graceful arms

The Signs’ Most Beautiful Features

**Check Sun, Sun’s polarity, and Ascendant

Aries: smooth, lustrous hair, beautiful bone structure of the face

Taurus: long, expressive necks, strong jaw and shoulders, lovely skin around the throat and collarbones

Gemini: graceful arms, well shaped shoulders, hands, and fingers

Cancer: beautiful breasts, soft, creamy skin along the chest and stomach

Leo: straight spines, upright posture, graceful movements

Virgo: delicateness about you, graceful gestures, slender frame or features

Libra: muscular back, curvaceous buttocks, fine skin, pleasing features, good bone structure

Scorpio: piercing eyes, prominent cheekbones and nose, mysterious, powerful aura

Sagittarius: long, well shaped legs, thick thighs and hips, natural athleticism 

Capricorn: pleasing bone structure, angular beauty, intriguing smile

Aquarius: well shaped legs, muscular calves, slender ankles, broad hips and shoulders

Pisces: graceful, well shaped feet, beautiful arches, hypnotic eyes

The Will & Grace revival isn’t “out of touch” with millenials, it created a characture of millenials to make a point about young gays not knowing their history or fully acknowledging the struggle of older generations.

It’s just as relevant and on the pulse as it used to be and believe it or not, it’s not catering to millenials. It’s catering to it’s original audience; those of a similar age bracket to the characters. Yes, the show is for everyone but they’re not gonna go out of their way to “connect with the youth” when they can connect more easily with an older audience.

One slightly cliched character doesn’t mean the producers are out of touch.

It means y'all are just illustrating the point they’re trying to make.

Okay, but one of the things that I noticed right off the bat the first time I watched the Balmera arc is the design of Shay’s people.

I didn’t immediately connect Shay’s voice to her on-screen character because I was expecting a very feminine design to match a female voice actress; in almost every story about an alien or fantasy race, you immediately know who’s female in the bunch because they look exactly like human women, as compared to the males who can pretty much look like anything.

Case in point:

So when I didn’t see a stereotypical female design for the Balmerans, it threw me for a minute. Because Shay and her grandmother look very similar to Rax and the other male Balmerans. They have thick, knobby skin and sharp claws rather than slender arms and graceful fingers. Maybe their earring-things differentiate between genders (who’s to say Balmerans are only male/female?) but I’m seeing a distinct lack of boobs, makeup (long eyelashes, lipstick) and long hair that usually identify an alien woman.

Nope, still not seeing it.

It’s a super small thing and not very important to the overall story of Voltron, but this is one of the first times I’ve ever seen alien women designed like this and I think it’s so cool.