grace and danger


laurent, prince of vere ─ “ When laced into his clothing, Laurent’s dangerous grace lent him an almost androgynous quality. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say that it was rare to associate Laurent with a physical body at all: you were always dealing with a  m i n d. ”

pretty easy being a pirate when one half of you is a trained sword fighter, and the other half has absolute control of the ocean

been discussing this idea with @lapisofficial and i finally decided to draw this beautiful fusion!! :)

{and yes this IS my final design for moonstone}

Car Seat Treat [M]
You always enjoyed going out with Jimin and the boys. If anyone was able to make Jimin laugh hysterically it was them– and it was a beautiful sight. They always managed to have him a blushing mess, especially when they talked about you. It didn’t really affect you other than make you feel warm and loved that Jimin loved you so profusely, but tonight seemed to be a little different.

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[during Trials of Apollo]

Percy: Do you know what the problem with this country is?

Meg: Everyone is trying to kill us?

Percy: Exactly! I never thought I would say this again…

Percy(excited): I am getting the pen!

A random thought about Yuri’s love for tigers

We know that Yuri loves cats, but he definitely doesn’t enjoy the fact that his fans compare him to a kitty and throw kitty ears on him and all that. I totally get that, because Yuri really hates the feeling that he’s not in control of his own image, and I’m sure it really galls him that his fans are focusing more on his cute and youthful appearance than on his skating talent and his personality (which, although it is kinda cat-like, is very at odds with the “cute and youthful” thing). 

On the other hand, it’s a major part of my Yuri Plisetsky headcanon that Yuri is drawn to clothes and stuff with tigers and leopard print and stuff like that because he really identifies with big cats. They’re still beautiful, but rather than being cute and sweet, their beauty comes from the fact that they are strong, graceful, powerful, and dangerous. Yuri doesn’t want to not be aesthetically pleasing; he actually really loves the fact that he’s beautiful and can entrance audiences with his beauty. However, he wants to be beautiful on his own terms, and he wants his beauty to be derived from his strength of character and his talent, not from his looks or age. His love for everything related to tigers and leopards and other large predatory cats is a probably-subconscious manifestation of that.

Plus, whenever anyone is talking down to him (like JJ), bullying him (also JJ), ignoring him (Victor), or just getting on his nerves (everyone at one point or another), he can just imagine them all getting eaten by a tiger and suddenly he feels a lot better. 

Slytherin girls aesthetic:

Perfect posture, a nice pout, furrowed brows, though neatly groomed, quiet and reserved but fierce when disturbed; a force to be reckon with if you’re risky. A nice tight circle of friend but few associates, a never ending bond between their equals. Neat and tidy hair, pressed uniform accompanied by leather tote-bags and quills with the blackest ink. Wands always at attention just in case, spells hot and electrifying; a battle is enrapturing dance of grace and danger; a legacy in the making, an envied but gorgeous sight, a pure royalty with a certain fright, are you ever worthy in their sight? Cold but calculated, quiet but alert, strong but loving, aloof but observant… Slytherin girl….

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Haven by miss_grey
Rating: M/light NC-17 (for violence)
Word Count: 59,900
Summary: The world is ending again.  It’s nothing new.  What IS new, though, is its weapon of choice.  The dead walk, swarming the earth in their endless, mindless pursuit of living flesh.  Unable to stop the catastrophe before it starts, Team Free Will does their best to minimize damages.  During their mission, they encounter a ragged group of survivors led by a man named Rick Grimes. Together, they may be humanity’s last hope for survival, but there are other pressing needs as well.  Like safety, and shelter.  And figuring out how to do more than just survive in this new, crazy world.
SPN/Walking Dead Crossover.

Given what we know about the Croatoan virus, I am really surprised it took this long to see an epic length story that brings together the characters of the Walking Dead and Supernatural. I am a late comer to the Walking Dead and have only seen the first season. That said, these characters were made for each other! The themes of found family and responsibility that course through both narratives blended perfectly. Yet at its heart, this is a Dean/Cas story.

The relationship between Dean and Cas is everything I could have wanted. The author has created alternate timelines that mix the glory days season 4/5 with elements of season 8 and 9 to create a story with Team Free Will facing the End of Days. One of my favorite things was Cas. Castiel is an Angel of the Lord, a cunning tactician and a BAMF. Stories like this bring those elements front and center:

Cas moved through them like water, every single movement intentional, graceful. His trench coat fanned out behind him, and to the sides when he spun to lay hands on more of the walking dead. He was a force of nature. Unstoppable. Epic.

It may be the end of the world, the dead are walking the earth, Heaven and Hell have closed up shop, but the author still ended the story in a way I really enjoyed.  And ya know…those fuckers gonna cuddle!


Name: Rosemary Black
Story: The Wicked and The Worthy

She moves with such a savage grace. This False Queen. This Dangerous Girl. This Earthshaker. Remember her as she was. Soft curls and pastel blue dresses, easy smiles and sparkling eyes. Remember her as she is. A crown carved from her bones and enchantments this world should no longer know, forests and canopies summoned with the flick of a wrist. She wraps her thin, dark fingers around your heart and pulls. She is not a brave girl, she is a strong one. How she endures. How she survives. How she grows. 

She is the only light you find in the total and shapeless dark.

“What do you want, Rosemary?”

“To be more.”

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