grabs everyones face and yells

PSALM 33:6 - “By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, And by the breath of His mouth all their host.“

Have you ever sat and meditated on the concept that is the breath of the Lord? I am often reminded of the book of Genesis, where creation is brought into existence and life is poured into the nostrils of Adam.

If particles can form an entire universe through a single exhale of the Lord, isn’t that saying something? Doesn’t that just scream of His majesty? If we are to follow the example of the Lord, then perhaps the message here is that the small things matter. We don’t need to shove the gospel in people’s faces.

Jesus didn’t grab everyone and yell, “Oh by the way I’m going to die for everyone so that you can receive forgiveness and enter into a relationship with the Father.” He spoke to whoever was willing to listen. With healing hands and a Spirit of kindness, people were drawn into His presence.

Take the opportunity to share the gospel like the breath of the Lord. Don’t just tell the gospel, live it. Make big statements with small gestures. Give away grace like you’re made of it. Sacrifice yourself for the needs of others. The impact of the gospel is not found in your tone or the words that you choose. It is through the movement of the Holy Spirit and His ability to pierce the conscience of the listener, tearing the scales from their eyes and removing the blocks in their ears.

Consider this new concept and showcase the gospel. Release it like a breath of the Lord and watch it create new hearts, new spirits; new creations in Christ!

// Lou