grace united methodist

For all you LGBTQ+ Christians out there who feel uncomfortable with your sexuality because of your beliefs;

Let me tell you a little bit about the United Methodist Church, because I think it’s kind of awesome. But then again, it’s my church so I may be biased.

I’ve always questioned my sexuality, just because personally I think labels are stupid, even if they are kind of comforting. I consulted my Pastor about this on a retreat once, and what he said truly amazed me. 

The United Methodist Church is all together very accepting of LGBTQ+ members. We believe whole-heartedly in the grace of God, and that he makes no mistakes when making his children, and that we should unconditionally love our brothers and sisters. All sexualities and genders are welcome to worship with us, and we will never preach against the freedom to love who you want. The only hang up in that area is that as of right now, LGBTQ+ people cannot become attend seminary and be a minister. However, for the last five years, that has been the main goal at our annual conferences. Why restrict our leaders and miss the chance of a unique understanding in a church.

Basically, as long as you’re not an asshole, we love you, and you are always welcome, and we are working very hard to make ourselves even more accepting of all of God’s children. 

If your parents are mad that you don’t go to church because you feel attacked, ask if you could try a different denomination. In my experience, they were just happy that I still wanted to maintain a relationship with my God, and did not care whether I went to their church or any church. While others may not be as accepting, if nothing else, just know you have a home with us if you ever need it.