graceful human being

grace and chester are my heroes tbh

(side note: it’s really upsetting that they had to make videos where they explicitly stated that they were exes; i’ve seen way too many people hounding them about their relationship/whether or not they were still together and that’s really disrespectful. no one is entitled to that information & i hope that kind of harassment stops now that they’ve made it clear.)

FIC: “The Utterances of Storms” OMGCP, pre-graduation

Bittle, after laughing into his cup of tub juice for a good forty seconds, explains with only a little bit of a slur to his words that he’d need time—his mother would have to ship things and he’d need to bother someone named Katya for music.

Jack can’t hear what Ransom says in reply over the din of the party, but Bittle nods a couple of times and grins, cheeks flushed with alcohol.

It’s probably nothing.


Shitty texts him in the middle of World War II in Europe.

dude get to faber asap

It’s not just the lack of exclamation points that makes him leave class early—something he’s never done before, and the betrayed look that Professor Shahabuddin gives him as he’s sorry-ing his way past everyone else in his row tattoos itself on the part of the brain where the ocean of his guilt lives. It’s not just the knowledge that Shitty has his schedule memorized and would never dare interrupt if it weren’t important enough to rattle the cage of what he calls “The Zimmerbeast” that spurs Jack into running across campus.

It’s the “dude.”

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  • *while enjoying the view* Capricorn is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking signs I have ever seen and it baffles me when people actually think that Capricorn or Saturn tend to make people ugly??? Like Capricorn grow like a fine wine, so graceful and beautiful no matter how old they are. There's something so intoxicating about them, captivating and I live for it. They are a living work of art and I can only watch from afar and be blessed with their grace. What a beautiful human beings, in and out!.

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Do you know if angels have souls?

in canon they apparently don’t, the grace is their version of a soul. In theory Angels don’t go anywhere when they die they just cease to exist.

There’s discussion as to whether cas may have one now battling with his grace after being human in s9 though :)


Request: Hey sweetheart. I was wondering (if requests are open/when u have time) if you could write one where Kylo is in a arranged marriage with someone else and he and reader (princess/whatever) have a secret affair? thanks and much love.

A/N: This was going to be way longer but decided to end it the way it is now so you call can have fun imagining :) Thanks anon for the request, enjoy! [p.s. check out the song undo by the 1975]

Warning: None

Word Count: 3.2K+

Lying on the king sized bed, black silk sheets rested upon his clothed lower half, Kylo rest his wrist on his forehead as he stared at the ceiling above him. His mind was circling nothing but the thought and idea of you. You, his secret lover. You, the person he snuck off away to see because the woman he was with wasn’t the one he wanted.

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Fables and Fairytales :

T H E  L I T T L E  M E R M A I D 

“Then your tail will divide and shrink until it becomes what the people on earth call a pair of shapely legs. But it will hurt; it will feel as if a sharp sword slashed through you. Everyone who sees you will say that you are the most graceful human being they have ever laid eyes on, for you will keep your gliding movement and no dancer will be able to tread as lightly as you. But every step you take will feel as if you were treading upon knife blades so sharp that blood must flow. I am willing to help you, but are you willing to suffer all this?“

"Yes,” the little mermaid said in a trembling voice, as she thought of the Prince and of gaining a human soul.”  - Hans Christian Anderson 

So I may or may not be sketching something out involving Grace and a canoe. And I’m sitting here looking at what I’ve drawn so far and thinking about how much the bottom of a canoe can start to resemble a certain part of the female anatomy (see above.) And then I thought… how perfect for Jane “vagina foyer” Fonda’s character lmao

In other news, carpenter!Grace fanart is probably happening, @lizmitches


The Little Mermaid - Hans Christian Andersen

Then your tail will divide and shrink until it becomes what the people on earth call a pair of shapely legs. But it will hurt; it will feel as if a sharp sword slashed through you. Everyone who sees you will say that you are the most graceful human being they have ever laid eyes on, for you will keep your gliding movement and no dancer will be able to tread as lightly as you. But every step you take will feel as if you were treading upon knife blades so sharp that blood must flow. I am willing to help you, but are you willing to suffer all this?“

Who Wears Short Shorts? Dean Wears Short Shorts

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      “Wanna bet?” 

      They were words Dean would soon regret. For years, Castiel was the abyss where pop culture references went to die. Dean could not recall how many times he’d mention a movie or song only to be met with that (admittedly charming) vacant stare that would find itself pasted on Cas’s face. And Dean, great guy that he was, liked the guy regardless. It kept slipping his mind that, for over a year now, Castiel walked around with Metatron’s gift. He had gone from being culturally clueless to a savant. It was a fact that was easy to neglect - the forces of the universe seemed to be intent on keeping them apart.

       So really, it wasn’t so strange that he’d been so assured in his assertion, made after a few midday beers he was sharing with Cas, a sort of impromptu welcome back to the bunker from being-ripped-to-shreds-by-Leviathan-and-resurrected-with-amnesia-to-remember-who-you-are-only-before-going-insane-and-then-ending-up-in-Purgatory-only-to-be-freed-to-be-Naomi’s-minion-and-then-kind-of-sort-of-being-responsible-for-the-fall-of-all-angelkind-losing-your-grace-and-becoming-human-being-responsible-for-the-celestial-civil-war-living-on-stolen-grace-watching-me-get-turned-into-a-demon-and-then-just-sort-of-be-a-real-dick-for-a-year-get-your-grace-back-only-to-have-me-beat-it-out-of-you-nearly-again-and-then-the-Darkness-and-then-the-curse-and-holy-hell-I-thought-I-had-a-rough-couple-of-years. He wanted to spend some quality time, one-on-one, with his best friend.

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The Time Traveler (Chapter Five)

April 26, 2017, Wednesday [#129]

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Title: The Time Traveler (Chapter 05)

Chapter Five summary: While walking in the forest and talking to the others about trust and vulnerability, Grace is startled by the observations she makes about Jake, Michelle, and herself.

Story summary: Using a time travel gun prototype, Jake McKenzie travels back to the past. By encouraging friendships between everybody to build up trust and teach each other skills, he hopes to stop a terrible future from happening.

Links to previous FOUR (04) chapters: [01] [02] [03] [04]

Chapter Five: Say No to Sitcoms

Grace prided herself on being an observant person, but what had just occurred confused her. Just for a few moments, Jake had a terrible look of sorrow on his face, as if something were very, very wrong. That distraught look in his eyes had lasted only a couple of seconds before he had the presence of mind to hide it. MC, who had been brushing herself off from her near-slip, hadn’t seen his expression at all, but Grace had.

The most logical reason Grace could think of was that Jake had blamed himself for MC’s near-fall, but since she hadn’t even made contact with the ground, self-recrimination to that extreme wouldn’t have made any sense. So it had to be something else. Perhaps a bad memory?

She didn’t know what had caused it, but being the curious person she was, she resolved to watch Jake little more closely until she figured out. Which probably meant watching MC as well, since those two seemed to stick together like protons and electrons these days.

There was a little voice in the back of her head that told her that she was only focusing on the group’s most obvious future couple so that she could observe their flirting and possibly apply it to her interactions with… somebody… but she firmly told that voice to be quiet, because that was certainly not true.

After a short break to have lunch, they continued their hike, but unfortunately, the fairly amicable atmosphere changed very quickly.

“He’s right not to listen to Sean. Why trust him? He says what he wants, but leaving everybody behind is what he’s the best at.”

“Michelle, I’d be very surprised if you actually include yourself in that ‘everybody’ you’re referring to. Do you really think you can talk about trust with any credibility whatsoever?”

She didn’t know the whole story. How could she? These people barely spoke to her, and she to them, before they were stranded here. But there was something in Michelle’s voice that instinctively called out to Grace, a strained note that she understood - if not completely, then at least to some extent. Because Grace knew about trust; she knew about people who make promises to be there, but end up leaving others instead. Promises to listen, to care, to stay and not leave for another business meeting or technological conference.

To be fair, the promises ran out after a certain point.

Perhaps that was for the best.

Of all the people present, Zahra was probably the last person Grace would have expected to verbally disagree with, but the ongoing conversation made Grace so sad for her that she had to say something.

“Why not take the chance to open up to somebody? Spending your whole life being afraid… is that any way to live?”

Zahra looked at her incredulously.

“What are you talking about? Grace, you screamed when Raj let out that loud burp last night! Everything under the sun scares you!”

She did have a point.

“Well, I am afraid of heights, since you can, you know, die from them - and snakes try to bite you - and clowns are so absurdly cheerful they start to look like demented monsters after a while - and crustaceans are just plain scary - but those are all… things. Being close to somebody, being vulnerable with somebody; that’s something different altogether…”

Grace trailed off. Maybe she was being stupid. It wasn’t as if she had any experience in love and romance.

The first time Grace truly noticed Aleister was when he explained to her why the tree she found had wrapped itself around a metal fence, saying that the mineral-rich soil of the La Huerta island was conducive to plant growth. He hadn’t even been trying to show off; he had simply answered her question as if that sort of knowledge was familiar to him and sharing it had seemed like the logical thing to do.

That had meant something to Grace, whose own knowledge was either too much that it was alienating to her peers, or too little that it was irrelevant to her mother’s sphere of interest. The chance to have somebody with whom she could be herself, and be able to converse intelligently without feeling like she had to apologize - because sometimes she did feel that she was supposed to, but Aleister hadn’t; in fact, he had gotten offended at the mere idea that he should apologize simply for knowing more about the world than others.

But she was sure that that didn’t have anything to with romance, because people who were interested in each other acted like… well, acted like Jake and MC, who went on private jet ski excursions and were partners in swimming pool games and flirted with each other nonstop.

It wasn’t like that with her. She was only getting to know one of her classmates better. She felt like she had a connection with Aleister. They both had great respect for knowledge; she admired his strong sense of self; and, sometimes, when he was lost in thought and started glaring at random items in the hotel for some reason, Grace wanted to reach out and ask him what was wrong.

“Not that I… ever really have. But I want to.”

Grace blinked. Without planning to, she had said those words out loud - while she had been in the middle of thinking about Aleister.

How… interesting.

On one hand, she could follow the tried-and-true sitcom route and deny her newfound feelings for weeks and months and years, resulting in misunderstandings and painful experiences that could have easily been avoided.

But on the other hand, she could handle this like a mature adult, by acknowledging her feelings and brainstorming how she could explore them in a way she was comfortable with.

Well. As a reasonable human being, Grace certainly knew what her choice was going to be.

(End of Chapter Five.) (Word count: 999 words.)

Chapter Five notes: This chapter takes place during Book One, Chapter Eight. I wrote Grace’s chapter this way because I think this is the way her character is and the way she would fall in love. Also, little things Jake does, even if they’re not on purpose, have an effect on other characters. If Jake hadn’t looked horrified, then Grace wouldn’t have given him a second thought. He’s building up a club of mini-stalkers… Diego thinks he’s a quest of some sort, Grace intends to observe him more closely, and Sean noticed a slip-up he made as well XD

(Waiting for H.W.U. to come back, forever and always; 26/04/17.)

'big bang is like the beyonce of kpop'

i have never heard anything more accurate tbh

mark tuan as your boyfriend

-a/n- sorry for the long wait to all those who requested mark as your boyfriend! here he is!


Seventeen / BTS


- mark and you both aren’t major cuddlers but you two do like to spoon every once in a while (he’s usually the big spoon, you’re the little one. but sometimes he likes to be held) because although you don’t want to be all over top of each other you still want to be touching each other and be close. 

- you two wake up together (with a got7 song as your alarm lol) because you both have to leave for work at the same time and it’s nice because you can give each other a cute lil kiss (despite the morning breath) and then go get ready together. 

- you guys have a system for breakfast. mark cooks the pancakes, you cut the fruit, and you both sit down and eat before anyone is allowed to leave

- then you go your seperate ways but not without giving each other a sweet, syrup-tasting kiss as you walk out the door

- you guys are a totally chill couple. you’re the type to literally just sit and cuddle with each other and not realize that it’s been 5 hours and you haven’t don’t anything but kiss and whisper about random shit but who cares because you guys like it that way

- dates are usually pretty chill. you guys will just go to a park or something and lie on a blanket and listen to music and talk about life or go to some empty field and lay and watch the stars and try to see who can get the most constellations (you can. mark cant stop staring at you long enough to find them)

- you guys also like to do things like go shopping (he doesn’t even complain, he likes getting new clothes as much as you do) or to the waterpark (he loves going down the twisty slides with you placed between his legs on the raft)

- sometimes he stays late to practice dances even when the rest of the members go home so you decide to bring him some food because he always forgets to eat when he’s practicing. 

- when you get there, he’s in the middle of practicing one of their newer choreos and he looks so good when he’s dancing that you almost dont want to interupt him

- but you do

- ‘i brought you some food!’ you’d say with a smile as he turns off the music and approaches you. you hand him the bag and give him a cute lil kiss on the lips and he’s pretty sweaty but he makes it look good because i mean it’s mark freaking tuan we’re talking about

- after he finishes his food (well, you both finish his food. he insists you eat some with him and even cutely feeds you a few bites.) you’re like 'hey can you teach me one of your little flip thingies’

- and he’s like 'hELL NO you tripped over a t-shirt this morning, you’d hurt yourself somehow’ but you’d end up convincing him so he’d groan and pull a mat out from a closet or something and instruct you how to stand. he’s literally be holding you so tight when you’d try to do anything  you were like 'mark im just doing a back walk-over, don’t be so worried’ and he’d just roll his eyes and let go slightly but not before he says 'well what do you expect, you really aren’t the most graceful human being in the world’ and you’d just smack his shoulder.  

- he’s like that all the time tho. he constantly is watching over you and such because although he isn’t the jealous type of protective much, he’d be protective in a whole other way. like 'no do not try to hold your breath for 2 minutes straight underwater, you can’t even swim from one side to the other without coming up for air’ or 'you are going to fall, stop trying to balance on that ledge’. like he couldn’t help himself sometimes because you constantly were getting yourself accidentally injured or in sticky situations and he’s like 'sometimes u r a child’

- he can totally be a child sometimes too though like he’ll play silly harmless pranks every once in a while, like putting a spider in your dresser drawer or switching the salt and sugar

- you guys don’t hide anything from each other like you’ll randomly be like 'ugh i really have to pee’ while cuddling and he’d be like 'then go pee’ and you’d say 'no it’s warm and comfy here’ and he’d just make a face and say 'if you pee on me i swear to god-' 

- but in all seriousness you guys aren’t afraid to tell each other everything and you are so comfortable with each other like it’s never embarrassing to tell each other something because you both are just so chill with it

- dating mark also means dating got7. jinyoung acts just like a mom and practically runs a background check on you but once he sees that you’re chill he’s like “welcome to the family” and then there’s jackson who insists you’re trying to break up markson and you think he’s being serious so you get worried that he doesn’t like you but that’s not the case because as soon as you get a nervous look on your face he smiles really big and gives you a bear hug and is like “they’re so cute mark, i love them!!” then bambam is so excited to have another person to hang out with and insists that he teaches you how to do the latest dance trends and you’re like O-O but go along with it because he’s so cute. (yugyeom also thinks this means he gets another person on his side when he messes with the hyungs because you told him he was adorable.)

- when you finally get to travel to his hometown and meet his parents you’d be so nervous beause his dad is practically a legend and his mom is his mother and you’d be all shaky and stumbling over your feed- and words- and mark would be like 'you weren’t half as nervous as this when meeting the boys, but now you’re freaking out because you’re meeting my social-media star dad? who even are you?’ but he’d also have his hand on your lower back and he’d fill in the gaps when you forgot and it’d be so sweet honestly

- his parents love you btw

- his dad would take a selfie with you and be like 'the child i’ve always wanted’ just to make mark go -.- but you’d all laugh about it and fans would eat it up

- you’d hand around his town and go to all his favorite hang out spots and then get ice cream at this place that mark insisted was the best ever, y/n and then you’d get to meet all his old friends and get a true glimpse into his life before he moved to korea. it’d be really interesting and amazing and you couldn’t help but feel incredibly proud

- when you first said i love you to each other, it was actually after you had accidentally hurt yourself again and wound up in the hospital with a concussion and mark would rush to the hospital after finding out and he’d run in out of breath with his jacket only on one arm and his hat on sideways. he’d just wrap you in a tight hug and be like 'all the phone call said was that you were at the hospital, i was freaking out oh my god i love you so much, please don’t do this again’ and you’d be like…'you love me?’ and he’d turn red because he was supposed to confess when it was a romantic and cute setting, not in a cold hospital room where you felt like throwing up and sleeping and he’d be like 'well yes of course ugh i meant to make this moment special and-’ you had heard enough and just pulled him in again and kissed him lovingly and looked right into his eyes and said 'i love you too’.

- you may or might not have threw up in the trashcan right after

- overall you and mark would be a laidback and adorable couple that everyone adores and secretly envies because you’re so close and happy