grace maney

This girl? This beautiful girl? Her name is Grace Maney. I already made a post about her. She’s a 9th grader at my school. I saw her everyday in that school. She was in my gym class every other day. I Remember I always pass her and just wish I could be that pretty. Wonder why she’s always so happy and smiling. I never saw her sad ever I honestly though it was a rumor when they told me. I thought she had it all. I thought maybe she means a different grace, but it wasn’t. I’m still in shock

I guess we don’t know everything.. I heard the worst thing today, She killed herself, Hung herself. I was shocked. I immediately started crying. She didn’t even know who I was,never said two words to the girl and im hurt by it. I don’t know what the cause of her suicide is. Rumors saying its from bullying but its not. She was beyond loved. There are signs all over my school and graffiti saying rest in peace grace. She was cared about and still is. She is now an angel watching over us.

But knowing that her ex boyfriend and her family is going through the same thing I went through, it hurts. It really does. Knowing her mom had to find her like that. I feel like thats why Im more affected by this. Knowing how much it hurts to lose someone so close to you. Knowing what its like to find them like that. Thinking they’re happy then the next minute they’re gone and you didn’t even get to say goodbye.

Please reblog this in loving memory of grace <3 Rest in Peace

Grace Maney

You were honestly so beautiful. I cant believe you’re gone. I don’t even know you and i haven’t even said two words to you. I don’t know anything about you but i still cant help but crying knowing that you killed yourself. I’d see you everyday in the halls. Everyday with anthony. I would always think “god i wish i was that pretty”.

She hung herself….Only 9th grade. This poor girl, her poor family. 

Amazing Grace

Even though its the hardest thing i have ever had to do im going to keep on smiling for you. Everytime i talked to you and saw you i always noticed your beautiful smile. So im going to do my best to keep your spirit alive with that even though it hurts so bad. You are so loved and missed. Youre forever in our hearts. We now have a gorgeous angel watching over us all. You truly are Amazing Grace. RIP Grace Maney.

Rest in peace <3

So I’d like to address everyone about something thats been on my mind lately.. Thursday morning, I woke up with a text from my boyfriend saying “omg” I immediately texted back exclaiming “WHAT?!” and then he said it. Grace had committed suicide. It really shocked me when he told me about her; I had only known her from the hockey games we would both go too, but that was it. The first hockey game of Dave’s I ever went too; I said hi to her, and she said hey! back. Those were the only words we had spoken to each other, but she seemed really nice and I wanted to become friends with her! She would flash a smile as Anthony walked out of the locker room, and let me just say: it was the prettiest smile ever.

I know how it feels to loose someone close to you, 2 years ago I lost a really good friend to suicide, and there’s still days that I think about it and even shed a tear. That person who made any type of impact on your life stays there forever, just like Grace will stay in mine along with all the students of CHS. Whenever someone so young, with a life ahead of them takes their own lives, I ask myself why. Why would someone so beautiful and talented take their own life?

Grace, you were an amazing person. I know I didn’t know you too well, but from what I hear from everyone? You seemed wicked nice, we’re all gonna miss you so much. I’m praying for your family, anthony, anthony’s family, and all your friends during this hard time. Rest in paradise, and be a guardian angel to every one of your friends.