Welcome to Chicago! (Open Rp)

After flying for God knows how many hours from her home state of New York, Grace finally arrived at Chicago international airport. She wanted to start a new life in a different place since she really didn’t like being in New York anymore and it was the same old shit everyday. Grace looked around the plaza after she got out of the terminal and followed the people that were on her plane to baggage claim. After a couple minutes of looking for her bag, she got her bag and when out to the main doors to get a taxi. She found one and then put her bag in the trunk of the taxi. She told the driver of the taxi to take her to the Loop in the city. After 17 minutes of driving the taxi stopped at a hotel inside the Loop. She paid the driver and took her bag out of the trunk. She then walked into the hotel and booked a room, after booking a room she went up to her room and settled in for the night. A couple hours later she decided to go out for a walk in the city until she arrived at a park and sat on a bench. She took out her phone and played around with it for a bit.


Looking down at the ticket in my hand, I check the number again before looking at the numbers listed above the seats. When I finally arrive at the correct one, I see my seat neighbour already there.

“Excuse me.” I said, and when he turns my breath catches. His blue eyes are what draws me in first, then the kind smile on his face, and his messy brown hair falling into his eyes.

“Let me guess, window seat?” He asks, his voice rumbling through my body. All I can do is nod, unable to form any words. He stands quickly, allowing me to slip past him, our bodies making brief contact.

I fiddle with placing my bag under my seat, using the time to gather my thoughts and control the redness blossoming on my face. Sitting back upright, I turn to look at him, just as he turns to look at me.

“Hi.” He says, smiling still. The stranger holds out a hand for me to shake. “I’m Joe.”

I lift my hand to place in his, and shake it, giggling slightly. “Y/N.”

“Figured since we’ll be sat together for the next eight hours or so, we should know each other’s names.” Joe slowly releases my hand, and for a moment I miss the warmth, before remembering he’s still a total stranger.

“Well, nice to meet you, Joe.” We settle back into our seats for a moment, letting the noise of everyone finding and settling into their seat wash over us, occasionally my eyes flicker over to his to study his profile.

Finally, it seems like everyone is settled, and the flight attendants do their final checks.

“Looks like we lucked out,” Joe leans in close to speak softly in my ear. “It’ll just be us two for the entire trip.”

“How’d we manage that?”

“I bribed the lady at the counter.” For a moment, I believe him, before realizing he’s joking, and we both start to laugh, quieting when the flight attendant walks by to check our seat belts.

It seems like only moments later, our plane begins to move, and a knot forms in my stomach. I had briefly forgotten we were actually on a plane, but the nerves that had disappeared suddenly hit me, twice as hard. My grip tightens on the armrest, as I watch the ground slowly move below us.

“Not a fan of flying, I assume.” I hear from beside me, and I nod, unable to drag my eyes away from the moving tarmac. “Here, maybe this will help.”

I feel my hand removed from the armrest, and a warmth replaces it. That does make me shift my gaze, to see Joe’s hand in mine. I give him a questioning look, which he shrugs at.

“Some times, its easier if you have a hand to hold.” As soon as the words leave his lips, our plane bumps slightly, and my grip tightens in his.

“Sorry.” I say, but he shakes his head and squeezes my hand. “It’s mostly just the taking off and landing that bother me.” I explain, closing my eyes as I feel the plane turn.

“It’ll be over soon.” Joe’s voice washes over me, and it soothes me.

Somehow, the plane takes off and I manage to not have a full blown panic attack. I don’t release his hand until the light blinks off for seat belts and people start to shift in the cabin.

“Thanks.” I tell him, looking down at his hand, seeing the red marks fading. “And again, sorry.”

“No worries.” Joe moves his hand to his lap, as if nothing happened. “So, you don’t like flying, but here you are, flying from LA to London.”

I laugh before responding, “I know, seems crazy. But my family wanted me to visit for a while. They offered to pay for the flight, so I figured I could manage it for them.”

“That was sweet of you.” I lower my head as I blush, feeling his shoulders shake as he chuckles.

“Well, you know why I’m flying. What’s your story?” I ask him, lifting my head again.

I see something flicker in his eyes, and he studies my face for a moment, before answering. “Work.” When I raise an eyebrow, he raises both hands in defense. “Honestly, flew over here for a work related thing.” Joe offers me an honest smile, and I nod slowly.

“What type of work do you do that flies you to LA?”

Again, something flashes in his eyes, and he seems to hesitate before answering. “An online media business.” He finally says, licking his lips. “But I used to be a thatcher.” Joe’s voice turns proud at that.

“Wait, the people that put straw on roofs?” I ask, and he nods in response. “How’d you get into that?”

And from there, our conversation doesn’t seem to stop. Joe goes on to tell me about how his interest came from his uncle, and how he got into it. From there we talked about family, then interests, and school. The words just flowed easily between us, it felt natural. I talked to him about the stupidest things to the most private things. I loved talking with him.

At some point, my eyes grew tired, and Joe must have realized exhaustion was kicking in. The lights were dim in the cabin, and most people had fallen asleep long ago. Now he draped a blanket over us, and told me to lean against him.

“I’ll protect you from any turbulence, don’t worry.” Joe’s words were spoken softly, so he didn’t disturb anyone else sleeping. I smiled before leaning my head on his shoulder, falling asleep to his hand once again taking mine.

Next time I woke up, the flight attendants were preparing for landing. I rubbed my eyes as I sat up, looking over to see Joe watching me, that adorable smile on his face.

“Good morning, beautiful.” His voice was rough, he must have fallen asleep at some point as well. “Sleep well?”

“For a plane? Yeah. Thanks.” I stretched as much as I could in my seat before looking out the window, seeing England down below.

“Nearly there. Do you need my hand again for the landing?” I looked over to see Joe offering me a teasing look, but his eyes told me he was serious. I nodded shyly as we settled in for the landing.

After waiting until the crowd cleared off, Joe and I finally made it off the plane and into the terminal, both of us walking slower than needed, not quite wanting to separate after having spent the past eight hours together. There also seemed to be a nervousness surrounding Joe, and his eyes began to dart around as we headed for customs and baggage.

“So,” I start, and his eyes focus on me for a moment before they dart to the doors that lead to the rest of the terminal. “Are we ever going to see each other again?” I ask, deciding to be bold, not wanting to lose this person from my life.

The question draws Joe back in, and he smiles down at me. “I would love to see you again. Can I grab your number?” He asks, pulling me to the side before we pass through the doors. I nod and pull out my phone, and we exchange our information.

“Y/N, before we pass through those doors, I just want to say something.” I look up at him concerned, his nervousness rubbing off on me. “You made my flight the most enjoyable time, and it was so nice to just sit and talk with someone, to be myself. I loved meeting you, and genuinely hope we continue to see each other, because there is so much more I want to discover about you. So thank you.” Joe finished with a kiss on my cheek. “I’m going to leave you here though, I have to pop into the toilets.” I laugh at him, and shake my head as he pulls me into a hug. I watch him head for the bathroom before making my way through the sliding doors that lead to baggage.

Joe’s words stayed in my mind, but I never shrugged off the weird feeling and just focused on the good feeling that came with it while I watched many bags pour out onto the turning machine. Just as I grab my bag, I hear a large group of girls start screaming. Turning my head, I look over to see which famous person has decided to grace this airport with their presence.

In the middle of the crowd? Joe.

Part 2

Camp Tako - The Epilogue

So, four months ago, Camp Tako came to its conclusion. Today, Cat and I wrapped up the epilogue. Borderline SFW/NSFW, 2.595 words. As the 22 chapters prior, Cat wrote Grace’s POV and I wrote Hannah’s. Previous parts can be found here. The POV changes every dash (-) you see. Let us know how you feel about this.


Camp Tako Epilogue

After six months, Grace hits 100,000 subscribers.

The number looks crazy, a number that Grace never thought would be linked with her in any way at all, and yet there it is. One hundred thousand.

She clicks away from the screen, closes down her whole computer, and picks up her phone.


“Hey baby… what’s up?”

“I just hit one hundred thousand. I don’t know what to do to celebrate.”

“Awww, yeah!You should tweet something. And Instagram it. And tumblr. And do all the things, you know how this works now. Let your people know!”

Grace grins, because every now and then, even though Hannah doesn’t have any youtube ambitions beyond occasionally appearing in Grace and Mamrie’s videos, she will suddenly switch from being Grace’s girlfriend to some kind of PR expert, and it is adorable.

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My review of episode 5x18

I will start this review saying something I know since the pilot, a firm belief that grew – is still growing – stronger and stronger, episode after episode… These writers, these actors, managed to create these characters in such a perfect way that makes you feel what they feel, that makes you love them as they were real people, makes you want to protect them as they were real people… it’s so rare and it’s so precious. Thank you so much for that.

The scene with Steve and Nahele playing football was simply adorable, I would love to see more of this relationship. Steve is so sweet with him!

The scene at Grace’s school was just as adorable as the Steve/Nahele one, I loved the hints at Grace wanting to be a policewoman someday… I would love to see more of this, too, maybe Grace trying to find an ally in Steve, since Danny clearly hates the idea of Grace taking up his same career! And then, a sweet and funny scene becomes one that seems out of a nightmare… the way those men arrested Danny in front of those kids, in front of his own daughter, was disgusting, unjustifiable! The way Danny reassures Grace before being taken away… heartbreaking, to say the least!

And right after this horrible blow, another one, with Chin’s arrest… I guess I’m so naïve I was really hoping Coughlin would have understood, eventually, what kind of man Chin really is, but I clearly was wrong and him, along with the other bad guys of this episode, proved me that for some men there’s sadly no chance of a redemption path… they don’t have an ounce of morality in them!

As the details of the reasons behind Danny’s arrest were revealed, one by one, I was more and more shocked, sad, angry…

The scene between Chin and Coughlin was really intense, like the ones they had in episode 4x13… 

And we get to know where all the money ended up… they gave it to an orphanage… that’s who Steve and Danny are… ironic that Danny had to reveal this to Sam Alexander, a man that did all that he did for some dirty, disgusting money.

This whole scene between Danny and Alexander proves how good of a detective Danny is… the way he “reads” Alexander and his motives, the way he grasps the reasons behind what’s happening to him…

Are you threatening me? You threatening my family? I don’t understand.” “Don’t be so shortsighted, Detective.” This is it, a crucial moment of the episode. Alexander is threatening Grace, he’s threatening Steve, and Danny literally hands himself in to the Colombians to protect the most important people in his life. One of the greatest proof of love he could ever give.

Thanks to Joe, Ellie and the work of the team, Steve gets aware of the situation and runs to see Danny, in a painful parallel of the scene in episode 1x24, when Steve gets arrested… Steve literally asks to go through all this with Danny! And this is when he gets that Danny is doing all this in order to protect him… “No, no, no, no. I’m not gonna let you do that. You’re not gonna sign an extradition to protect me.” You’re one to talk, Steve… you, who were ready to die with Danny, blown up by a bomb… 

Promise me you’ll talk to Grace”… another parallel, this time to episode 3x06… both times Danny saw himself out of any hope, so he thought of Grace and he thought of that person who could protect and love her as he would… Steve. This amount of trust and love… leaves me speechless.

Then we get to see Gabriel again, and all his scenes in this episode proved that he really has the potential to become a villain just as intense, interesting, complex, as Wo Fat. Not a new Wo Fat, not a substitute… bringing new dynamics, new threats… I’m looking forward to that. The phone call to Chin at the end of the episode made me shiver… I’m sensing great emotions will come from this storyline.

The scene between Steve and Kono was very sweet, with him asking her how she was feeling, reassuring her, their hug…

And then, one of the sweetest, most touching moments of the whole series… the scene between Steve and Grace… the words Steve has for Danny, the promise to bring him back, the hug, the way he tells Grace he loves her… wonderful, beyond words… and I’m going to comment this scene along with another one, so heartbreaking and touching that it made me cry, and that’s not easy for me… the phone call between Danny and Grace… Scott outdid himself, making us feel Danny’s love and desperation, thinking that he’s saying the last goodbye to his daughter, the last “I love you, Monkey”… and I’m crying again, as I write this…

The way the team and Joe (with the help of Frank Bama, too) worked to get Danny out of that prison was amazing… it’s so fascinating and exciting to see them working together… implacable, reckless, relentless, incorruptible… the Five-0s are definitely my kind of heroes.

Loved the reunion scene between Kono and Chin… I love these two so much!

When I realized they weren’t going to break in the Colombian prison as I thought initially, I hoped we would have gotten a McDanno and Grace reunion scene at the airport, maybe? When I saw Steve and Danny in the car I was surprised… but it was a beautiful scene, with Danny admitting the reasons why he didn’t fight what was happening to him… his guilt and his need to protect Steve… 

I had the impression they were holding back something in this scene… The relief, the gratitude, the love, it all was there, but it’s like they weren’t allowing themselves to fully show what they were really feeling… 

Then, when they got out of the car and there was that sweet Danny/Grace reunion, I couldn’t help hoping Steve would have join them… 

I guess I allowed myself to have a lot of expectations and now, wondering the reason behind the writers’ choices, I came up thinking that maybe they didn’t show us their reunion scene because it was too emotional, too intimate, just theirs. I don't know. I’m just guessing, just trying to understand an episode that, I think, asked us to read between the lines. I hope what I’m thinking and feeling is right. Only this show can make me this emotional even over things I didn’t get to see. 

And then we know… as we all (I think) suspected, that Doris looked over the whole situation, protecting Steve from getting arrested. If she thought that he would have been fine with that, with the most important person of his life in prison, with no chances to survive, that proves how little she knows his son… but if she did all this being aware of what happened with Wo Fat, what he did to Steve, and what Steve did to him, well, that’s interesting, for sure. 

As for Joe… I don’t doubt that he cares for Steve and that he wants to protect him… but let’s not forget that Steve got tortured two times by Wo Fat because of the things Doris and Joe hid from him. The “I wanted to protect you” excuse got old, now Steve needs the truth, the whole truth, not just pieces of it. Till then, Joe won’t deserve to be fully trusted by Steve, I think.

Thanks to Scott, Alex, Teilor, Daniel… all the actors, really, they all contributed to making this episode so good. Thanks to Peter Lenkov and Ken Solarz for writing it, to Larry Teng for directing it. It took a special place in my heart, along with many other masterpieces and, hopefully, many others that will come.

One Day

oh hello, it’s me again. here’s another chapter because why not!! 

part 7/10? - 3.1k words - sfw/sff - all fiction/entertainment etc. part 6 here


Moments when Grace Helbig realizes she’s in love with Chester See



When Chester gets his role on Broadway, Grace is proud. So incredibly proud.

She loves him. She knows she does. And he knows too. But she can’t help but feel slightly hollow as he books his one way flight, her heart sinking as he looks over his shoulder at her, sighs and says, “well I guess it’s really happening now isn’t it?” She hastily nods and excuses herself to the bathroom.

He knows she’s not okay. Not yet at least. Maybe after the first week or two, it’ll become a little less hard to get out of bed in the morning and maybe the loneliness will subside. He knows she’ll visit and keep herself busy in between with her book tour and No Filter shows and he knows he’ll be busy with rehearsals and shows and the hustle and bustle of New York City. Everything will be okay. It has to be.  

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