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griffin and rachel's first date
rose buddies- ep. 66
griffin and rachel's first date

uhhhm…but yeah should we talk about our first date? …ye- yeah there’s just not a lot a lot happened we went to a…a fairly nice restaurant here that was known for their nice desserts yeah and then I had to..get gas on the way there and I spilled gasoline like pretty much all over my pants?? and i stank sooo bad *laughing* yeah the smell was pretty intense was very overpowering. and then we were gonna go to barton springs, right? were we? and then it got-we got rained out? we got rained out..yeah…and I don’t remember what we did I think we went to Grace and Bristol’s pool. and swam in that instead…..oh yeah! Yeah it’s ver..very romantic. and then knOW HAHA H A…YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT A H AHAHAHAHA LITTLE BIT O THAT *grunt from home improvement* AND A SOME O THAT boINGUGUGGGUUH and a little bit o that OOOooohhNOOOooo and a little bit o that *gets real close to the mic and makes mouth sounds* and a little- a wHOLE BUNCH O THAT..C O W A B U N G A DUDE!! and some of that *borat voice* uh mY WiFE…and some of that *deep breath* MUH SWAMP *breaks out into laughter* and some o that- okay..okay please stop..I was gonna *laughing* i  was gonna sit in silence until you stopped….uh but you really got me with my swamp

betacarotene-e160a  asked:

Didn't know about the marvel hero system and I loved the concept of caracteristics depending of solo/team! Do you have other exemple of unusual stands on "how to mesure a character strength"?

Oh, there’s a whole variety of ‘em.

For example, in the Cortex Dramatic Roleplaying system (previously discussed here), instead of stats and skills, characters have Values and Relationships. Values are things like Duty, Glory, Justice, Love, etc., (every character has the same set, just with varying ratings), while relationships are tied to particular player characters or NPCs. Your basic dice pool is created by pairing the most relevant Value with the most relevant Relationship.

The upcoming Cavaliers of Mars  (discussed here) uses a similar - albeit more abstract - approach: every character has three Motivations (For Honour, For Love, and For Myself) and three Methods (With Cunning, With Force, and With Grace), with your dice pool being formed from the most relevant Motivation/Method pairing.

Going further afield, characters in Sufficiently Advanced (discussed here) are rated according to two distinct sets of stats: the levels of technology they have ready access to (e.g., Biotech, Cognitech, etc.), and narrative Themes (e.g., Intrigue, Romance, Wonder, etc.). They two sides interact so that characters with access to high tech have greater difficulty exploiting their Themes, which is how spotlight time is balanced between a character who’s literally a living city and a character who’s just some random human (both valid starting character concepts, incidentally).

Of course, we can go much further. If you want a really odd set of stats, I’ve got a real doozy for you:

Wisher, Theurgist, Fatalist (warning: direct PDF link)

This is an unreleased playtest draft of what might most accurately be described as a game about playing games. Basically, WTF provides a bare-bones framework in which nearly everything about the game - from the setting to the rules - is undefined, and proposes a set of procedures whereby the processes of playing a game and writing a game are the same thing.

Everyone has three core stats: Knowledge, Insight and Harmony. A character whose highest stat is Knowledge is called a Fatalist; a character whose highest stat is Insight is called a Theurgist; and a character whose highest stat is Harmony is called a Wisher (hence the name of the game).

Whenever a question about how to run the game comes up, everyone who has an opinion on the matter rolls the appropriate stat, as follows:

Knowledge answers questions about what things are.

  • Descriptively, a successful Knowledge roll lets you declare stuff about the setting of the game, whether that means filling in blanks or spinning new lore whole-cloth.
  • Mechanically, a successful Knowledge roll lets you attach stats to things. It doesn’t let you say anything about how to use those stats, though - that’s the province of Insight (see below).

Insight answers questions about how things work.

  • Descriptively, a successful Insight roll lets you declare stuff about the rules that govern the setting, including both the laws of physics and the broader metaphysics.
  • Mechanically, a successful Insight roll lets you declare stuff about the rules of the game, including resolving rules questions and making up new game mechanics on the spot. However, these rules need to be hung off of stats and entities declared using Knowledge (see above); Insight can’t give stats to stuff on its own.

Harmony answers questions about how things ought to be.

  • Descriptively, a successful Harmony roll lets you declare stuff about the what things in the setting are for, teleologically speaking - like, how they fit into the greater cosmic purpose.
  • Mechanically, a successful Harmony roll lets you declare stuff about when and how it’s appropriate to apply and interpret the game mechanics; i.e., what sorts of situations should be resolved with dice and rules.

To pose a simple example of this in action:

  • A Fatalist can say “Jane has 18 Strength!”. Jane now has a Strength score of 18 - this is an entity with mechanical weight. However, there are, as yet, no mechanics that actually engage with a Strength score.
  • A Theurgist can say “There exists a rule called ‘making a Strength check’, and it works like this.” Now Jane was a mechanism for using her 18 Strength - but there are still no defined situations in which it’s appropriate to invoke those mechanics.
  • A Wisher can say “When the group cannot agree whether Jane is able to break down a door, Jane should be allowed to make a Strength check.” Now Jane can invoke a check against her 18 Strength to resolve the question of whether she can break down any recalcitrant doors she may encounter.

(Note that this can work the other way ‘round, too. When faced with an irresolvable obstacle, the Wisher can say “make a Confidence roll!”. The fact that there’s no such animal as a Confidence roll is a problem for the Theurgists to sort out.)

There are a bunch of ancillary mechanics involved - for example, a Fatalist can declare her Knowledge “destructive”, which allows her to use her powers to retcon established facts and essentially lie to the other players about the setting - but that’s the gist of it.

The really neat part of all this is that it effectively splits the role of the GM in three. One of the potential issues with traditional tabletop RPGs is they they demand that the GM simultaneously act as an author and narrator (of the setting), an engineer and referee (of the rules), and a host and mediator (of the gaming group itself). These are three distinct skill-sets, and very few GMs are equally good at all of them. The Big Idea of WTF is to decouple those roles. The folks who love to narrate can be Fatalists and handle the GM-as-author-of-the-setting role; the gearheads can be Theurgists and assume the GM-as-engineer-and-referee role; and the folks who are drawn primarily to the social aspects of gaming can be Wishers and take responsibility for the GM-as-host-and-mediator role.

And that’s the most unusual way of statting up characters out of any game I know of.

water splashing and sun shinin’

“He’s back.”

Jason didn’t even bother looking up from his open magazine. “Of course he’s back. He works here.”

Nico threw himself down out on the cheap folding chair, the plastic squeaking out in surprise. He let out a long, frustrated sigh, “I just don’t understand how this can happen. We’ve worked the same shifts everyday for the past two weeks, even when I asked Annabeth to change it up last week.”

Jason sighed and flipped his magazine close. He made this small act to be a grand gesture and he rolled his eyes before leaning in. “Alright, I’ll bite. What’s the big deal about working the same shift as blondie? It’s not like you even talk to him, all you do is stare - somewhat creepily - at him for hours on end. If anyone was going to have a problem with this, you’d think it would be him.”

Nico huffed air into his bangs, “That’s the point, Jason.” He gestured loosely towards the open window of the shack, “How the hell am I supposed to work with such distraction?”

Jason snorted and flicked his sunglasses down from where they sat in his damp hair. “Just go talk to him. Will’s a cool guy.”

“Of course you think that. You’ve got your whole-” Nico cut himself off to gesture at Jason’s bright orange swimming trunks and off-duty tank top, “Lifeguard bond thing. You’re practically, like, bound for life.”

Jason clicked his tongue, “I told you I could get you a lifeguard job if you ever decided you wanted to leave this shaggy little hut.”

“It’s a shack.” Nico defended, “And I like my shack. It has wifi and air conditioning and in here I can’t get a sunburn from simply going to work.”  

“And,” Jason added, nodding over to the open window, “you’ve got a great view.”

“Ughhh.” Nico groaned, rubbing his eyes with the palms of his hands. “How am I expected to work under such conditions?! He’s- He’s shirtless! And glistening! And he probably saves  helpless children from drowning all day!”

“Nico, your only job is to rent out surfboards and sell candy bars.” Jason inspected his nails, “if you get a little distracted by staring at lover boy, I think you’ll be fine.

Nico sighed dramatically and flung his arm over his eyes. It didn’t last very long - around fifteen seconds, Jason counted -  before he was peeking out from under his arm to catch a glimpse of the other boy.

Jason laughed and swiped Nico’s water bottle to take a long drink, exposing his tan collarbones, and the strong line of his throat. Nico briefly wondered why he couldn’t be attracted to Jason instead. It certainly would be a lot easier. Piper, Jason’s girlfriend, probably wouldn’t even care that much.

Jason, like the asshole he was, drained the rest of the bottle and threw it at him so it bounced off Nico’s shoulder. “Just ask him out.” Jason told him, “Or hook up with him, I really don’t care. Just get it out of your system.” Jason wrinkled his nose after a second, “And try to keep it off the counters, I eat here like, everyday.”

Nico flipped him off and before he could snap back with some snappy remark, he was interrupted. “Grace!” The voice barked out. One of the swim coaches poked his head around the corner, a scowl in place. “Your break’s over! Get back out here or you’re scrubbing hot tubs!”

Jason rolled his eyes, “Looks like Hedge is back from his honeymoon. Great. I’ll see you at lunch, when’s our break?”

“Sometime around noon.” Nico answered him, a bit vague, and flipped open Jason’s abandon magazine. He waved a goodbye at Jason’s retreating figure, and tried not to stare too hard at tall, freckled, and handsome on the other end of the pool.

“Hey, di Angelo?” Leo, one of the older kids who helped fix broken equipment, peeked his head around the corner, “Throw me a soda, would ya?”

Nico nodded and tossed him one, the last can in the cooler. Leo gave him a thumbs up before sprinting off, carefully avoiding Nico’s annoyed mood.

Nico sighed, throwing his head back and squeezing his eyes shut - actually doing his job was so inconvenient sometimes. He bend down and crawled under the counter to began pulling the cardboard cases of water forward, cursing every moment that lead him to actually having a job in the first place. It wasn’t like he needed it, Hades was only too-happy to fund his few adventures, and his past summers were spent joyfully curled with a blanket and binge watching Game of Thrones.

That is, until he remembered how quickly the joy of being alone wore off, and how even the Stark house fighting it out couldn’t fill the empty space beside him on his most lonely days. That’s how he found himself here, he supposes, because as much as he loves his warm darkness and fictional characters, being with people who actually wanted him around always felt better.

So he guesses work isn’t that bad, in exchange, especially because his own set up was so much sweeter than just standing around getting burnt and sun sick.

The small bell on the counter dinged sharply, and Nico had to physically retrain himself from rolling his eyes. The bell had been a joke - usually just pressed frantically by Percy or Jason to annoy him, or by a few clueless tourists who actually managed to spot it hiding in the corner of the counter.  

“What can I get you from the Surf Shack?” Nico questioned, turning with a clipboard in his hands. He added up the inventory quickly and punched some numbers in the register. He didn’t look up the customer just yet, instead focusing on not screwing up the numbers.

“Hey, uh, could I get a bottle of water?” Nico glanced up and froze almost immediately. There, in all his tan, shirtless glory, was lover boy, aka blondie, aka Will the lifeguard, who was grinning at Nico. Nico swallowed, and he could see his own gaping reflection in the other boy’s dark lensed sunglasses.

Of course this wasn’t Will’s first time visiting the surf shack, but each time there was Jason or Percy or Reyna or someone to block Nico from full on, fumbling, terrifying conversation.

“Uh. Yeah. Sure.” Nico told him, but didn’t make any movement to retrieve the bottle from the cooler behind him.

Will leaned into the window so the shadow’s could dip over him. “Water?” he questioned playfully, grinning widely at the other boy. His tank top was tucked into the side of his swim trucks and he reached for it to wipe the sweat out of his eyes.

“Yeah.” Nico agreed, “Oh!” Nico snapped out of it, turning quickly so he hide his reddened cheeks. If he was lucky, he could somehow blame it on the sun, despite the shade that blessed his little shack. He opened the cooler and enjoyed how the iced air cooled his burning cheeks, even just for a moment.

He stood there for a moment, fumbling with the slick water bottles, and working up his courage to turn. He swallowed and bit the end of his tongue. “Here.” Nico passed along the icy bottle, careful not to brush the other boy’s fingers.

Will grinned in thanks before taking a long, long drink. After almost draining the entire bottle in a single drink, he leaned forward again, “Nico, right?”

Nico swallowed, unprepared for the continuation of his interaction with the other boy. “Yeah. That’s me. Nico.”

“I’m Will.” He took another swing of his water, “I’m a lifeguard.” He told Nico obviously.

Nico resisted the urge to roll his eyes. This one, like most of the surf crew, seemed to be more beauty than brains.

“You’re Jason’s friend, right?” Will took another sip of the water, and Nico was distracted by a bead of sweat racing down the line of his throat. Nico nodded, not trusting his suddenly dry throat his choke out any words.

Will nodded, “Jason talks about you a lot. You guys good friends?”

“Best friends.” Nico corrected him, his voice dry. “He got me my job here.”

Will nodded, tipping his cherry red sunglasses into his hair so his eyes - blue as the summer sky - could be revealed. There was a slight tan line across nose, and the freckles splashed across his cheeks were darker than anywhere, and the small gap in between his top two teeth was exposed when he grinned, but he looked perfect.

“Can I get you anything else?” Nico busied himself with the stack of receipts on the counter, his nervous hands dancing across the papers quickly.

“Nah.” Will took another sip of water before grinning. “I only came for the view.”

Nico smiled, gesturing towards the busy beach area. “I do have the best view of random strangers gathering around picnic tables”

Will glanced over his shoulder for only a second, seeming bemused. “As lustworthy that sight is, I wasn’t talking about that one.” Will only too obviously ran his eyes over Nico, giving the other bo an appreciative look.  

It clicked, and Nico’s cheeks burned. “Oh. Um. Okay.”

Will leaned in, “Now, what are you doing hiding your pretty little face under this little shack?” Will grinned, low and a little flirtatious, “A face like that shouldn’t be hidden behind rows of soda and candy bars.”

“What…my face?” he sputtered out, more confusion and startled emotion than anything.

“‘Course your face.” Will grinned sharply before flipping down his cherry sunglasses and standing straight. “And while I would love to make that nice red flush across your cheeks once again, I’ve gotta go.” He grinned, taking a napkin off the counter and a pen from the cup beside the register. “Call me sometime, alright? I’ll be eagerly awaiting.”

Nico’s throat was dry and his eyes were wide, but he managed to numbly wave the other boy gone and clench the paper to his chest.

What the hell just happened?

Day 1 - Beginnings

To kick off the start of #LinkPitWeek, the Lady-Drake proposed a question… “Every story has a beginning. How do you think theirs started?”

And so I said, it started in this weird little magic pool in Subspace Emissary that Pit’s using to watch Kirby and Mario battle. And if he’s looking at them, who’s to say he hasn’t been watching Link too? At least, that’s what I think :3

An Indecent Proposal
  • Jane: I must leave you.
  • Jane: Yes, but you have a bride.
  • Rochester *PANIC. Oh crap, what does she know? Play it cool. Act natural*: Jane, I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Jane: Blanche Ingram, the woman you're about to marry!
  • Rochester *sigh of relief*: Oh her. She SO does not matter. I know I've given you every reason to THINK I am interested in Miss Ingram, but I love YOU, Jane. Can't you see how all the things I did were to make you jealous, so that you would reveal that you have feelings for me too? I mean that gypsy thing was not at all creepy in any manner, right? Don't you love me too, Jane? Oh, Jane, little bird darling say you'll marry me.
  • Jane: I am no bird.
  • Rochester: No of course you're not; that wouldn't work out all, would it? I was being metaphorical, Janet!
  • Jane: Are you making my name into a swear word?
  • Rochester: No, JANE, just say you'll marry me.
  • Jane: I don't know if I trust you.
  • Rochester: Why ever not? Is it the house? Is it the mysterious fire? Is it Grace Poole or a myriad of other issues, all of which have a very simple explanation but one that I refuse to offer?
  • Jane: Something like that, yes.
  • Rochester: So that's a YES??
grace poole - pt.2

Group : BTS

Member : Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook

Genre : angst, smut, fluff (maybe)

Word Count : 1477

Description : “Only the attic but it had stayed locked since years because the previous owner of this house had lost the keys to it,” Jimin says – a lie that should disguise his dark secret living behind locked doors… until you move in.

A/N : I’ve been so lazy but finally got inspired for part two. I know I’m neglecting my blog a lot atm but I just can’t write right now… 

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Pool Party

@flopycholaquides requested: Heyy I love your imagines and I just wanted to ask you if you could do one where you and your crush are at a pool party with your classmates and then he starts flirting with you and so on and takes you somewhere apart and kisses you or something. Sorry if it’s long, i really want to read one as I’m going to one next week and my crush will be there too. Thank youuu!!


Anonymous requested: can you do an imagine where he just moved from england and joins your swim team and hes like perfect. and you become close friends, everyone says he flirts with you but you don’t think he is. but he gets to the point where one night before practice he pulls you aside and explains his feelings for you, and you kiss. then you both walk out to the pool holding hands.

“I heard he was expelled from his last school.”

“No, I think his mom got a job here.”

“Yeah, doing what? My money’s on the expulsion.”

A group of girls were huddled on the stands, toweling off. Their discussion was hinged on the only thing anyone has been talking about for the past week: the new kid from England. He has yet to arrive, but Coach called a meeting and let everyone know someone new would be joining the swim team. I didn’t really understand what the big deal was. Sure, there was some intrigue but not enough to consume my every waking moment like some of these girls. 

“Hey, (Y/N), I’m throwing a pool party next Saturday before my dad closes up the pool. The entire team’s invited, you in?” My friend Sarah asked, distracting me from the girls on the stand. 

I smiled at her, “you know it. I like the uniforms and all, but swimming in bikinis is so much easier. Now I’ll get to sh-”

The doors opened abruptly, causing all conversations to cease. It was the middle of practice, no one should be coming in. Someone lingered in the doorway, uneager to enter. Their frame was backlit and created a silhouette that captivated everyone in the room. Eventually, the mystery person stepped into the room. You didn’t recognize the boy that stood in front of you. His hair was shaggy and even from this distance you could tell he would tower over you. He shoved his hands into the pocket of his hoodie and stood their awkwardly. His eyes surveyed the room cautiously, pausing when he saw you. He quirked an eyebrow and checked you out up and down. Feeling slightly self conscious in your swimsuit, you tightened the towel around your shoulders. His eyes continued looking at the crowd before he finally found a face he recognized.

“Coach!” His voice was undoubtedly tinged with an accent and the puzzle piece finally clicked into place. This must be (C/N), the new kid from England. You could definitely tell why it was only the girls that were interested now, they had a reason to be. He was undoubtedly attractive, you couldn’t help but imagine him in the water…. shirtless.

After talking to coach for a bit he strolled over to the boys locker room. Coach quickly announced that that was indeed (C/N) and he would be starting today and then ushered the team to continue practice.

You walked to your usual lane and waited for your mark. When Coach blew the whistle, you dove in effortlessly, coming up rarely for air. Swimming was when you were most at ease, most yourself. The water soothed you and silenced all the noise, both in the outside world and the one within your head. When you finished your rep, you held onto the side of the pool to catch your breathe. 

“You’re quite good,” a deep, accented voice called from above you. You craned your neck to glimpse the familiar silhouette that towered over you. None other than (C/N) was grinning down at you. He extended a hand to help you, which you hesitantly accepted. 

“Thanks,” you muttered, tucking a wet strand of hair behind your ear. You gestured grandiosely towards the lane. “I’d like to see if the same goes for you, England.” He smirked at you and tugged off his shirt with no hesitation revealing a killer set of abs. He gave you a quick wink and then dove into the pool with grace. You watched him with awe. He was without a doubt a fantastic swimmer. He seemed like you, at ease and relaxed. While others tensed up and got in their heads while swimming, you and (C/N) seemed to bloom in the pool. 

When he reached you (in record time) he rested his arms on the edge of the pool and looked up at you. “How was that?” God, his accent made you weak at the knees. You sat at the edge of the pool so that your feet dangled in the water.

“Not too shabby. I’m (Y/N).” You stuck your hand out with a grin. His smile mirrored yours as he grabbed your hand. But instead of shaking it, he gingerly brought your hand down to his lips and kissed it, all while maintaining eye contact with you. Your mouth gaped open slightly and your cheeks tinged pink. He chuckled at your response.

“(C/N), but it seems you already know that.”

That was the beginning of your quickly formed relationship with him. Several of your classes aligned, he ate lunch with the swim team, much like you did, and the practices flew by with him by your side. You couldn’t ignore the feelings you started to develop for him, the ones that seemed to grow daily.

“So, you going to Sarah’s shindig this weekend?” (C/N) asked as he bumped your shoulder. You chuckled at his choice of words.

“No, I’m not going to a ‘shindig’ this weekend,” his face fell “I’ll be too busy swimming this Saturday. At a pool party. Like a normal teenager.” He rolled his eyes at your dig.

“You want to go together?” You choked slightly on your water, causing the table to glance your way amused. (C/N) laughed loudly. “I need a ride.Plus you’re like my best friend now so…”

You tried to mask your disappointment at only being used for your car AND being friendzoned all within one breath. “You know I’m at your beck and call.”

That Saturday you spent ages deciding on what to wear. All your friends were on the swim team, and every single one of them would ridicule you for your crush on (C/N), so you were left to fend for yourself. After far too long, you settled on your favorite colored bikini and a flowy sundress to cover it. After adjusting your hair for the umpteenth time you mustered up the courage to drive over to (C/N)’s. 

You weren’t sure why you were so nervous, it’s not like you’ve never been alone with (C/N). Given, the times you were together it was always at school or at practice. This swim party seemed more intimate than you were ready for. Nevertheless, you couldn’t back out now. You pulled up to his house and almost instantly he ran towards the car.

“Hey princess,” his pet name for you never failed to make you weak in the knees. “You ready to party it up?” 

“Oh yeah, super pumped. Swimming. Something I rarely get to do.” He laughed loudly, the sound enveloping you. 

The remainder of the ride was without conversation, but it never became awkward. Sometimes he would just glance your way and smile, before looking away again. Eventually you pulled up to Sarah’s house. The amount of cars spilling out of her driveway and onto the street was unimaginable. The music thumped through the backyard, causing reverberations in the front yard.

“Ready?” (C/N) questioned as he came to stand next to you. With a burst of confidence you didn’t know you had, you interlocked your fingers with his. He seemed shocked and glanced at you as if you had made a mistake.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” And with that, you dragged him to the backyard. You weren’t prepared for what awaited behind the wooden gate. It wasn’t just the swim team, it was half of the school. Music blared and beer cans were lying haphazardly around the yard. You and (C/N) exchanged similar glances, your anxiety spiking. Without speaking he led you to the pool. A few members of the team were lounging around, but no one else seemed to want to swim at this pool party. The girls tanned on the side and the guys crushed beer cans against their temple. You nervously pulled the sundress over your head and quickly waded into the pool. 

You knew that you didn’t look like the girls that surrounded you.You had known that since you were little. Swimming helped you move past that. It still does to this day. A large splash distracted you from your thoughts, (C/N)’s spray causing several girls to squeal. When he emerged he shook his head, not unlike a dog, and grinned sheepishly at you. Carefully, you swam over to him.

“That was quite an entrance.” You chuckled. He swam closer to you.

“Only way I know how.” He glanced behind you and cocked an eyebrow in question. You spun around only to be met with… nothing. No one was there. Then, you felt a big drop plop onto your nose. Then another, then another, until rain was pouring onto you and (C/N). Instead of running inside, you basked in the added water. You floated onto your back and sighed in relief.

“You’re quite different you know.” Blinking your eyes open, you were met with (C/N) paddling next to you. Retreating from the floating position, you treaded the water lightly. “Good different, that is. I’ve been trying to pinpoint it. Why I was so drawn to you at first, why I’m so drawn to you now. That’s my best guess. You and I, were water borne.” Ever so slowly, he moved closer to you. “It’s not just that you’re beautiful- which you are, amazingly so- but you’re so kindred. The way you moved in the water is what killed me. I guess, I don’t know, I like you more than a friend is what I’m trying to get at. And I know this is kind of creepy since we’ve known each other a fortnight, I was hoping the accent would soften that, but I was wondering if you would maybe want to go out with me?”

A huge smile broke out on your face and you lazily looped your arms around his neck and he instantly placed his on your hips. “You’re right, the accent totally makes up for the creepiness.”

And with that, he kissed you. With the rain pounding onto your faces and the water lapping at your backs, you couldn’t imagine anyplace you’d rather be. You’ve always thought the water was your home but you couldn’t imagine a place you’d feel more at ease than here with (C/N).


grace poole - pt.1 (m)

Group : BTS

Member : Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook

Genre : angst, smut, fluff (maybe)

Word Count : 3,327

Description : “Only the attic but it had stayed locked since years because the previous owner of this house had lost the keys to it,” Jimin says – a lie that should disguise his dark secret living behind locked doors… until you move in. 

A/N : don’t judge me, but I’m starting a new series. i still have some requests to get done but the idea of “grace poole” (after watching Jane Eyre) wouldn’t leave me alone, even when i had actually planned to launch something else (something I believe a lot of you have been waiting for) but i will postpone it to near future (not discard it!). Hope you enjoy “grace poole” :) 

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