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Celebrating Women in Science With @rachelignotofsky

For more tributes to female scientists, follow @rachelignotofsky on Instagram.

Growing up, Rachel Ignotofsky (@rachelignotofsky) knew she was going to become either a scientist or an illustrator. The Missouri resident chose art, but now she’s combining her two passions with a series of drawings celebrating groundbreaking and often unheralded women in science.

“I wanted to do my part and celebrate these women and their accomplishments and hopefully get a younger audience familiar with them,” Rachel says. “I think that a good way to fight gender bias is to show young girls and boys strong female role models.”

So far, she’s done seven drawings out of a planned 50, highlighting women such as 19th century paleontologist Mary Anning and pioneering computer scientist Grace Hopper.

“A lot of these women are not very well known, even though their accomplishments have changed our world forever,” she says. “I want my illustrations to help spark an interest in learning more about these women. I want young girls and boys to see that no matter who they are, despite their gender, they can accomplish anything.”


Bangkok-based photographer Visarute Angkatavanich (previously featured here) continues to take breathtaking photos of Siamese fighting fish, also known as betta fish. His fascination with their splendid, flowing fins and brilliant coloring is apparent in the extraordinarily detailed portraits he creates. The photos are so perfectly clear and close-up that it’s easy to forget the fish are underwater and not floating in midair.

Angkatavanich recently told Popular Photography that he only started photographing the fish after encountering them for the first time three years ago at a fish show and has since become obsessed with the different species which vary greatly in size, shape, and color patterns.

Head over to Visarute Angkatavanich’s 500px gallery to view more of his gorgeous betta portraits. Limited edition prints of his photos are currently available through La Lanta Fine Art.

[via Colossal]

I photographed this man yesterday. He was the first male I’ve ever gotten to photograph for this project; all the other men have been submissions. Men are slowly stepping forward for this. People are getting braver - showing their faces more, sharing more, and simply even participating. I received piles of emails a day. It’s been incredible to watch this project grow in the media, but that’s nothing in comparison to watching people grow from this project.

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I have wonderful news!

This photo of Misha that I took last year was hand picked by the council in charge of the Exposure Awards, an international photography competition, to be exhibited at the Louvre! Yes, the one in Paris. 

It will be a part of their Portraiture Collection that will go on exhibit both in a display at the Louvre, and online at their website on July 13th!

I’m overwhelmed right now. I never so much as thought my photos would even be considered when I was nominated for the competition. And now, my favorite photo that I’ve ever taken is going to be on display at arguably one of the most famous museums in the world.

Someone pinch me.

The poster reads:

1 in 6 males are sexually abused before age 18 - far more than are at risk for diabetes (1 in 10) or heart disease (1 in 8).

At 8 I became a statistic - at 30 I became a survivor. (Most male survivors take at least 20 years to begin healing - if they ever do)

For 22 years I lived in silence. Now I want the world to know - what happened to me can happen to anyone. Both the abuse and the healing. // @malesurvivorORG on Twitter

“For every 100 friends you have on Facebook, 15-20 (at least) are survivors of sexual abuse.”

Photographed in New York City on June 2nd.

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