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ok pretty much everyone i work with is female (49 staff members, 3 men) and we all disagree on a lot of things like religion and politics etc but today at lunch in the staff room we were all having a discussion about the women’s marches and how amazing it was and how we want to do something but we dont know what to do and i was telling them all the things i learn from the internet and then we were discussing the signs and how amazing people are and someone showed me a picture they had saved bc they loved it so much and it was mamrie, grace and joselyn and i dont think ive ever been so proud as i was just then telling the girls that i know who they are and how amazing they are etc etc and we basically just an hour talking about how important girl love is and omg im so happy right now this is what the world needs dont stop talking about how amazing women are and how strong we are and how we CAN and WILL win this fight.

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"The wolf queen, a woman who was once loved by all now forgotten. Like the tides to a sea she has changed far too many times. As she turns strays into loyal beast and women to graceful swans what has she become? Does anyone remember the work of the one who claims to be an alpha? It is time for a change my dear. Shall the woods hear your howl or are you content with life as it is.. You're stuck in a fork in the road. Which path do you choice and why? To be the queen or be the shadow."

                                  “One day, I will die and you will still be here.” 

The words continued to repeat in her mind, reminding her of just how much there was to risk in the world. As the nights glared into days and the days faded back into the nights, she was left to wonder what it was all for. She was the Queen. So many versions of her danced in the minds of others, titles bestowed based upon who she was to them. The Queen of Hearts, of Monsters, of the Broken, of Wolves. 

What were the titles at the end of the day when she simply returned to the woods where she and her wolves ran free for hours, only returning home nude, bruised and scraped? Pieces of her knew she would fade from the world at some point, she would disappear with only the echo of her name on their lips of the leader who once was ruthless, fearless and powerful. Now, what was she? A broken woman with dying children and only the wolves to keep her company. 

                                                     Was it enough?


She needed no one but her own, no one but herself, no one but her children. The ones that still remained. Family is power, he told her. The man who desperately seeks to end her at every turn, haunts her dreams and encroaches on her world one person at a time. 

Rabid pup, he calls her. Perhaps she was, perhaps she never would have complete control over herself, but maybe she didn’t need to. She was the Queen, the most dangerous piece on the board with the most movement. 

Wolves do not worry themselves over the opinions of sheep.

Shadows questioned her position, her direction, her responses. Truth be told, she was as dangerous as the hurricane they named her as, as unpredictable as the black sea that took so many ships within their caps, as free as the breeze that wiped through her crimson curls and as wild as the fires that claimed forest after forest. 

Shadows were her safe haven, just as the water, just as the wind, just as the soil. She would be Queen no matter if she stood on the tallest peak or remained six feet below the surface for flowers to remind those of just who she had been. Living or dead, she would be who she was, no matter who said otherwise. 

@AlmaharelThese women never met till today and practiced this song online. Show them some love. #Icantkeepquiet #WomensMarch #WomensMarchOnWashington

So AMAZING!!!!!!! They need to be heard!!!!!

P.S. Credit to MILCK and Alma Har'el and all the singers

Grace Hopper (1906-1992), sometimes referred to as ‘Amazing Grace’, was a computer scientist and an Admiral in the US Navy. In 1944, she invented the first compiler for a computer programming language.

She earned her master’s and PhD in mathematics from Yale, and began teaching at Vassar in 1931. She was part of the US Navy Reserve during World War II, all while working for the Harvard Computation Lab, where she was part of the Mark I computer programming project. She remained on active duty well beyond the retirement age, becoming the oldest active-duty officer in the history of the Navy, at 79 years of age.