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Prompt #82

Prompt-“You’re my girl”
Bruce Wayne(Ben Affleck)
Not even gonna lie I kinda hate this but whatever

You were in a long gold dress that hung up your every curve and a pair of white heels. Your hair was in a messy up do, little pieces of hair framed your face making your face look longer. Your makeup was dramatic, dark shadows adorned your eyes giving you a sultry look.

You and Bruce had to attend a party meaning you had put on dreadful heels and a scratchy dress. As good as you looked you were extremely uncomfortable. Your eyes burned from the excess amount of makeup you had on, your heels made your toes squish together and the sequences on your dress had already rubbed your underarms raw. But, this party was for Bruce’s business and you had to be there to support him, no matter how much you wanted to put on sweats and sleep.

Bruce had already left meaning, you had to arrive by yourself. You walked to the car that was waiting for you and sat through a long and dreadful ride. It took almost an hour to get to the building that party was taking place in and once you had arrived you had already dozed off many times.

When the car stopped you awoke from your daze instantly. You checked your makeup and hair in the reflection of your phone quickly and the waited for the driver to open the door for you. Once the door opened you stepped out gracefully and smiled at the driver, thanking him. You took a look at the crowd in front of you and flashes one quick smile for the cameras then put your head down and made your way to find Bruce.

Finally inside you sighed out of relief, crowds were never your thing. Looking around the room you found some of your friends and made your way towards them. Sensing your arrival they turned to look at you and greet you. You gave each of them a hug and a smile.

“You all look absolutely gorgeous tonight.” You complemented the group of three girls. They each giggled and gave you a complement back.

You all had huge jobs that dealt with companies. Florence, a tall brunet, was the CEO of her own company, Marren was a short blonde who owned a chain of beauty boutiques and Grace was a feisty ginger who was also a CEO of her family company. You worked along side Bruce which fit you right in the middle of these powerful women.

The four of you talked about work and your relationships. Everyone was involved with somebody besides Marren, in which she was totally fine with.

“So, (Y/N), how’s Bruce?” Florence asked, a slick smile gracing her lips.

“He’s great actually, I’m very happy with him.” Your smile never left your face as you talked about your love.

“That’s amazing, you definitely deserve it.” Florence said and the other two nodded in agreement. After that you felt a presence behind you and then a head rested on your shoulder as two arms snaked around you waist. You turned your face so you could look at the person behind you and then smiled when you see it was Bruce.

“Hi baby,” His raspy voice whispered in your ear.

“Hi,” You said as you grabbed his hand and interlaced your fingers.

“Well, we’re gonna leave you two love birds to be, lunch this week?” Grace asked while turning to walk away.

“Yes ma'am, I’ll text you.” You answered and you got a smile and a nod in response.

You finally turned fully to face Bruce and formally greet him but, before you could get a word out he kissed you. It wasn’t normal for Bruce to show PDA at such events but, he kissed you with such passion it made you step back in surprise.

“Are you okay?” You asked when he finally pulled away.

“Yeah I’m good, it’s just that every man in here is staring at you like you’re a piece of meat and I’m really not okay with that.” He pulled you closer to him as he spoke.

You chuckled and placed a hand on his chest, giving him one more peck on the lips.

“I’m yours, you know that. But, I can handle myself I don’t need you being all protective Mr.Wayne.” You smiled at the tall man but, a twinge a seriousness was behind your tone.

“I know, I know. It’s just you look damn good in that dress and you’re my girl, I don’t like all these men looking at you like that.” You could tell he was worried for you and he was just looking out for you.

“This dress does look good on me doesn’t it?” You said in a teasing way. He chucked at your confidence and leaned down to give you a deep kiss.

“It sure does and honestly, I’m think about taking you home right now.” His voice was raspy and his eyes held a deep emotion.

“Who’s stopping you?” With that he took your hand and practically drug you out of the building.

Found this while boutique shopping at Sisters of Nature in Nashville. All it needs is a flannel… Is it fall yet?