grace in gravity


Will & Grace 2x14 Acting Out (February 22 2000)

As a way to celebrate Pride Month, here is a list of some of the lgbt+ (canon) characters of DC & Marvel, some I have made guides for and others I will make soon. This list will be updated with links everytime i post a new one so be sure to check back :)
Note: This isn’t a complete list, i’m probably missing new characters as well as versions from alternate universes.


Alysia YeohApollo, Bunker , Cullen Row, Dawnstar, Eiko Hasigawa, Evelyn Crawford, Grace Choi, Gravity KidHarley QuinnHarper Row, Holly Robinson, Jackson HydeJenny Sparks, Jericho, John Constantine, KaniKate Kane, Knockout, Lightning Lass, Madame Xanadu, Midnighter, Mikaal Tomas, Obsidian, Pied Piper, Poison IvyPower Boy, Ray Terrill, Renee Montoya, Roshanna Chatterji, Scandal Savage, Selina Kyle, Shining Knight, Shrinking Violet, Swift, Thomas Blake, Thunder, Voodoo, Wonder Woman


Alana Jobson, America Chavez, Angela, Annabelle Riggs, Anole, Bling!, Cullen Bloodstone, Daken, David Alleyne, Deadpool, Graymalkin, Hulkling, Irene Adler, Julie Power, Karma, Karolina Dean, Moondragon, Mystique, Northstar, Phylla-Vell, Psylocke, Ren Kimura, Rictor, Shatterstar, Starhawk, Striker, Union Jack, Victoria Hand, Wiccan, Xavin