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I just spent the last few months with this woman in my head. She’s become a very close friend of mine and I don’t think she will leave me anytime soon. She has truly changed me and I hope that somewhere, somehow she is proud. I am definitely proud to have been able to tell her story. What a story it is.

For Grace.

Another Great Theory - Worth The Read!

The following theory is not mine, and was posted on Reddit by user Mattenth

This is a long read, but holy shit I hope this turns out to be true. This is a true achievement in all of television. I can’t believe they kept such an obvious plot such a huge secret. I can’t believe they’ve made a show that you MUST WATCH TWICE.

And honestly, I’m sure this is it. The audio cues are the giveaway in the scenes I reference below. They’re so fucking subtle but so meaningful when you know what you’re looking for.

They weren’t kidding when they said “it’s so obvious.” As soon as you go rewatch the scenes with this narrative in mind, it is so obvious.

I don’t actually know - this is still speculation.. In fact, last night was the first time I watched live (I was watching on Hulu). But I’m just so sure this has to be it, because it’s such a fucking genius narrative. It’s so brilliant at every level.

And most importantly - it’s OBVIOUS when you re-watch it. This story isn’t that complicated, and there are some leaps of intuition, but it’s a completely plausible narrative based on what we watched.

It’s the kind of narrative that makes you have to watch the entire show a second time. In my opinion, it makes Scream Queens one of the greatest murder-mysteries of all time.

And even knowing all this stuff so far, I’m still extremely excited for the finale.

If you want to discover some of this yourself, STOP READING! WAIT FOR THE FINALE.

This could all be wrong anyway.

Small hint #1: It started with my suspicion of Grace. Her actions in the last episode were so far off of her character. And all of the words were just too… perfect…

Hint #2, bigger hint: Start watching episode 1 knowing that Grace believes she is the bathtub baby before she gets to campus

Hint #3, even bigger hint: Munsch’s story about Chanel #3 at Thanksgiving is true, but she isn’t the killer.

Massive hint #4 (practically gives everything away, and probably something revealed in the finale): Before Grace arrives at campus, Gigi convinces Grace that she’s the bathtub baby, and the three of them plot to take down the Kappa house to avenge their mother.

If you are going to keep reading…

Seriously, read the hints and really think about it before you keep reading. I think hint #4 is the “big reveal” in the final episode. It starts a chain reaction that ties everything together. A chain that you’ll be talking about for months.

And it’s probably what the authors wanted. They wanted you to get that hint and then have to re-watch everything to see “omg, I can’t believe it.”

Stay with me until the end! It might seem super implausible early, but I really think this has gotta be it.

Gigi is a lot like Hester. She really wanted to be a Chanel sister, but was never really in the inner circle. But she saw herself as a sister. She saw herself as part of the group. One of the family. When the bathtub incident happened, Dean Munsch split them all apart and effectively destroyed the family. Gigi’s sister took the twins but was ultimately driven to suicide. Gigi then vows to get revenge on Dean Munsch, for killing her family - both her literal family (sister) and figurative family (the Kappas) and she starts a plan 20 years in the making. Gigi and Hester may even be related. I see a ton of similarties throughout this story. And I hate to play the race card… but they have similar skin tones, body shapes, hair color, etc.

She finds Boone and Grace. She convinces Grace, either mistakenly or intentionally, that she’s the bathtub baby. The three of them hatch a plot to avenge their mother and restore purity to the Kappa house.

But remember: Gigi’s actual motivations are to get back at Munsch. Death wasn’t going to be enough for her - she had to DESTROY her. She’s using the kids. She doesn’t give a shit about the Kappa house.

Grace’s first murder is the fryer incident. She hears Chanel and the maid talking in the coffee shop. She and Boone see an easy win – they try to frame Chanel. They plant the pictures in her room to give her motive, and then Grace turns on the fryer. As soon as the incident happens, Grace wants to go and tell the police. But the plan backfires when Chanel threatens to accuse her, Grace, and gets the pledges and sisters to back her up. Grace is actually guilty, so she has no choice but to go along with it.

Pete is the wildcard. Gigi never counted on Pete.

Pete sees Grace and the girls hauling off the body (in the bushes. Stalker alert! He does this a lot). He confronts her about it over coffee, and Grace accuses Chanel. In this scene, Grace literally says “I want to take down the Chanels and restore the Kappa house… I just want to honor my mom.” She’s telling the truth 100% here.

This whole thing launches an investigation into the Kappa house. It’s worth noting that in the “Black Friday” episode, we also find out that Boone and Pete were working together in an identical capacity. Pete reveals that Boone was his source inside the frat. This is one of just so many consistencies behind Grace and Boone - they were both executing the same plan and keeping Pete in check while trying to use him to take down the houses. They were both using him as a key part of framing the Chanels.

Somewhere around here, Grace kills Deaf Taylor Swift. Grace is the only pledge not buried in the ground. Perfectly sets up the Chanels collectively.

Pete and Grace plan to break into Munsch’s office to find records of what had happened there. When they get there, Grace knocks him out, not wanting him to discover too much. But she keeps him alive, because she likes him and thinks he’s a pure person. The only other person that the Red Devils knowingly spared was Zayday, by the way, another pure person.

Grace gets the blueprints and hidden passages from that break in with Pete.

Grace goes back to Pete, and even acknowledges that she hadn’t returned his calls. Grace even recognizes the “knife obsession” in this scene. She’s gone back to Pete to investigate Chad. She already has the plan to kill Chad to devastate Chanel, and potentially cause the Chanels to break apart.. Pete reveals his Greenwell lead, and Grace sees an opportunity to learn more and get direct revenge for one of the original accomplices. Grace is trying to convince Pete that Chad is a red devil here, which would make Chanel complicit or have a motive..

So Boone and Grace go to confront the guys with the intention of killing Chad and setting up the Chanels again. But Boone can’t do it. He’s standing over the body of Chad, his genuine friend that he liked, and he couldn’t kill him.

Now… you might go How could Grace have attacked the frat guys with Boone?? She was with Pete. There’s a gap in the timeline though.

But there’s a major hint that explains this: In a scene between the street attack and the next Grace appearance, Zayday tries to leave to go to her study group, and Wes/Gigi/Munsch stop her. Wes wonders why she isn’t with Grace, and Zayday says she doesn’t know where Grace is. Wes’ then admits that “GPS said [Grace] was in this house.” He was tracking the GPS on her phone. She’d seen that she had been home for an extended period of time, and yet no one had seen her.

Moving on…

Boone kills Chanel #2. Boone has a thing for knives. All of his murders are with knives. He also kills Mandy Greenwell with a knife. He kills Shondell with a knife. Much later, he kills Earl Grey with a knife and the Truck Driver with a knife. And he brought the knife to kill Gigi, and even brags about it at the start of the scene.

And… this whole time, Gigi is stealing Munsch’s man, Wes. Oh man, more parallels to Hester?

All of these bodies show (so far) at the Haunted House. In order to give Zayday an alibi and put the focus back onto the Chanels, they kidnap Zayday.

When Boone releases Zayday, he gives her flowers, nachoes, etc. He’s acting really, really risky right here. Later, Grace, Gigi, Munsch, Wes, and Pete investigate the dungeon where they believed Zayday to be. Grace acts really surprised like “she found where Zayday was hiding.” But Grace is the one who finds all the secrets. She even caresses one of the red devil masks in this scene.

And go watch the end of this scene… it’s so fucking hilarious. Grace and Gigi are clearly working together. Grace gives this long speech about how Gigi was perfect for her dad, and how they were so perfect together. It is just so funny to watch it again. It’s 36 minutes on the “Pumpkin Patch” episode. They’ve set up this whole dungeon exploration to try to draw attention off of Gigi.

Grace kills Sam at the perfect time to set up Chanel #3, provoking Sam’s reaction of “I knew it was you.” This whole time, Boone and Grace are trying to frame any one of the Chanel’s. And each one is super sketchy. Shondell’s murder makes Denise think it’s Zayday. Sam’s murder tried to convince us it was Chanel #3. Chanel became a likely suspect at some points

Denise is a hilarious character in retrospect - she ALWAYS accuses ALL the wrong people. Gigi hired her because she’s just so comically incompetent. But Denise has accused EVERYONE except Grace and Chanel #3. Another giveaway.

Moving on though…

Grace falls in love with Pete. She genuinely likes how pure of a person he is. Similar to how Boone falls in love with Zayday, the other pure person. But Grace can’t have sex with Pete, saying “I’ll have sex with you once the killings are done.” She probably can’t have sex here because of bruises. When you go and rewatch it, you see that Grace as the Red Devil often takes a beating, but never seems to get any injuries on visible areas. The whole thing probably makes Grace fall for Pete even more, knowing he’ll stay with her even though she won’t put out. What a great guy!

And Pete swears something like “I won’t leave until the investigation is finished and we know who the killer is.”

The investigation continues, and Grace starts to find several inconsistencies with what Gigi had told her. At one point, Gigi and Grace are talking out in public, and Gigi suggests that Grace should “investigate Feather.” This is a code… Gigi wants them to set up Munsch by killing Feather and Munsch’s husband. But Munsch does it before them while simultaneously offering the thing Grace wants most - info about the bathtub.

Grace, who’d fallen for Pete now, and who had some serious doubts about Gigi, supported Munsch’s innocence.

The betrayal of Gigi has started.

Investigation continues, and Grace finds WAY more inconsistencies. She confronts Gigi, suspecting that Gigi is manipulating her and lying about her past. That’s the kitchen scene – we all thought Grace was confronting the “killer,” but she was actually confronting her “manipulator.” The entire scene is about the bathtub, and NOT the killings.

For me personally, I’ve watched that scene 100 times. I was CONVINCED that was Grace’s alibi. Just how “Chad’s reaction to Boone doesn’t make sense if Chad’s the killer,” I used the same logic for Grace – “that Gigi scene makes no sense if Grace is the killer.”

But really, go watch the scene again. They never once discuss the “killer,” only the babies.

Gigi also mentions in this scene that she’s engaged to Wes.

The very next scene, Grace goes to her dad and confronts him. She learns that the “engagement” isn’t exactly truthful, and that it didn’t play out the way Gigi had said it did. And just a few scenes later, Chanel hands over the damning evidence that Grace is not the bathtub baby.

Chanel literally says “You thought you were the baby in the bathtub, so you came back to KPT to murder everybody. But guess what Grace? You’re not the baby, so you can stop murdering everybody.” 100% true. Every single word of it was true. Chanel doesn’t realize it though.

Boone and Grace talk on the phone, and Boone pushes Grace to help him get revenge on Gigi by killing her.

But no one counted on Pete… Pete continued his investigation and started stalking Boone. Eventually, he became a red devil imposter. He was the red devil in the room with Boone and Gigi. And when Boone confessed to all the murders, and the atrocities he had committed, Pete killed him. However, they’d just confessed everything, andGigi even said “a plot 20 years in the making.”

The natural next suspect for Pete? Grace’s father. 20 years is a long time to be cooking up a plot, so he assumes that Grace’s Dad is the final Red Devil. That’s why he goes and runs the DNA tests. I think he also went and told Dean Munsch, and warned her about Gigi.

Pete continues to investigate Gigi intensely, potentially hacking her emails and whatnot. He later reveals that he hacks into the hidden cameras in the Kappa house right here, potentially learning way more than he lets onto.

On Thanksgiving, Pete goes and kills Gigi.

Two very important things happen in the Hotel scene with Gigi:

1) Gigi says “when you murdered your brother.” The Red Devil has a visible reaction. There’s even an audio cue. Pete now knows that the other killer was still the sister, potentially dispelling previous investigations.

2) Gigi says “My boyfriend, Wes” – She’s WEARING an engagement ring! And she puts weird emphasis on the word “boyfriend.” I suspect that Grace and Gigi had somehow made up at some point, maybe through email, and Wes had discovered it.

So Pete kills Gigi. He’s the killer in the hotel room. He’s the one who’s “cleaned up” campus in his speach to Grace later. And he’s now, by the law, a murderer.

The most perfect, moral people – the person that Grace has held in the highest esteem – has now been corrupted and murdered two people. All in the name of investigating Grace herself.

At this point, I think Pete and Munsch have been in cahoots. They’re planning this stuff.

All of this culminates at Thanksgiving, where I suspect…







Munsch accuses Chanel #3 of being the killer.

This one is tough! Chanel #3 is the bathtub baby. All 3 of Chanel #3’s “family members” have blue eyes. Chanel #3 has brown eyes. Chanel #3 is the only family we get to meet, and I believe we met them for a reason. Chanel #3’s “mother” has red hair and a plump-ish body, while Charles Manson had brown hair. Chanel #3 being a slender, natural blonde makes even more sense. When she leaves, she’s doing exactly what we’d expect - she’s telling her “fake” family to go fuck themselves while she goes with her “real” family, the Kappas. It’s both literal and figurative.

However, Chanel #3 isn’t the killer, and she even says as much - “I haven’t killed anyone, as far as I know.” We know because Boone admits “I was the one who pretended to attack you with a chainsaw that night.”

OH WAIT!! Gigi is attacked twice. Once in the Munsch scene, and once in her bed. The one in her bed definitely sets up Munsch, which seems to imply that that was Boone.

Which means the living room attack was Chanel #3.

Everything in Munsch’s story is true.

Next, Chanel #3 accuses Munsch of being the killer. They expose her lack of being allergic to bologna. Munsch never even denies the fact that she killed someone. The motivation attacks on Grace don’t make sense.Everything in this story is also true.

Her dad interrupts the accusation and accuses Grace of being the killer.

It’s 100% true. Chanel #5 gives a lot of motivations, but Grace denies them. He points out Grace was the only pledge not buried, and also correct on the Mandy killing. But, Grace has an alibi for talking to the red devil, and so Grace’s father goes back to clinging that someone else is the killer. Pete may even be giving out a mistaken alibi. Grace’s father isn’t specific about when he saw her.

Munsch even clearly has a change of heart here. She previously accused Chanel #3 (bathtub baby, and maybe Munsch even knows it), but changes her position to Grace. Munsch put it all together right here.

Pete accuses Grace’s father, providing evidence that Wes is the father of the twins. We know this is true. It’s also ahuge relief for Wes - he now has good reason to believe that Grace isn’t guilty, and that his 2nd daughter is still at large. The ultimate accusation - “You, sir, are the father.”

Pete presents the hacked camera and the meat locker. This is a key, key scene… It’s going to set up Munsch to avoid death later. We know there’s probably more than one camera or wiretap. Pete could have way more evidence than he has time to go through here (been busy killing people).

Another hilarious thing here is when Pete says “I’m sorry Mr. Gardner, but this is what we call an orgy of evidence.” Last time we heard that phrase? The cop, when he was clearing Dean Munsch. “Orgy of evidence” means “a ton of evidence, but still the wrong conclusion.”

Wes’ reaction after this scene, with Grace, also fits. Grace says “and we know we aren’t the killers” in a really not-genuine way. Wes may have found something that implicated Grace in a single murder, and maybe he believes Grace’s explanation. I don’t know, but Wes seems to be hurling an accusation in this scene that he’s still very suspicious of Grace.

But it’s the way Grace says it - “And we both know we aren’t the killers” - that’s when everything clicked. Grace was lying right there.

Turkey/head swap: Pete won’t say another word for the rest of the episode. He’s in the background filling up water glasses at the table. Munsch excuses herself saying she’s going to “freshen up” and walks towards the main door. Wes and Grace come downstairs together. We finally get a shot of the entire room and… there’s no Munsch, and no Pete. This is where the head-swap happened.

When Munsch comes back in, she comes in from the kitchen, which isn’t where she left towards. And she even jokes to Wes… “Is Gigi coming?” She knows the answer is no. Wes angrily barks back.

Chad shows up, makes up with Chanel, he sits down and we see Wes sitting back down, JUST as Gigi’s head is being carried back in.

Grace still doesn’t know that Pete killed Gigi and Boone. She probably genuinely believes it’s Munsch, but doesn’t’ have clear evidence. The three of them (Boone, Gigi, Grace) would have known that there was an imposter Red Devil out there who wasn’t them. Gigi’s suggestion to “investigate Feather” may have actually been genuine as well – they were trying to track down the imposter/copy cat that was interfering with their plans.

Grace is also doubting herself, trying to come to terms with what she did. She’s starting to see Chanel maybe be able to redeem herself, with the genuine apology over coffee, and the Thanksgiving story. She’s starting to realize that all of the Chanels never even had a chance. She starts trying to find a redemption opportunity that doesn’t involve killing people.

Grace stands before her sisters and says, and I quote, “I have been talking all year about how I want this house to become a true sisterhood. I’ve always had this vision of a band of sisters who stand together like an impenetrable community of shields who kept everyone safe and secure.” She’s trying to lay out her moral authority for not just killing Dean Munsch, but all of the crimes she’s committed so far. She’s still trying to mend the wrongs of her mother, father, all the other Kappa sisters, and most importantly, herself.

Munsch bugged the house (I bet she did it when she goes to “freshen up” at the Thanksgiving dinner – I bet that’s why she was at the house to begin with). She hears about the murder plot, so she knows to take the antidote beforehand. She somehow figures out how to survive the freeze. And she knows about the ridiculous murder plot for “Rasputin” and drowning and whatnot.

Pete has still been investigating, and he’s looking into Gigi now. I bet that Wes demanded Pete sit down with him after the accusation. He’s a “let’s sit down and talk about this” kind of guy. The start digging into Gigi and her past.

Pete begs Grace not to murder Dean Munsch. He believes she’s innocent and has probably figured out Gigi’s original motives by now. He loves Grace and wants her to stay pure too.

Munsch hears the conversation between Pete and Grace, and now knows she can trust Pete. He just defended her life from murder attempt #2. Munsch gives Pete the last bit of evidence he needs to conclude that the killer is Grace.

Grace tries to get the girls to back down, and her world starts shattering the moment Zayday stands up and agrees to kill Dean Munsch. The first “pure” person she’s seen corrupted, right there. The pain in her face is more than just “oh shit you might kill someone” - it’s “Oh shit, what have I done??”

Pete starts to run. Maybe it’s something in the Will from Pete that’s the last thing he needed to know that Grace was the killer. Or maybe Munsch calls him and tells him something. The whole Chad thing is just a red herring.

Pete leaves to go pack. Munsch calls him to ask if he’s gone yet. Pete’s mad that Munsch hasn’t left yet, either – the girls are trying to kill her. They should all leave. He feels sorry for Munsch, that she’s been set up. She’s one of the good guys too, he thinks (he probably doesn’t believe that she killed her husband). But Munsch stays. She knows she’s guilty too. She lost her way. And she’s going to go down swinging.

Grace shows up and sees Pete packing. She’s terrified of what comes next. Her world is collapsing. She even says “You promised you wouldn’t leave until the investigation is finished.”

It is finished. Pete knows it’s Grace.

She also starts trying to seduce him and have sex with him. I think she held off from sex until this point because of bruises or something. The Red Devil took quite a beating at times. But now that the killings “are done,” she’s ready to move on. She wants to give herself to Pete and start over. She believes in the romance.

But Pete knows. And Grace is terrified that he knows.

Lastly, but it’s quite poetic that all three of Wes’ children have dressed as the Red Devil – Boone, Chanel #3, and Grace.

Chanel #3 is also the only one of the Chanels that we get to see her family. She goes home and is treated like total garbage. She knows, right there, that they aren’t her real family - her real family is back with the Kappa sisters. There may even be more clues in this confrontation scene that I’m not seeing yet.

I have no idea how this wraps up. But the amazing thing is how, even with this new narrative in mind, I’m so excited for the finale.

All of the characters are coming to terms with the crimes they’ve committed. The atrocities they’ve set in motion.

I have no idea how the finale is going to end up.

Edit #1 - Swapped Chanel for Chanel #3 as bathtub baby. Ties things together even better.

Edit #2 #3 - Chanel #3 killed Coney. Or not

Edit #4: Alright, well, a huge hole in my own story:

I can’t figure out how Gigi’s head got onto the platter, but I now suspect maybe Dean Munsch killed Gigi, and NOT Wes. I’m not going to go back and edit the story for it, but yeah. I still think it could have been Wes, and Wes told Munsch about it, which is part of how the two of them are in cahoots. Maybe also how Wes got the costume (we know Munsch had a costume, after all).

Grace and Wes enter the room together, so it’s unlikely that either one had time to do the head-swap.

Munsch says “#3 and I just checked on Tiburon.”

She then leaves to go “freshen up” through the main door.

But when she comes back to dinner, she comes through the Kitchen door, right as Chanel #3 and #5 are going to get Tiburon. And the first thing she asks is “Will Gigi be joining us?” And Wes angrily barks back “No because I have no idea where she is.”

Maybe just irony? She was laughing because she knew it was all fake?

Edit #5: Pete killed Gigi. He disappears from Thanksgiving at one point. Go watch the dinning table scene at the end carefully. He’s filling up water glasses, and then when we finally get a shot of the whole room (when Wes and Grace walk in), he’s not there.