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venus, traditionally considered a planet of feminine energy, tends to be seen as a woman’s primary energy to appeal to a suitor. venus is characterized by beauty, art, romance, and a gentle sense of harmony. venus in each sign can provide keen insight how not only a woman or feminine person (primarily) will attempt to appeal to someone, but how the other person will react to it.

venus in aries:

appeals by - being shamelessly themselves. loves to strut their independence. 

reacts to another’s venus by - rolling their eyes. they think they can get me so easy? puh-lease. if you’re gonna talk the talk, walk the walk. also will be like “that’s cool and all but did u know i am the best bc” 

venus in taurus:

appeals by - displaying their sensual side; soft but firm. will present themselves as goddesses but still shower the person with the same divinity. 

reacts to another’s venus by - acting unimpressed like a stubborn bull because they lowkey are eating it all up (lol) but don’t want to make it too obvious. 

venus in gemini:

appeals by - speaking their minds. like to be seen as youthful so they will act a bit naive and/or impish. 

reacts to another’s venus by - giggling like a child, dishing out a plate out of jokes, acting really suave about it. 

venus in cancer:

appeals by - displaying their maternal side, acting like a clingy mom. even if they are not keen to the idea of being an actual mother, they have an innate nurturing quality to them.

reacts to another’s venus by - somehow guilting them into having to feel sympathy and reassure them. 

venus in leo:

appeals by - presenting themselves as royalty that can’t be missed. will want to keep your attention all on them - will do or say things to accomplish such. 

reacts to another’s venus by - soaking up every form of flattery ever. they just feed off of anything you say and feel the crowns stacking up on their heads. 

venus in virgo:

appeals by - being a class act. even if they’re partying in the shadiest club of all time, they still act as though they’re in some upscale museum being as proper as can be. 

reacts to another’s venus by - being modest. can be overly critical and analyze the person harshly. 

venus in libra: 

appeals by - simply appealing. charming the life out of people. while virgo venus is more an abrasive class act, libra venus is a graceful one. 

reacts to another’s venus by - out classing you. knowing what to say so that it can elicit an ill-response that they can then resolve it and seem like they’re just trying to keep the peace. 

venus in scorpio:

appeals by - keeping people guessing. they like to give away bits and pieces here and there, maintain the mystery of it all, but will want to treat you like an open book and pull information from you.

reacts to another’s venus by - either not caring or lowkey obsessing over it. either way they express what seems to be indifference so the other person is just kind of like ??? did my attempt to appeal to them fail or ???

venus in sagittarius:

appeals by - being a loose cannon. likes to seem carefree & wildé, kind of wanders. gets deep/fake deep, likes to teach you things. 

reacts to another’s venus by - laughing it off, acting like they have other things to do & explore, turning it into some life lesson. 

venus in capricorn:

appeals by - seeming influential, wiser than other people. wants to be the dominant one so they like to direction things to go their way. 

reacts to another’s venus by - feeling almighty. as if they’re always in regards to their regulations. 

venus in aquarius:

appeals by - expressing their uniqueness/rebellion, being weird, getting a reaction out of others, being real buddy-buddy with you, making it seem like there’s no one else like them. 

reacts to another’s venus by - shrugging it off or being self-righteous, kind of like ‘ya i know’. could try to out weird you. turns the situation into something less serious. 

venus in pisces:

appeals by - displaying their ~otherworldliness~. sag venus seems to always be roaming while a pisces venus seems to always be lost. put up a damsel in distress front, willing to do anything. 

reacts to another’s venus by - overcompensating out of vulnerability to try to manipulate a situation to their benefit by playing the martyr card. 

Deliberate Beauty of Humanity

Drabble Request by @starswirlblitz: Dean x angel!reader? In which dean plays with her wings and it fluffish/steamy cause she’s ticklish but also has a sensitive spot that makes her squeal sometimes? I hope that’s okay?

Word Count: 1949

A/N: So… this didn’t really turn out as a drabble… I kinda woke up at 3 in the morning and had this itch to write this one and couldn’t go back to sleep until it was out of my head and that’s how you got a full-length oneshot out of this! Also, I just had to write Dean’s POV in first person. It wouldn’t work any other way. I think this is the first time I’ve posted anything in first person on this blog. I hope you like it!

Version en Español: La Deliberada Belleza de la Humanidad

You hoped you never got used to this. You wanted every time to feel just like the first time. Maybe it was that it was a human act, or maybe it was just Dean. Either way, you would never change a thing about any of these moments.

Back when Castiel invited you along to help with the Winchesters, you never dreamed that Dean would ever look at you as more than Castiel’s little sister. You hadn’t known that you even wanted him to see you as anything but an angel. Yet here you were, laying on top of him, feeling the rigid muscles of his body move beneath yours. Bonding with your vessel and becoming one as Castiel had with Jimmy had opened so many doors and opportunities for human feeling and emotion.

It was those very feelings and emotions that you been raised to believe were weaknesses that you couldn’t get enough of now.

Dean’s lips captured yours in a breathtaking kiss. He always had this effect over you. As soon as he pulled you into his room and locked the door behind him, you were right on top of him. Vessels may contain your true form, but it just added to the anticipation and intensity as you were forced to slowly explore each new touch. Some angels saw humanity as a curse, but they were wrong.

Even when your mind wasn’t clouded with Dean’s fingers digging into your skin and his tongue tracing the seam of your lip, you still saw the deliberate beauty of humanity.

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The one where you know what you want.

Finally, the fifth addition to the Divorce Series AU. I was inspired by two books written by Colleen Hoover, ‘November 9 and Hopeless’, I highly recommend giving it a read. They are amazing.  Let me know in my ask box if you guys are enjoyed this part. ENJOY! :)

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I am so waiting for a Charger performance with Grace Jones and out of the sudden Damon starts to lose it and she’s like “what is this basic bitch doing? i didn’t cancel my other shows for this, someone calm this bitch i’m in charge

Sweet; Nowhere Near Innocent. Dean Winchester.

Request: 1) Can I please request a Dean x reader smut, where they are just friends, but the reader is an angel and she kind of hears Dean’s dirty thoughts about her? Then she starts flirting with him and he is confused at first but then he gives in to her touch. And the reader then fingerfucks him, and he is surprised of how much he enjoys it(only if you’re comfortable). Also the reader uses his grace on him and some wing kink if you can. I really need some submissive Dean. Pretty please ❤❤; and 2) Sub!Dean please?

Triggers: Smut. Dom!Reader. Sub!Dean. Mating.

Word Count:

Enjoy ;D

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LA Weekly: Baranski returns with Diane’s brilliance intact — the character is once again written at the level of the star’s performance. A veteran of Broadway and film and TV comedy, Baranski moves with a dancer’s grace and reacts with a top comic’s timing.

Chicago Tribune: Baranski brings a heartbreaking rawness to her performance as Diane, who never got enough meaningful screen time on “The Good Wife.”

AV Club: As on her previous series, she’s absolutely riveting as Diane. She’s even more engaging to witness in this predicament than Julianna Margulies was as Alicia.

The Guardian: It’s a pleasure to see Baranski given the lead and also a striking rarity, handing over a major new show to a 64-year-old woman. […] The stellar team behind The Good Fight have used all the lessons learned through seven seasons of The Good Wife to start off with confidence and flair, immediately grabbing our attention and crafting a dramatic structure that hints at even greater things to come.

Orlando Sentinel: Baranski is the formidable star – well, hasn’t she always been a star? “The Good Fight” gives her a fine showcase.

EW: It’s immediately the best legal drama in the TV-verse, much better than CBS’ would-be Good Wife-replacement, Doubt. What captures your imagination is the resonant premise of women trying to pick themselves — and each other — up again after gutting falls.

dukeofqueer  asked:

Hello there! I just read your analysis of Nico and Will's relationship, and I wanted to know, based on your analyses, who would be a better match for Nico? Or at the very least, who'd be a better friend to him?

Let me tell you how excited I got when I saw this ask because, like, this is such a good question and I think it very much needs to be discussed!

Now, let’s take a look at platonic relationships first because that’s what Nico really needs. He doesn’t need a boyfriend. He needs a supportive group of friends who can help him feel better about himself and who he is. We can already see this group of friends starting to build in HoH and BoO with both Jason and Reyna. Reyna is especially good for Nico because she has no precedents for Nico and treats him as an equal. She doesn’t think of or care that he’s a son of Hades and, instead, cares for who he is as a person and his abilities in order to get their tasks done. Over the course of BoO they begin to bud into a great friendship that would remain important for Nico for a long time. Jason was the first out of the main 7 to befriend Nico. Not only was Jason the first person to hear about Nico’s sexuality (as if that’s not horrifying enough), but he brushed it off. He didn’t mind. Not only did Jason not mind, he told Nico that he was brave and offered Nico positive reinforcement for something traumatic and difficult for him to deal with. This is a great positive role model that Nico needs in his life to really feel self-positive.

Now, let’s not forget our lovely Hazel. While she’s a little different because she’s Nico’s half-sister, they have a very, very strong relationship with one another. While he doesn’t have Bianca anymore, Nico finally has a family member in his time who trusts him and even understands some of his problems (such as being ostracized for being a child of Hades/Pluto.) Hazel shows that she loves Nico and offers a positive shoulder for Nico to lean on. Much like Reyna and Jason, she needs to be an important, if not the most important, platonic relationship for Nico.

Will, too, could have been a great friendship for Nico as only the second person at Camp Halfblood (if you count Jason part of Camp Halfblood) to offer to befriend Nico. If we look at Will when he isn’t with Nico (since when he’s around Nico, he’s a completely different character,) you can see how kind and caring he is. Will really wants to help people the best to his abilities. Not only that, Will would be Nico’s only openly gay friend (if we’re assuming that Reyna/Jason/Hazel are heterosexual.) Will could have become a positive gay role model for Nico, and help him learn to accept himself.

If we’re looking at romantic relationships though, things become messy. In all honesty, Nico shouldn’t have a relationship this early in his own self actualization. He needs time and friends to help him love himself and look at himself positively. If we really have to pair Nico into a romantic relationship, he needs someone who is okay with Nico’s general introversion and distaste in his sexuality. He needs someone who is entirely comfortable with Nico’s discomfort for many things. The best fit for this is not Will. Since, as I have discussed in other post, does not respect Nico’s comfort zone or boundaries. If we look at other popular ships for Nico: We also have Percico (Percy and Nico), Jasico (Jason and Nico), and Valdangelo (Leo x Nico). Percabeth is never breaking up in canon, not to mention the amount of emotional resentment Nico has had toward Percy makes Percico a bad choice. Valdangelo could have been a great idea as both Nico and Leo deal with a similar issue: They both feel like they’re unloveable and they’ll never find anyone. They deal with it in different ways, though. However, because of how BoO and THO build Leo, this possibly amazing romantic relationship was completely disrupted.

That leaves Jasico. Yes, yes. I know. “You’re a Jasico shipper! Of course!” But let’s look at it shall we? Jason has CONSTANTLY respected Nico from when he knew him to the end of BoO. Jason took the time to get to trust Nico and trusted him, undoubtedly, until the end. Jason was the first person to hear about Nico’s sexuality and not only did Jason not mind, but Jason straight up told Nico that that’s the bravest thing he’s seen someone do. That sort of positive reinforcement adds so much self-love and acceptance. As someone who had to deal with the traumatizing event of having to be forced out, this sort of response when you’re so scared and so inflicted by self hatred honestly feels like heaven. All your fears, if only for a moment, start to fade away. Finally, you feel a little free.

Let’s not forget how Jason reads onto Nico’s touching discomfort and tries to avoid touching him at all costs unless he asks. In canon Jason respects Nico’s comfort zone and who he is as a person. Jason doesn’t care about Nico’s past or who Nico’s godly father is. He has the most amount of respect for Nico out of anyone except for Hazel and Reyna. Jason is genuinely the healthiest and best choice for Nico if we had to ship Nico with someone.

I apologize for how long winded this was, again. But I hope you got some insight into what I think! Thanks for the ask, seriously!


this was… oddly satisfying