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After reading the confession about James Sirius not living up to his name and seeing you used a picture of Alain Delon, I started wondering and well, my question is that if you had to make a dreamcast of the Next Generation using only Old Hollywood actors/actresses, who would you choose for each character? x

  • Ted: I think Gene Kelly. He’s attractive, but it’s in a “normal guy” kind of way, and he portrays Ted’s personality in pictures – studious and responsible but also kind and funny. He seems more mature, as well
  • Victoire: Grace Kelly. She looks beautiful and sophisticated and as though she could have any kind of personality underneath her appearance. Looking at pictures, it’s like she’s delicate and sweet but underneath that she could be insecure or brassy or funny or anything, and that’s also how I imagine Victoire. Also maybe Ingrid Bergman
  • Dominique: Marilyn Monroe, but not because of sex appeal because that’s not really Dominique. More because she’s beautiful and has some of Dom’s features, but also because she portrays a wide range of emotions in photographs and that emotional depth is really important to Dominique’s character for me
  • Louis: Marlon Brando. Super attractive but in a pretty boy way. This is one I’m definite about
  • James: Honestly, when I made that confession I just used a random picture from tumblr, but I do really think now that Alain Delon would make a perfect James after all. They look very similar and they seem to have matching personalities
  • Albus: Robert Harron from SOME certain angles. They both have a simpler version of attractiveness – not the rugged, stubble type nor the pretty boy type
  • Lily:  A weird cross between Judy Garland and Liz Taylor. Elizabeth because of the eye shape and the unique beauty, and Judy because of the childhood image (I really don’t know how to describe this. It’s like naivety but also having the ability to look like you’d run around in a field and get muddy instead of sit indoors drinking a cocktail)
  • Rose: Bette Davis – purely because of the look she has in some photos like, “Honestly, I really don’t care”. She also looks a bit more upbeat, lively and fun than some other actresses
  • Hugo: Maybe Frank Sinatra, actually. They have the same expressions and he looks composed but not stand-offish
  • Molly: Katharine Hepburn. She looks more serious/less innocent than Audrey and really carries Molly’s personality
  • Lucy: Audrey Hepburn (100%). Somewhat because she looks like Lily Collins who has a Lucy-ish vibe and also because I think Lucy is someone who would love/romanticise Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Fred: Maybe Ernest Anderson – he really looks like Fred to me
  • Roxanne: A mixture of Sallie Blair and Ava Gardner. Both of them have some of Roxanne’s features, and they both have that intimidating look as though they’re way too good for you and they know it
  • Lorcan: James Dean. Not necessarily because of appearance, but because he looks incredibly cocky and self-assured and I guess he does also look similar enough to my Lorcan tbh
  • Lysander: Errol Flynn – he has a narrower face and a more gentle beauty than the other actors. Also this is completely irrelevant but in some pictures he looks so much like Ryan Gosling lol
  • Scorpius: Laurence Olivier. I think the facial features carry a very Scorpius-esque look to them, but it’s really subtle, like eye placement etc

“I make the woman look at the camera as a symbol of all the eyes that will see the picture I am making.” — Philippe Halsman

(Ava Gardner, 1954; Elizabeth Taylor, 1948; Marilyn Monroe, 1952; Sharon Tate, 1966; Vivien Leigh, 1946; Brigitte Bardot, 1951; Gene Tierney, 1945; Lena Horne, 1954; Grace Kelly, 1955.)


On this day in 1915, an entertainment legend was born…celebrating the centenary of “Ol’ Blue Eyes” himself, Mr. Frank Sinatra! (b. Francis Albert Sinatra; December 12, 1915 - May 14, 1998)

“May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine.”


ARIES: Marlene Dietrich
TAURUS: Ingrid Bergman
GEMINI: Barbara Stanwyck
CANCER: Gene Tierney
LEO: Rita Hayworth
VIRGO: Vivien Leigh
LIBRA: Grace Kelly
SCORPIO: Bette Davis
SAGITTARIUS: Lauren Bacall
CAPRICORN: Joan Crawford
AQUARIUS: Audrey Hepburn
PISCES: Myrna Loy

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I am sorry to hear about the trouble you have with people and their unreasonable assumptions and beliefs. =( This really shouldn't add to your burden and I just wanted to tell you to rightfully ignore that crap. Humans are a freaking crazy bunch and often fail to keep their hurtful and misguided opinions to themselves. I am really sorry for your experience just remember that many of us have a firm grasp on reality and are cheering you on! <3

Thanks anon

I’m mostly just paying attention to my medical specialists and leaving it at that. In the beginning, I had an open Facebook post where I listed the things that wouldn’t help me, and the things that would (since I knew people would want to help), but that was February, so it might be time to do something similar again.

I’ve noticed that there are three loose groups of people who are most likely to offer damaging, fringe advice though: the really woo spiritual people I hang out with (i.e. the ones who believe in Reiki and stuff), the really intense paleo / keto / vegan people I know (why are so many of these people anti-vaxxers???), and the ‘chemo is poison and manufactured by big pharma to make a profit’ group.

Given I actually do know a couple of people who genuinely believe in lizard people (*SIGHS*), I have enough fringe people around me to hear some crazy shit.

What has surprised me most is hearing that crazy shit from people I do not generally think of as occupying niches where I could expect to hear that crazy shit.

Thankfully my doctors are the bomb, and I’m a pretty grounded person. :)

I’m just also a really tired person, and I don’t have much energy left to suffer fools lightly. <3 <3


Mocambo opened in 1941, and became an immediate success. The club’s Latin American-themed decor cost $100,000. Along the walls were glass cages holding live cockatoos, macaws, seagulls, pigeons, and parrots. With big band music, the club became one of the most popular dance-till-dawn spots in town.
In 1943, when Frank Sinatra became a solo act, he made his Los Angeles debut at the Mocambo.
In the mid 1950s, Ella Fitzgerald became the first black performer at the Mocambo, after Marilyn Monroe lobbied the owner for the booking.
The club’s main stage was replicated on the TV series I Love Lucy as the “Tropicana” Club.
The Mocambo closed in 1959. The site is now a parking lot for a Burger King restaurant that features artwork from the interior of the original building.



Indie distributor Kino Lorber is partnering with actress Illeana Douglas to restore the early films of American women directors. 

  • Ruth Ann Baldwin: 49-’17
  • Alice Guy Blaché: Canned Harmony, A House Divided, The Ocean Waif
  • Grace Cunard: The Purple Mask serial (misc. episodes)
  • Dorothy Davenport Reid: The Red Kimona
  • Gene Gauntier: A Girl Spy Before Vicksburg, Further Adventures of the Girl Spy
  • Helen Holmes: The Hazards of Helen serial (misc. episodes)
  • Cleo Madison: Her Defiance, Eleanor’s Catch
  • Frances Marion: Just Around the Corner
  • Mabel Normand: Caught in a Cabaret, Mabel’s Blunder
  • Ida May Park: Bread
  • Nell Shipman: Something New
  • Lois Weber: Fine Feathers, From Death to Life, The Rosary, Suspense, Hypocrites,Where Are My Children?
  • Elsie Jane Wilson: The Dream Lady

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