Walking Dead Couple Collab - Angels by The XX (Remix) -watch in hd-

I am so beyond happy with how this video turned out, it is definitely one of my favourite collabs. The editors all did beautiful jobs and deserve a round of applause for their amazing work. I linked all their channels and tumblr accounts. be sure to subscribe to these gorgeous people.
muchmoxie @saviorswaan
DeadFan52 @cluelessinseattle
gracefull mess @gracefull-mess

Peacock Miraculous Theory

If people who have been akumatized can have Miraculouses (Ayla-Lady Wifi, Chloe-Antibug) then i totally give a chance to Nathanael for being the Peacock miraculous i MEAN HE IS AN ARTIST WHICH IS REALLLY FITTING FOR PEACOCKS BC THEIR TAIL ALSO LOOK AT THIS, HE IS GRACEFULL TOO I MEAN HE HAS EVERYTHING FOR THE JOB plus his crush on Marinette would make everything 10 times betrer omg

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This Collab is based on the younger generation of the walking dead. I hope everyone enjoys it. As always, I have listed all the contributing editors below.
gracefull mess  @gracefull-mess
never let me go @wtfsignmeup
muchmoxie @saviorswaan
artpop child @v0mits-her-mind
MichiyoUzumaki @thewalkinguzumaki
remember to watch in HD

zodiacronyms (lol)

*check your moon and sun*


a - audacious
r - radical
i - impatient
e - exciting
s - self-assured


t - trustworthy
a - appreciative
u - understanding
r - reliable
u- unique
s - stubborn


g - graceful
e - enthusiastic
m - malleable
i - independent
n - nice
i - impulsive


c - caring
a - affable
n - notable
c - courteous
e - extraordinary
r - realistic


l - loveable
e - energetic
o - open-minded


v -  vigorous
i - intellectual
r - rational
g - graceful
o - open


l - level-headed
i - intelligent
b - balanced
r - reasoning
a - articulate


s - sensitive
c - candid
o - ostentatious
r - rad
p - philosophical
i - intense
o - open-book


s - spiritual
a - adventurous
g - genuine
i - intellectual
t - talkative
t - transcendent
a - affable
r - rebellious
i - impulsive
u - ubiquitous
s - sarcastic


c - civilized
a - accepting
p - pacifistic
r - robust
i - intelligent
c - cooperative
o - organized
r - riant
n - naturalistic


a - affectionate
q - quizzical
u - understanding
a - altruistic
r - ravishing
i - imaginative
u - utopian
s - spectacular


p - pacifistic
i - imaginative
s - spectacular
c - caring
e - exuberant
s - senimental

I just had a few hours to drew and dropped this whole thing together. Sorry because of my english. :)

The Bridget Jones Sterek AU - Sterek Week 2016. - Scene Stealer

Where Stiles is technically Bridget and Derek’s obviously Mark Darcy. :)

Stiles has issues to believe Derek loves him just like as he is. Because who want a guy with an ADHD, lots of skin and bones and some bonus sarcasm? 

It was not esasy to them to settled down and learned to handle each others crazy little annoying habbits. But they love each other, and maybe it sounds like a cheap cliche, but that was enough to them. Except…

Except Stiles’ lack of confidence a year later went crazy: he was sure Derek’s working until late night because a mysterious, young woman appeared around him. They were beautiful together: both tall, gracefull and elegant with dark hair and enchanting hazel-green eyes.

Stiles was unable to talk with Derek and ask questions, because even though he was talking a lot, with this, he was afraid of answers.

Finally, during a pack meeting Stiles and Derek had an argument about some ridiculously tiny thing and Stiles ran away  to cooling off his head. Later, he’s going home to the renovated Hale house where he and Derek ‘re living together just to found that girl in their bathroom to having a shower.

He’s running away again without speaking. But with the help of Lydia and the support of his Dad he’s realizing slowly Derek just asked for help to find a nice engagement ring to surprise him, and the girl is actually Laura Hale, Derek’s elder sister.

He immediately hurried to the direction of the Hale house, because he wants to confess his love to Derek. He was so stupid, so crazy and the only thing he knows, that he loves Derek more than anything. 

When he arrives he almost tears out a door just to fall through it to the living room where - he hopes - Derek is. He’s not even thinkig, just shut his eyes, and within one breath starts to confess her love to… 

Peter Hale. The one Peter Hale who is the crazy, psycho uncle of Derek, and he is in Derek’s place - as it seems - because Derek was alone and asked him to join.

So here, our famous scene is happening just with a little hint of Sterek.

 - I love you, I always have and I always will  - Peter was smirking and Stiles was in a mild shock; -  he was not prepared for this one. 

Derek’s turning to the living room to find his mate to confessing an undíying love to his uncle.  He drops everthing from his hand, and that’s when Stiles is opening his eyes just to realize what he’ve done. He is nervous, so he stares into Peter eyes and telling him he was not in love with him, he never has been, and never will be.  

And then he hurries into Derek, and kiss him as passionately as he could, and tells him everthing what couldn’t have to do before.

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(Turns on and turn off) all strawhats Please and thanks

Hey could you do some turn ons and offs about Zoro, Sanji and Robin as well? ^w^

Yeyyy should be possible!


  • turn ons: idk man, cooking skills and battle strenght
  • turn offs: cowardice, crying all the time


  • turn ons: strenght/power, tattoes, calm and patient attitude
  • turn offs: disloyalty, lying


  • turn ons: money, flirty attitude
  • turn offs: laziness, messiness


  • turn ons: sweet smile, gracefullness and being generally sweet
  • turn offs: mood swings, grumpiness


  • turn ons: literaly anything
  • turn offs: feeling supirior to others, cruel behaviour


  • turn ons: glasses, flirty attitude (sometimes only)
  • turn offs: running away from responsibilities


  • turn ons: not being ashamed for themself, being loud and proud in general
  • turn offs: arrogance, disrespect


  • turn ons: literally anything and panties
  • turn offs: needs a lot, generally disrespectful behaviour


  • turn ons: needs a damn lot, I’m not sure…Jinbe likes muscles :D
  • turn offs: again disrespectful behaviour

So i got really bored today and couldnt find any new fanfocs to read so i went and looked up plot generators for fun and found a short story generator and put in the yoi info and this happened

Yuuri Katsuki had always loved Kind Japan with its hungry, harsh Hot Springs. It was a place where he felt happy.

He was an anxious, depressed, wine drinker with graceful legs and short hair. His friends saw him as a green, good gracefull. Once, he had even helped a puzzled old man cross the road. That’s the sort of man he was.

Yuuri walked over to the window and reflected on his warm surroundings. The sun shone like skating dogs.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Viktor Nikiforov. Viktor was a confident caring with pale legs and tall hair.

Yuuri gulped. He was not prepared for Viktor.

As Yuuri stepped outside and Viktor came closer, he could see the square glint in his eye.

Viktor gazed with the affection of 3275 excited hot hampsters. He said, in hushed tones, “I love you and I want Love.”

Yuuri looked back, even more loving and still fingering the warm skates. “Viktor, be my coach,” he replied.

They looked at each other with emotional feelings, like two crazy, cuddly cats loving at a very sexy Competitioj, which had instrumental music playing in the background and two pretty uncles crying to the beat.

Yuuri regarded Viktor’s pale legs and tall hair. “I feel the same way!” revealed Yuuri with a delighted grin.

Viktor looked scared, his emotions blushing like a boiled, broken bowl.

Then Viktor came inside for a nice glass of wine

“Then the archers came from the woods. They were girls, about a douzen of them. The youngest was maybe ten. The oldest, about fourteen, like me. They wore silvery ski parkas and jeans, and they were all armed with bows.“
“One of the oldest archers stepped foward with her bow drawn. She was tall and gracefull with coppery colored skin. Unlike the other girls, she had a silver circlet braided into the top of her long dark hair, so she looked like some kind of Persian princess. “Permission to kill, my lady?””

 - Zoe Nightshade in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Titan’s curse, by Rick Riordan