grace kelly mika

if we’re getting a new danganronpa game

and we’re getting a new cast of characters

that means

we get to make more danganronpa sprite videos

Modern hamilsquad blasting out to Mika songs (Alex started it), LaF singing the french version because he’s lazy and it’s just as good as the original (I DO WHATEVER I WANT, LES AMIS)


I could be brown

I could be blue

I could be violet sky

I could be hurtful, I could be purple

(skip the other lines to) GOTTA BE GREEN

I just, it’s a song about not fitting in and being fine with it, look at how well I’m doing while being my own person and it’s very Hamilton-y (but also pretty much every song could fit to them, and yeah french for LaF, and Burr lowkey singing along but pretending he isn’t)


humphry were leaving


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1. relationship status: single and highly confused about my sexuality

2. favourite colour: Blue

3. lipstick or chapstick: lipstick the colour of my enemies blood

4. Last song listened to: Grace Kelly by MIKA, Empty Gold by Halsey and Warrior by Havana Brown

5. last movie I watched: the Dance Academy movie

6. top three fav TV shows: The 100, Brooklyn 99 and Riverdale (don’t judge)

7. top three fav characters: Scarlet Benoit, Nesta Archeron and Diana Farley (look at all my badass women) (also holy fuck these guys would be the best crime fighting trio ever)

8. top three ships: Nessian, Cresswell and Elorcan

9. book i’m currently reading: Glass Sword and limping my way through the Dream Thieves

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I understand and respect JMo's interpretation of the wedding dress, but there is a big difference between being inspired by the Grace Kelly dress and directly copying it. People commented that Kate Middleton's wedding dress was inspired by Grace Kelly's but it had its own character. I'm mostly uncomfortable by the fact Emma looks like she's trying to be Grace Kelly. It just doesn't come off as original to me. Cue the Mika "Grace Kelly" song.

i mean you’re entitled to that opinion and i see what you’re saying…at this point, i’m just trying to focus on the drama being behind us and the fact that my otp is getting married. at the end of the day, a lot of thought was put into the dress and i respect the intention. 

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  1. Electric Love - BØRNS
  2. War Machine - Falconshield, Krale
  3. Sad Machine - Porter Robinson
  4. Grace Kelly - MIKA
  5. Diggy Diggy Hole - The Yogscast
  6. Exquisite Corpse - Watsy feat. Dumbfoundead, Rafael Casal, Grieves, Chinaka Hodge, Adam Vida, Daveed Diggs, Wax
  7. Believer - Imagine Dragons
  8. HunieCam Studio Song (Here Comes the Ladies) - Dagames
  9. Shape of You - Ed Sheeran
  10. Monster - Imagine Dragons

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