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juliannamd  asked:

Hi, I don't live in London but I'm really interested in visiting possibly over the summer, we (my family) don't know where to stay in terms of hotels or even location within the city. I don't know if you would know anything about good hotels but I am thankful for any advice you could give. thanks xx

Hi Julianna, it’s obviously a little tricky to help without knowing your family’s budget or specific requirements but here are a few of my own favorites: 

citizenM Hotel Bankside is a really funky and quirky hotel with a pretty good location. You are only a short bus ride away from Covent Garden, Waterloo and places like the Southbank, Tower Bridge and Tate Modern are just a short walk away. 

Not quite as charming, but incredibly good value is the Premier Inn hotel chain. Pretty much all of these have an in-house bar, restaurant and comfortable beds. Service is usually good and they are always very clean, safe and quiet.  You are best off trying some of the more central ones. The best locations for shopping, sightseeing and going out at night are Premier Inn Waterloo, Premier Inn County Hall, Premier Inn Covent Garden, Premier Inn London Southwark and Premier Inn Bank and Premier Inn Kings Cross. Prices vary quite a bit with these depending on how busy they get.

Depending on how many of you are travelling together, it could also be economical to book an apartment. The Marlin Apartment near St Pauls is pretty handy and so are the ClubQuarter Apartments in Trafalgar Square, St Pauls and Gracechurch Street. 

If you would prefer to be closer to London’s creative heart, you should look for a hotel in Shoreditch or Hoxton. Brick Lane is only a short walk away so you are spoilt for choice for restaurants, bars and art galleries. The Hoxton Hotel is right in the heart of Shoreditch and even though this is slightly pricier, the hotel is funky and the atmosphere is great! 

Lastly, one of my favourite places in London is the Drayton Court Hotel in Ealing. Although it’s a tube ride away from Central London, this boutique style hotel has a lot of charm, their breakfast is spectacular and on the ground floor there is a traditional-style English pub, so great to have a drink or even a pub meal after a long day of shopping and sightseeing. I have stayed there quite a bit myself over the years…

I hope the above helps a little.

Leadenhall Market, London.

A covered market in the City of London, located in Gracechurch Street. The ornate roof structure was designed in 1881 by Sir Horace Jones. More recently its been used to represent The Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley in the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.