gracefully cruel; the one who picks the flower

Ikuhara's Episode Commentary:
11: "Gracefully Cruel - The One Who Picks That Flower"

I tried to live true to myself.

“You’re just like an alien,” someone said to me one day. They must have been telling me, “You’re not normal.”

In other words, apparently “living true to yourself” means “living as an alien.” And so I became “an alien all alone in this world.”

There’s a certain natural law that goes, “To gain something, you must lose something.” There’s nobody in this world who gains everything. Otherwise, there would be people who could live forever.

That is something she is blind to.

That’s why she loses what’s important to her.

Why did she want to become a prince?
Who was it who wanted to become a princess?
Do you want to be chosen by someone, too?