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Ohmygod okay so I really love your writing and I am super excited to hear about the novel!!!!! So tell me, what's it about??? Who are the characters???? Any sense of plot yet???? I want to know ALL

YES !!!! I HAVE A NOVEL IN THE WORKS AND I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT :^D it’s called “Paraffin Suns” and it’s a story about soulmates and cyber crime. 

it’s a lowkey speculative dystopian story, and it’s about a government-mandated soulmate system, which is based on the classic soulmate trope of countdowns (digital, worn on a bracelet around the wrist) until you meet ~the one~. or really, the novel itself is about people who that soulmate system /let’s down/. it’s also about cyber criminals and underground organisation against oligarchic fascism, because when is anything not let’s be real. the story is of two parts:

the first: personal love stories and their fallout. the story explores the relationship between many characters and those that they love, both their soulmates and not their soulmates. it also deals heavily in queer identities in a soulmate system that is entirely heteronormative. 

the second: a bigger picture, a grand objective, a point about the politicisation of love. i think that’s the essence of the novel. it’s about a government who turns human feelings into politics and ideologies, categorising the uncategorisable, and manipulating the gift of love in order to achieve governance over a people.

the plot itself focuses on a girl, grace harkonnen, who has yet to meet her soulmate, but who approaches that day swiftly. she is wary about the thought of falling in love beyond her control, and concerned that her soulmate will want of her things she does not want (she looks for companionship, romance, trust, but sex, for example, is something that terrifies her, but that soulmates are expected to have; i write her to be on the ace spectrum, although i have yet to pin down /exactly/ what she is yet). her story is entwined with her best friend, thomas, who is not to meet his assigned (female) soulmate for forty years, and who is jaded and resentful because of that, and also because of the fact he is gay. both of them end up involved with a man named hero, the curator of an underground railroad organisation who cuts the countdown timers from people, and frees them of soulmate shackle. from there, things get complicated: thomas becomes infatuated with hero, hero cares only for his goals and his dreams of justice and sacrifices the well-being of many to achieve said goals, and grace, after hero cuts her free of her countdown, ultimately meets the man who was meant to be her soulmate, tae-ko, as he is the brother of hero’s right hand, su-ki, both of whom have suffered dearly

in terms of things you can know right now !!!!!! have a look at these:

first of all !!!! i did a massively long thread on twitter the other night about it, so feel free to follow me on there to be able to see it probably? my twitter is locked, but i welcome almost all follow requests from legit people

sECOND OF ALL. i have a pinterest with pins boards for Paraffin Suns and all its main characters (grace, hero, thomas, tae-ko, su-ki, steph, bree, rosie) which i encourage you to look at for a quick and visual feel of my novel !!! :^D i also have a charahub profile, where you can read all about the main characters in detail (but it’s still wip)

thirdly, my tumblr tags are: here and here for everything to do with ParaSuns, but they’re a wee bit sparse at the moment, but i’m working on it !!!

i hope that’s enough of an info dump to get you started !!!! :^D i recommend the twitter thread the most, as it’s probably the easiest summary of my plan i’ve laid out so far :^)

up diliman profs au part 2

Carmina Templonuevo posted in UP Profs To Pick: Hello mga kapwa iskolar! How’s DEL PILAR, GREGORIO for Philo1?

Fernanda Zobel commented: Use protection.

Maria Torres commented: laude bago landi, oy.

Serafina Manalastas commented: wag kang maniwala na mahal ka niya

Francesca Santos commented: kwatro o kwarto, pero madalas kwarto o kwarto.

Josephine Dlcrz commented: ‘Wag mong ipapakilala sa nanay mo.


Tinitigan ni Joven ang pahina sa laptop niya. Malabo ang comments pero kahit ano pang sabihin nila, wala na siyang magagawa. Eh nasa form 5 niya na eh.

Sabi nga ni Manuel, maswerte na siyang nakakuha siya ng Philo1 sa unang semestre niya sa unibersidad, dahil pag lumaon, baka ibenta niya na ang kaluluwa niya sa demonyo para lang makakuha ng units. O kaya makipag-barter kay Sidapa.

Devil in disguise. Akala mo anghel. Siya palang demonyito, sabi ng isang Daniela Matutina sa parehong thread.

Parang gusto nang mag-drop ni Joven, kaso wala sa bokabularyo niya at ng pamilya Hernando ang pagsuko. Sinimulan mo? Tatapusin mo. Ito ang panata ng pamilya nila sa kahit anong bagay.

Tuesday na bukas. Sana pumasok na ang prof sa klase. Isang linggo na silang free cut sa Philo1. At hindi man lang napansin ni Joven na puro babae ang nagcomment.

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Giving is personal.

Giving is… personal.

by Grace Ko

I’ve always struggled with math – funny, considering how society expects every Asian to excel in this subject. Something about its logic and rigidity never made any sense to little ‘ol me. My mom never understood how I couldn’t grasp such a rational subject and wondered where the lack of math genes went. My hate for math can be supported by the way I process my thoughts. If you had the power to read minds, mine would be a web of utter chaos that has absolutely no reasoning to it, which supports what seems obvious by now to all of you reading this.. I don’t do well with numbers.

Sames goes for statistics.

As resourceful as stats are for gauging how successful a company is operating or what the public needs are, numbers also have a way of numbing us to the being of people. When we read of casualties of war in the news or learn about the number of kids that die each day from lack of proper nutrition and clean water, we can’t help but be desensitized to the numbers. People become logical, rigid, rational numbers and we overlook the deep culture, story and complexity behind each individual.

I’ve become a victim to it and I’m sure you’ve become one too. I need to be sober- minded and intentional in my giving by seeing that I’m not just giving to a number but to someone’s parent, someone’s child, someone’s loved one. It’s a personal act, not a game of numbers.

In some ways, I’m glad I don’t do well with numbers…and to some respect, you shouldn’t too.

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Nagtakutan, Nasaktan, Nag-inom.

*Since halloween ngayon nagkwentuhan kami ng friends ko about creepy things with matching patay ng ilaw tas si Grace parang wala sa sarili nakatulala kaya tinakot namin…*

Me : Uy, Grace tingnan mo may kamay sa gilid mo.

Grace : Alam ko na yan.

*Tas si claire biglang nagpahabol*

Claire : Awoo. *boses ng mumu* nanlalamig na sayo yung jowa mo.

*Waepek yata tas tuloy nalang kami sa kwentuhan tas after 5mins may umiiyak?*

Me : Oh, Grace bat ka naiyak?

Grace : *Humahagulgol* Tangina bes may kalandian kasi si carl *jowa nya* nanlalamig na sakin tara inom tayo sagot ko tangina nilang dalawa!!!