My Pokemon Valentines from last year totally blew up on Tumblr, though sadly, it rarely got linked back to me. D: Please let me know if you see someone reposting this instead of reblogging!

This year, I’ve printed them and have made them available for sale on Etsy! I have a limited number of sets, so grab them soon if you want to dazzle your friends with Nintendo nostalgia!

‘Memorial: Imaginary Fiends’ #1 Kicks Off The Digital-First Series’ Print Run [Preview]

By Caleb Goellner

Memorial: Imaginary Fiends begins its single-issue print run this Wednesday, with the first installment of a three issue series that collects the digital-first series' original nine chapters. The story by Chris Roberson (Edison Rex), artist Rich Ellis (Stars Below) and colorist Grace Allison (Wander) picks up where the first Memorial storyline left off, with a host of humans recovering memories long lost to them. What does the massive recall restoration mean for protagonist Em and her friends and the previously unvisited Land of Maybe? IDW has provided us with a first look at select pages from the first print issue of Imaginary Fiends, which will start readers down the road to answers. Check it out on ComicsAlliance!

Firestorm Commissions - ECCC'2014

Picked up a number of great commissions @ Emerald City Comic Con!

  • Aaron Lopresti
  • Rich Ellis
  • Grace Allison
  • James Silvani
  • Ed ? - I neglected to write down the artist’s name
  • Ray Fawkes
  • Sean “Cheeks” Galloway
  • Steve Lieber

it’s great to see all the various takes on Firestorm!

See all of the Firestorm commissions I’ve collected over the years at ComicArtFans.

Review- Wander: Olive Hopkins And The Ninth Kingdom


Wander: Olive Hopkins and the Ninth Kingdom strongly appeals to both the cynic and Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast in me. 

When you’re a kid and you have the opportunity to explore some fantastic realm AIW-style you’re obviously going to be overjoyed. But what if you’re a 26-year-old recently failed grad student with a nicotine habit and strong inclination to just get your life back on track?

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My last month has been a little lean, so I’m taking commissions to make sure I can pay my bills! I’m looking to raise $120, and I’m offering a slight deal on my usual rates.

I can draw fanart, personal characters, pets, pretty well anything! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I accept payment through Paypal, and I’ll only be offering these until I meet my goal, so if you’re interested, please message me here or send an email to the.grace.allison(at) soon! Here are the two commission varieties available:

Roughly waist up, simply shaded with grey. Up to two additional characters, $10 each. (As pictured in the first five images)

Roughly waist up, fully colored and shaded. Up to two additional characters, $15 each. (I don’t have colored examples of the crop, but it will look much like the greyscale examples, just with the style of coloring in the lower four pieces)

If you’re not currently in the market, I would also very much appreciate reblogs to help get the word out! Thank you. <3

It’s my personal Christmas tradition to make a donation to help shelter cats find homes. Since I don’t have a lot of expendable income this year, so I’m asking the Internet for some help!

You can donate as little as $5, and the page has a breakdown of exactly where the money will go. If you can afford a bit more, however, I’m offering some commissions that will be ready in time for Christmas! I’m happy to draw your friend, your dog, your D&D character, etc.

Please do check out the page, where you can read more about my goals and why this is so important to me. I’d also appreciate reblogs to help get the word out! Thank you, and happy holidays.