Lance McClain headcannons

I’m not even a part of this fandom but still

-Cuddle Puddle or die
-has sharp k-9 teeth (when he smirks/smiles everyone dies BC how fucking cute¿)
-Is scared of being abandoned/alone & seeks out affection (usually Hunk BC Lance thinks no one actually likes him on the ship)
-Kieth/Shiro/Whatever is just shook BC “Holy shit are you not aware of how much I/we love you??”
-Feels forgotten all the time
-Wants to be loved
-Is loved but doesn’t know it
-is bi and willing to try
-scared shitless of bugs
-shrieks like a banshee
-Can sew/knit/craft like a pro ( so many sisters/brothers/nieces/nephews he just picked up the craft)
-Supportive Mom Friend ™
-Also Meme King™
-Does Ballet/figure skating
-Lance is soo fucking gracefull like what? -Allura wants to know wtf that is
-Lance freezes the pool and teaches anyone whose willing
-Shiro falls on his ass,, he’s better at fighting on stable ground
-Kieth is not about that life
-Pidge hates the cold
-Allura can only skate forwards. Too scared to attempt tricks
-Coran is dedicated to learning the skill
-Hunk has delt with Lance’s training and decides no™
-Lance is like a drill sargent,, he takes it seriously
-BC is cousin was a pro figure skater til they had a fall on the ice and broke their neck
-All performances are dedicated to them
-can speaks in Spanish
-talks shit about anyone in Spanish
-Speaks Gaelic
-is prepared to fight anyone who fucks with his space fam
-Can bake better than anyone Hunk knows (idk but I think Hunk would b meh at baking)
-Cries easily
-An angry crying
-His eyes tend to get darker/lighter with mood
-big blue doe eyes
-doesn’t play games when it comes down to the wire
- is 100% a great singer
-Selina, Shakira, etc.
-tends to have emotional breakdowns
-once infront of Coran (who immediately swaddles Lance)
-Loves flowers
-totes stereotypical tumblr plant room
-enjoys horchata he had to figure out a substitute in space
-Lance Existentialism McClain™
-voices his existential thoughts at any moment
-Shiro &/Coran are concerned
-Kieth agrees
-Hunk is passive (used to this type of shit)
-Allura wants to know more
-Pidge is sh00k
-is kind, patient, hardworking, and depressed
-Fake It Til You Make It™
-Has multiple colored Band-Aids at all times
-cares so much??
-camps out in the hanger with the lions
-can communicate with the other lions BC his and blue’s relationship is that deep
-self confidence? TF is that?
-All around a good & soft boy who needs love and care

Some Bottom!Phil For Y'all Sinners

Some hardcore smut, some daddy kink degradation typa shit and some spanking Thanks for reading, if it all possible, leave some feedback its my absolute kink, so make me nut ;-) ~~~

Phil is wrapped in a towel, hair still dripping wet when he finds Dan unpacking boxes in his room. He’s shuffling through old movies, sorting them out on the blue and green bedspread, presumably alphabetizing them. Unpacking had proven to be quite a harrowing task, and the boys were nowhere near through.

Phil stands in the doorway for a minute, not sure how to address the situation.

“What’s wrong, Phil?” It’s easy to tell something is up by his troubled expression.

“I tried cold water but it just, it wouldnt go away.”

“What do you-” Dan looks down and notices Phil’s bulge through Phil’s towel. “Aw, baby… Come here, princess. Let me help you, that’s what I’m here for, darling.” Dan clears the DVD’s off the bed, and sits down, patting the bedspread next to him. 

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The EXO’rDium 170402

so i finally know what it feels like to be one of them, one of those EXO-L’s that can be with them and share a lot of precious and unforgettable moments.. like it’s 5:31 in the morning and i’m still not able to sleep. i’m tired but i’m still super hyped up :3

buying the global package for that concert was actually the best decision i’ve ever made, and i would recommend it to everyone. the price may be ASDFGHJKL but everything is so worth it!

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Peacock Miraculous Theory

If people who have been akumatized can have Miraculouses (Ayla-Lady Wifi, Chloe-Antibug) then i totally give a chance to Nathanael for being the Peacock miraculous i MEAN HE IS AN ARTIST WHICH IS REALLLY FITTING FOR PEACOCKS BC THEIR TAIL ALSO LOOK AT THIS, HE IS GRACEFULL TOO I MEAN HE HAS EVERYTHING FOR THE JOB plus his crush on Marinette would make everything 10 times betrer omg

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This Collab is a recap of TWD’s 7th Season, from start to finish.
I really hope everyone enjoys this as much as we enjoyed making it. The amazing editors are all linked below. 
mblaqminoz  / HuddyElectra / TheWalkingDeadEdits / DeadFan52  / xSevenDevilsx / muchmoxie / xXHannahXx / gracefull mess 

Look my fucking beautifull gemsonas
These were customs by sketchypenicil on DeviantArt!
On the left is goldstone. The pure cinnamon bun.
Then on the left blue goldstone.
She is the gracefull court owner herself! She has a pearl (but i’m too lazy to draw them XD)


Walking Dead Couple Collab - Angels by The XX (Remix) -watch in hd-

I am so beyond happy with how this video turned out, it is definitely one of my favourite collabs. The editors all did beautiful jobs and deserve a round of applause for their amazing work. I linked all their channels and tumblr accounts. be sure to subscribe to these gorgeous people.
muchmoxie @saviorswaan
DeadFan52 @cluelessinseattle
gracefull mess @gracefull-mess


IT’S CARYL. IT’S A HEARTBREAKING, BITTERSWEET VIDEO. IT’S CIVILIAN BY WYE OAK. Why am I only discovering this now? I have been on the outlook for a good TWD/Caryl video with this beautiful song, one of my favourites, for months. <3

Thank you, @gracefull-mess <3

Miraculous Ladybug : Transformation Sequence.

I cant believe it took me this long to think about this.

But It Makes Sense. 

Alright here we go!

Their transformation sequences. 16 seconds of fangirling/fanboying and letting the magic happen!! 

First take a look at these: 

Alright now calm yourselves ladies (or gents, or whichever) 

Do you notice whats going on here?

Watch his mouth and his eyebrows in the gif. 

They shift from an at ease expression to one that is more, hyper i think would be a good word to describe it. 

With Chat Noir, his transformation is symbolism for his shift in personality. 

From Mr. Elegent Agreste (sunshine son) 

To the pun-witty, smooth talker Chat noir : 

He completely looses his respectful behavior and becomes someone a little less reserved. And all of that is scene in his transformation. 

The shift from a relaxed expression to a smirk with wide set eyes. 

His hair going from a neat side sweep, to the perfect bed head (#wokeuplikethis) 

Same goes for Ladybug!!

She starts from a clumsy,  not so confident girl : 

Then its replaced with a confident smile, and a gracefull dance of becoming who she was destined to be. 

Their transformations are symbolism for their change of demeanor and personality, and i find that quite beautiful. 

zodiacronyms (lol)

*check your moon and sun*


a - audacious
r - radical
i - impatient
e - exciting
s - self-assured


t - trustworthy
a - appreciative
u - understanding
r - reliable
u- unique
s - stubborn


g - graceful
e - enthusiastic
m - malleable
i - independent
n - nice
i - impulsive


c - caring
a - affable
n - notable
c - courteous
e - extraordinary
r - realistic


l - loveable
e - energetic
o - open-minded


v -  vigorous
i - intellectual
r - rational
g - graceful
o - open


l - level-headed
i - intelligent
b - balanced
r - reasoning
a - articulate


s - sensitive
c - candid
o - ostentatious
r - rad
p - philosophical
i - intense
o - open-book


s - spiritual
a - adventurous
g - genuine
i - intellectual
t - talkative
t - transcendent
a - affable
r - rebellious
i - impulsive
u - ubiquitous
s - sarcastic


c - civilized
a - accepting
p - pacifistic
r - robust
i - intelligent
c - cooperative
o - organized
r - riant
n - naturalistic


a - affectionate
q - quizzical
u - understanding
a - altruistic
r - ravishing
i - imaginative
u - utopian
s - spectacular


p - pacifistic
i - imaginative
s - spectacular
c - caring
e - exuberant
s - senimental