grace x kit

the more i think about it, the more worked up i get about how forgotten the Kit Walker/Grace Bertrand relationship is. They are overshadowed by Tate/Violet, which I can’t understand. look at it-

  • Kit easily could’ve been Bloody Face, Lana definitely thought so. Yet Grace saw the good in him and trusted that he was telling the truth despite how insane his story sounded. She sacrificed her chances of freedom and her LIFE (escaping with Lana, jumping in front of the bullet) for Kit when she had no proof that he wasn’t a serial killer. 
  • Grace did kill her entire family, but Kit told her he wasn’t repulsed by her at all. She was seen to be a psychopath and murderer to everyone else, but Kit decided to look past this and understood her when no one else did. 
  • Kit and Grace legitimately were willing to give up everything for each other. Grace allowed Kit to escape with her, even though Lana was telling her not to. In return, Kit took the 40 lashes from Sister Jude to spare Grace. Later, Kit, who is not a murderer, kills his lawyer to return to Briarcliff and save Grace. Grace then sacrifices herself jumping in front of a bullet that would’ve killed Kit. Finally, Kit allows Dr. Arden to kill him for any chance of discovering what happened to Grace. Even in the end, Kit does whatever he can to get Grace out of Briarcliff so that they can raise their son together. 
  • Lets not forget how kind Grace was to Alma because she knew how much Alma meant to Kit, which only got her brutally murdered (((WHICH I WILL EVER GET OVER BECAUSE EVERYONE GOT A HAPPY ENDING BUT GRACE BERTRAND WHO REALLY FUCKING DESERVED ONE)))

I just can’t see how people look past this kind of love- when they’re absolutely willing to do anything for eachother (both parties), and understand the other when no one else would- to Tate and Violet, when Tate kind of became insanely attached to Violet and Violet really didn’t give Tate anything but attention. Kit and Grace are hands down my favorite characters in all of American Horror Story and it just kills me to see their stories chalked down to nothing but Evan Peters looking hotter than usual (which he did, but that’s a whole different text post.)

Hi love! Sure thing. Sorry for the late response, I didn’t have that many Jercy fics (please please please tell me i got the pairing right omg i’m not very good with pairing names but I’m assuming Jercy is Jason Grace/Percy Jackson?) ready to go so I combed through A03 and and some tumblr tags. Here’s a bunch that I liked, with a few bonus!Percy/Jason/Nico fics at the end because I wasn’t sure if you were into that and they were cute? :D Oh, and there a couple of Jercy blogs at the bottom too that post really lovely ficlets just in case my rec list didnt give you any new ones/ones that you like. Happy reading love, and I do hope you find at least one new fic that you like? All fics are below the cut.

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Aya's Jasico and Percico Fic Rec Starter Kit

Yeah, this started out as a purely Percico fic rec starter kit the way my others are but I was looking through my bookmarks and favourites and I found some really, really amazing and well written fanfics that I just had to include in this starter kit because damn, these are honestly so incredible and are pretty much the reason why I’m currently multi shipping in PJO. So, this is half Percico and half Jascio with just a touch of bonus!Lukercy fic recs thrown in for good measure at the end. Think of it as getting two fic rec starter kits in one, with multi-ship bonuses at the end? All of these are fully completed unless specified otherwise and are all so, so brilliant and really well written. Each pairing will be separated and the ship name will be clearly visible. My personal favourites are marked with a <3. Written as a companion fic rec starter kit to my MerthurJohnlock00Q and FrostIron ones. Now let’s get started, shall we? All fics are below the cut. Happy reading!

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