grace helbig i have never loved you more


“I take a normal YouTube challenge and I make it stupid!” - Grace Helbig

For real, my face hurts from laughing so hard at the whole podcast and the challenge!

Best quotes from Edward Sporty Hands

*burrrrrppp* “I’ve never felt cuter!” - Tyler Oakley

“Wait, how do you GET the peanut!?” - Grace Helbig

“You’ve got peanut on your nose!”- Tyler Oakley

*hot dog to the floor* “EAT ITTTT!” - Tyler Oakley

Not to Deep with Grace Helbig: Soundcloud | Itunes

These last few days have made me realize something.

I have never been more proud to be a fan of someone as I have been lately about grace.
She has not once said anything about what is going on yet she has the undivided support of her friends and fans alike.
I literally feel like part of a family.
And I am so proud of Grace for everything.

We love you grace!!!