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The best beauty advice that my mom has ever given me has been of the mindset that beauty comes from within. That happiness is one of the most beautiful attributes a woman can have, and just a sense of playfulness and fun. I think that it’s really nice to get dressed up and do your hair, and get your make up done, but as long as you’re having a good time at whatever it is you’re dressed up to go to, I think that’s the most important part.
—  Grace Helbig
All Of Me - Epilogue

Hello you lovely people. So this is it, the final chapter! Thank you all for all of the likes, reblogs and lovely messages, it really means a lot. As always you can find all of the other chapters here.

Hartbig. None of this is real. 1325 words. Inspired by the beautiful All Of Me by Ally Rhodes.

Anyway, I am glad you guys have enjoyed this and put up with all of the crazy. I’ll be starting a new possibly multi-chapter fic soon! In the mean time you can leave any prompts here

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The usual? Part 2

Part 2 of the fic that I’m writing with the amazing punkymonkeytid! Check out the first part on her blog!

Grace was softly cursing under her breath when she arrived late at work the next day. Hannah was already sitting  in her regular seat, writing in that damned notebook of hers.

“Look who decided to show up today!” Tyler teased.

“Shut up!” Grace laughed, “How was your date with Troye yesterday?”

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