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hold up jane,

‘i see you enjoying that ass, you “outstanding heterosexual” you

(also are those three women, or?)

also           what is this

bonus: Jane Fonda being v sapphic in a deleted scene from Barbarella is always a nice after-touch. When. can. this. scene. be. released .already

priorwaltering replied to your posthey folks, just to tell ya: ‘trump’s trans ban 

i mean it’s obviously bad in intention but it’s also not sth i care about bc that’s not a priority in my activism/life/whatever

i mean i get that and i don’t think it has to be everyone’s #1 priority 

but i absolutely think “being upset about this is wrong and morally impure because war is bad, ergo this act of incredible discrimination is actually good” is an objectively shitty opinion that i really can’t fuck with at the mo

people say the animorphs covers are *creepy* but the actual in book transformations are all like ‘then her face cracked in two, her organs melted, her bones all snapped and reformed backwards, and her fingers and toes fused together. she couldnt cry because her tear ducts didnt fucking exist anymore. everyone looked at the ground so they wouldnt throw up looking at this’

kanto mom: completely dismisses her son until he becomes a hermit on a mountain top for 3 years, then she misses him

johto mom: ready to help at all times, will always mom her child, spoils child but doesn’t even know her own kid’s interests

hoenn mom: tired, done with Norman’s garbage, trusts that her child can take care of their self, wants child to deal with Norman

sinnoh mom: young at  heart, does contests and enjoys travel, loves her child and doesn’t want them to worry

unova mom: super supportive, outgoing ex-trainer, absolutely heartbroken over their missing child but tries to hide it

unova mom the sequel: gentle, always there for their kid, will always listen, great friendship with her child

kalos mom: famous, flirts with any attractive man, ran over her own husband with a rhyhorn and laughs about it 

A sequel to the animation of the seven I made almost 2 years ago. I thought it was about time for another one. The order is Nico, Will, Thalia, Reyna, Grover, Tyson, and Calypso. There are too many characters, 7 is my max.

little annabeth who always prided herself on being smart, finding out it’s only because of her mom.

little percy who always prided himself on being a good swimmer, finding out it’s only because of his dad.

little stolls and luke who always prided themselves on being cunning, finding out it’s only because of their dad.

little silena who always prided herself on doing really good makeup, finding out it’s only because of her mom.

demigods priding themselves on things, and finding out it’s only because of their godly parent is the saddest thing


if that’s not a confession of love idk what is


They hunted in sync, Chirrut always prowling near the rebels and Baze always prowling near Chirrut. Baze did not limit his targets to those who might spot the blind man, but he kept Chirrut under observation nonetheless; where the Force would fail Chirrut, Baze would not.

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Have you taken Thalia to see New Rome? How does she feel about the Romans?

percy: honestly, i thought she’d be more angry.
jason: gods, no. she knocked someone out, that was bad enough.
percy: uh-huh. jason, if someone threw a brick at tyson
nico:  — or hazel
jason: …point taken.