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Matt The Radar Technician

Okay so here is my first official “fic”!!! I hope you enjoy it even though it is kinda long (I mean it’s about a dorky Kylo c’mon) I think I might also start writing for General Hux, as well as Finn tomorrow. Also don’t be afraid to ask for a specific character! I will try my best to write for them!

You were walking over to the first order’s employee common area, sitting with some stormtroopers and lieutenant colonel Zack. The door opened loudly when a man walked through with pale skin which was lightly covered in freckles, dirty blonde hair, large glasses, and wearing a grey uniform with a bulky vest over it.

“Hi, I’m Matt, I’m a radar technician.” Said the man who just walked in. You had to stifle a laugh knowing that “Matt” was the commander of the First Order Kylo Ren. Rolling your eyes, you decided to play along with this and see if you can actually have a normal conversation with him. He sits down next to you and your co-workers and starts asking them questions about work.

“What do you think of Kylo Ren?” Matt asked. The worker next to you expressed his admiration of him, which made Matt really excited as he said. “Yes! Exactly! Exactly”.

The others started to go back to their jobs, leaving you and Matt sitting next to each other. “Since Kylo is your boss as well, do you spend any time with him? You softly nodded toward Matt as he asked “What is he like, what is your favorite thing about him?” Matt was being really obvious he was Kylo so you wondered why people actually believed he was Matt.

“Kylo is really dependable, even though he doesn’t show it, I really care about him a lot, and my favorite thing about him is his passion and courage to do the things he wants to accomplish.” You confess honestly. “Well I better get going my break is almost up.”

You softly get up, and leave acting like you had to go, even though you were just trying to see what Matt would do. He ended up leaving to go and see how others acted when Kylo was not around, and how they acted around Matt. So you went back to your department and started working.

About 2 hours later, Matt came in and started talking to more workers and then he looked over at you and whispered “Someone told me Kylo said that you were very beautiful, and great to work with” He said as glanced at you to look at your face, which was slowly turning red. “I mean I’ve only seen Kylo’s face after missions, usually not for very long, but from what I’ve seen he is handsome. I’m glad he enjoys working with me!” You said beaming happily almost forgetting Matt was Kylo.

Matt’s eyes open wide and he hid a blush as he got up and left very fast. You shook your head at him, still smiling and got back to your job. Phasma came up to you and asked, “You know that was Kylo right?” You laughed and nodded “Yeah I do, but it’s nice getting to talk to him since we barley get to have a conversation even though we work so close together.” She nodded and said she had to get back to train the new stormtroopers.

You decided to go and talk to Hux since you were pretty sure he knew as well about Kylo acting as Matt.

You started talking to Hux about Kylo dressing up as Matt. “He is so dumb, I am 95% positive everybody already knows it is him!” Hux exclaimed, making you laugh. “I heard he’s shredded! I don’t think he could have made it more obvious! I think we can mess with him though do you want to?” Hux smirked at you, as you chuckled in delight and nodded, as Kylo dressed as Matt entered the room.

Hux turned to you and said faintly only so you could hear “Act like you are having a really good time.” You played along and started laughing and talking with Hux. Matt got really angry, which made you and Hux snicker at the look on his face, while Kylo said “I HAVE A BOMBSHELL ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE I AM NOT MATT I AM-” You and Hux cut him off “Kylo Ren” He looked at you two with shock not knowing that you knew. “How did you two know?” “We have both known since the beginning you imbecile” Hux said towards Kylo. You grinned at Kylo as he took off his glasses. You decided to pull a very bold move considering all of the flirting Kylo has been doing to you as Matt “Kylo, why wouldn’t I know the person who I have fallen in love with over the past few days?” You reached up softly and kissed him, both you and Kylo’s cheeks turning pink, while Hux in the background gagged and said “Ahem! I am still here you know!” You disregarded Hux as Kylo took your hand and led you back to his division.

“Did you really mean everything you said, even the stuff you said to Matt?” Kylo asked tenderly towards you. “Every single word” You said confidently to Kylo. He looked down at you, smoothly taking off his dirty blonde wig to reveal dark black locks of hair you have come to love. He leaned down to kiss your forehead; gently pulling away and grinning as he spoke, “I’m glad you feel the same way.”