This song is like gracehelbig talking to mydrunkkitchen about Ingrid!

In 2 years? I am not sure. I’d love to maybe have a second book, that would be very cool. I’d love to have other projects like Camp Takota, that I’ve worked on with friends, exist in the world, that I feel really proud of. I’d also like to be happy, generally as a human being, and for Goose to maybe like calm The Fuck down.
—  Grace, almost a year ago, when asked where she’d like to be in two years
I unfollowed a lot of folks and now I need more people to follow!

Reblog or like this post and I’ll check your blog out. I’m looking for blogs that post
-Teen Wolf
-Dylan O'Brien in general
-All Time Low
YouTubers (Dan, Phil, PJ, OMFG its Jack and Dean, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart, ect.)
-Fall Out Boy
-State Champs (!!!!)
-Panic! At The Disco
-punk bands in general
-Overall badass blog

Of course you don’t have to post all of these things but one or more would be nice. Thank you friends!