It’s Thanksgiving and I am just so grateful. I mean, how couldn’t I be? Grace Patricia Kelly, Princess of Monaco, has been in my life for over sixteen years now, and each day has been a blessing. I’ve learned so much from her, really. Above all, she is an endless source of loving feelings in my life - looking at her is enough for a wave of cherished emotions, which are my raison d’être

Adagio For Strings Op. 11
Samuel Barber
Adagio For Strings Op. 11

Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings, Op.11

Often described as the saddest classical work ever, Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings has an almost inexorable quality in the slow, steady upward movement of the haunting melody towards the hair-raising climax, before finally settling back to the subdued sorrow of the opening. The piece was famously featured in the film Platoon, and was played at the funerals of Albert Einstein, Princess Grace of Monaco and during the announcements of the deaths of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.


Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainer III of Monaco, April 19 1956.

“The Swan,” starring Grace Kelly, released April 25 1956, a movie of how the young Princess Alexandra falls in love with another man while her family urges her to marry the Prince Albert.