glitter in it.

 It’s as though some god captured the essence of night when the world was forming and placed it here. It’s entrancing and safe, welcome for a daughter of night, who spent all her life hiding her dreams from the harsh, calculating eyes of day, only ever daring to whisper them to herself when no-one but the stars looked on. The stars could be trusted with dreams, she had been told as a little girl. It was a habit she had never quite managed to outgrow.

Azriel had been the one who had first brought her to this place; his place, he confessed to her. A place he would come to train undisturbed. A refuge when the horrors of his own past became too much. Somewhere he could go when he just wanted a quiet, calm place to sit and think in peace for a few hours.

 Some nights when she has nightmares and feels the power pulsing beneath her skin as that broken, battered girl she was that still shelters in her heart fights to tear free of it she swallows her demons and makes them dance with her. She pulls a dress from her closet and loses herself in Rita’s for however long it takes her to become part of the music and the rhythm and the atmosphere that always thrums through her favourite dance hall and escape her past.

But some nights, like tonight, the thought of the people pressing in around her and the pounding beat of the music ensnaring her heart and causing it to pulse in time makes her feel sick and claustrophobic. Those are the nights she wakes and feels like she’s been stuffed into a cage that gets smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller with each second she lets it.

On those nights she comes here.

Az would usually have heard and come to her at the first sound of her screams, staying with her or leaving her alone as she needed. But he wasn’t there. He was still in the mortal realm, trying to infiltrate the queens’ castle. He’s been gone for almost a week now, without a flicker of word on his progress or well-being. She knew that was the way he worked, how focused he became-and how poorly he took care of himself as a result. And she knew that he had been gone for longer, to more dangerous places but…But she still worried about him. And missed him.

While none of the lovers she had taken over the years had ever been allowed to feel like home, Azriel was home.

He was safety and warmth and comfort; the one who could always calm her even when she woke in near hysterics. He had always seen himself as a broken bastard, barely worthy of being included in their court, or of mattering to anyone. Nothing. But ever since he had come for her in the Autumn Court all those years ago and scooped her out of the snow and into his arms, she had struggled to see him as anything less than everything.

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“I’ll just be one second, mate,” his eyes flickered back and forth between the keyboard and the screen in front of him.

“Sure,” Harry spoke softly. He found himself slightly entranced by the way Zayn’s fingers flitted across the keyboard so gracefully. His fingers were slender, although not quite as long as Harry’s, but covered in rings like his own. Harry briefly let himself imagine the feeling of their fingers intertwining, rings clanging lightly against each other with the movement. He thought that was a sound he could get used to.

When Zayn’s eyes finally broke away from what he was working on they landed on Harry for only a split second before shifting down to the cupcake perched on the book on the counter between them, “Uh…”

“It’s a cupcake.” A smile spread across his face in a way Harry could only describe as fond, but maybe that was just wishful thinking.

bake me happy, a zarry au one-shot from this promptyou work in a library and i work in a bakery and i give you a cupcake once a week so that you’ll allow me to keep books a few days over the due date but i don’t think i come for the books anymore

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anonymous asked:

I know that this isn't a pair, but if you could do a hurt/comfort drabble of Annie, Johanna, and Katniss for number 3 that would be amazing!

Enjoy, love! Sorry if it’s shoddy—it’s almost two in the morning in San Francisco.

Summary: Sometimes you just need to run away—preferably not minutes before your wedding.

Maid of Honor, Katniss Everdeen, has to deal with runaway bride Annie, slightly wasted bridesmaid Johanna, and one-night-stand slash Best Man, Peeta.

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