zodiacronyms (lol)

*check your moon and sun*


a - audacious
r - radical
i - impatient
e - exciting
s - self-assured


t - trustworthy
a - appreciative
u - understanding
r - reliable
u- unique
s - stubborn


g - graceful
e - enthusiastic
m - malleable
i - independent
n - nice
i - impulsive


c - caring
a - affable
n - notable
c - courteous
e - extraordinary
r - realistic


l - loveable
e - energetic
o - open-minded


v -  vigorous
i - intellectual
r - rational
g - graceful
o - open


l - level-headed
i - intelligent
b - balanced
r - reasoning
a - articulate


s - sensitive
c - candid
o - ostentatious
r - rad
p - philosophical
i - intense
o - open-book


s - spiritual
a - adventurous
g - genuine
i - intellectual
t - talkative
t - transcendent
a - affable
r - rebellious
i - impulsive
u - ubiquitous
s - sarcastic


c - civilized
a - accepting
p - pacifistic
r - robust
i - intelligent
c - cooperative
o - organized
r - riant
n - naturalistic


a - affectionate
q - quizzical
u - understanding
a - altruistic
r - ravishing
i - imaginative
u - utopian
s - spectacular


p - pacifistic
i - imaginative
s - spectacular
c - caring
e - exuberant
s - senimental


Dress Hoselle

So this a new mesh, I wanted to make a gift for my 1000 followers so i worked a little more in order to make a lot of colors. The download as always on Sims Artists. Changed the system a few weeks ago so it now work for everyone (if you had matter before)

Thank to all of you, at the beginning of the year my CC had a few like and now a lot of you reblog me. i’m really gracefull. Even if I do this because I have fun having feedback give me more confidence.

Credits : pose by @dearkims, Hair by @shojoangel.


My other CC for sims 4 are here


“Whether or not Tom Brady is guilty of cheating…

he still deserves to get into the Hall of Fame…

and to be the Super Bowl champion!

If for no other reason than having the poise and gracefullness, to talk about his balls on national television for a half hour with a straight face the entire time!” ~ Jake Brickhead.

Peacock Miraculous Theory

If people who have been akumatized can have Miraculouses (Ayla-Lady Wifi, Chloe-Antibug) then i totally give a chance to Nathanael for being the Peacock miraculous i MEAN HE IS AN ARTIST WHICH IS REALLLY FITTING FOR PEACOCKS BC THEIR TAIL ALSO LOOK AT THIS, HE IS GRACEFULL TOO I MEAN HE HAS EVERYTHING FOR THE JOB plus his crush on Marinette would make everything 10 times betrer omg

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