(by MickyJashua)

today is a dance day


Lexie sits alone, quietly reading her text book. A picture of poise and collection -right up until she’s violently attacked by a falling bug that lands smack dab in the middle of her face. It’s not a small bug, she feels the weight of it hit like slap right before her instincts kick in and she in fact, slaps herself right off her bench and proceeds to scream. 

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mask-knife asked:

"Come. Sit-tell me a story." Meghan asked sitting there looking up at the woman with a happy youthful glow. The bar was a new place for her and she wanted to be sure she understood it and it's owner. And what better way to learn then with a story?

Devota crossed her legs. “that depends on the story you wish to hear, starring which form of this gracefull starlette?” she smirked. “Perhaps the one about the master theif? Thr broken songbird or the woman draped in silks and diamonds who holds the city by its balls?”

God math - 106 - Trust = Trouble + Awareness of The God Who Is Love

To Be GraceFull is to grow in Trust by resting through Faith in Some Being you can’t see and Believing that This Being Loves you beyond your ability to imagine!

Yes, well if it made human sense it wouldn’t be from The Being called God now would it?

Do you have someone in your life you can’t tolerate? God put them there, Trust in His ability to know how you need to grow and look for the lesson in the moment!

Do you hate your job? God put you there, Trust His ability to give you what you need to grow in each moment and look for the lesson!

You can Not name or be in a moment that God did not allow to happen to you! As such here is my suggestion:


1) Look to the sky - Know He Is The Great I AM!

2) Look at the challenge - In Every moment God is trying to speak with you!

3) Look for the lesson - The University of Grace is Not about learning law it’s about learning Love and sharing it!

4) Look into your heart and journal about it - A spiritual journal is a wonderful thing As long as you aren’t legalistic about it!

Trust grows in the gap between a rock and a hard place - Living in Awareness of His Eternal and Unconditional Love based on His Grace and Not the law of Moses will allow you to have an Abundant Life like you never imagined!


“ I made this dance in one day ” Oh my god, you are really amazing. Just to give you an idea, I have create my own choregraphy during several weeks ! It was really amazing, this song is so wonderfull ! Your steps are always perfect, you are so gracefull, I would like to be able to dance like you Florence !

Are creating your outfits yourself ? ( if you buy them on the net, please send me a link. XD ) I really like yellow by the way !  Anyway, this was wonderfull ! You are such a creative person ! I would love to be able to create a dance this quickly !

The landscape and the light are beautiful too in this video ! Such an amazing work ! Congratulations ! I will definitively make a video with one of your dance è___é !

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Hello! Your pictures are so wonderfull, gracefull and delicade... Beautiful colours and light :D super nice, have i nice day!

Hello! Thank you, you too.

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"Oh my god. Are you okay?"

“No.” Hidehiro grinded his teeth and looked at the woman. He knew he looked stupid and in pain, but Kami forbit he could not tell her he was clumsy. “Perla was in the way, and lost my balance.”

Good Hidehiro. Blame the cat. You can’t tell that you weren’t even looking before you fell on your ass. Be a gracefull noble.

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Im like this. A girl who loves to wear big shirts, shorts, caps, sneakers, loves adventure and dont matter to get dirty. Why do people think that all of this doesnt fit the “gurl type”? What gives them the right to tell them if im acting like a lady or not? I think we are over that time were girls supposed to live for their houses, not leaving and just serving their husbands, im not against girls who still love this but, why every girl has to get in the type? Society needs to understand that we are all different not only in shapes and looks, but in personality and style. I might be rough and sometimes not gracefull in the way i move but I STILL A GIRL with dreams and hopes and no matter the way any girl behave she still one. Im the way i am and i love it and im proud of it. Im in favor of being a girl and being called a girl because i want to and im one. This is a shoutout for all the girls who live by trying to fit the sterotype that society wants them to fill, if you dont feel like yourself step up and look for you and what makes you feel comfortable. BE THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU WANT, NOT THE ONE THAT OTHERS EXPECT. In the end is yourself with who you stay, love and take care of you. Ps. Sorry for the bad english i just needed to get this out of my chest and feel free, hope this help somebody.