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Little Black Dress  (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Fandom: Marvel (Avengers)

Pairing: Reader x Steve Rogers

Warnings: SMUT SMut smut

Request: Can you do a saucy fix with Remus(hp), or Steve(avengers), using 142, 128, 99, 95, 51, 50, 41, 30, 29, 28, 14, 128. Obviously you don’t have to use all of them but I think it would be interesting. If you wanted anything more, I was thinking(as in Remus’ case) reader and him r married and fighting and to get him jeally reader flirts with Sirius then it gets steamy back home???????

***I decided to spilt this up into two different ones I hope that’s okay, I’ll post the second one later. For this one I used 41 (“You’re going out dressed like that?”) 30 (“You better watch yourself.”) 29 (Come over here and make me.”) 14 (“Take. It. Off.”)

Word Count: 1k

It wasn’t every Friday night that you were able to go out, being an avenger was a lot of work, constant missions. But tonight you happened to have no missions to prep for and neither did Natasha or Wanda so you decided it would be the perfect night for a girls night, since the guys had a mission early the next morning.

You were looking through your closet for something to wear, something that you could dance in and still look nice. Wanda sat on your bed and said no to everything you pulled out of your closet. “Y/N it couldn’t be any more obvious that Steve helps you pick all your clothes” you turned to her “Wanda it’s not my fault you two are too busy to ever go shopping with me!” Wanda smiled “that’s because Natasha only ever want to go clubbing on nights off, speaking of Natasha let’s take a trip to her closet” wand grabbed your hand and pulled you out your door in your tiny silk robe you were wearing while trying on clothes, she was walking so fast you were pulling at the fabric to keep you covered.

When you got to Natasha’s room she was in her bathroom applying her makeup, Wanda dragged you to the closet “hey Nat Y/N’s gonna steal one of your dresses tonight” Wanda shouted from the bathroom “hell yes she is!” You blushed as Wanda pulled out this tiny black dress that would hug your curves in all the right places. Oh what would Steve think of this.

As you walked out of the room, all dressed in your little black dress you bumped into Steve who was wearing shorts and no shirt, no doubt off to bed, the sight of him made you want to ditch your friends and have your way with him but before you could even say anything to him he stopped walking and had a concerned look on his face “you’re going out dressed like that?” Wanda and Nat just giggled at his over protectiveness but you just rolled your eyes. “Steve it’s a dress, its fine” Steve sort of pouted while eying you up and down “but I won’t be there to keep all those grabby guys hands off you, you better watch yourself.”

You argued back “Steve, babe I can take care of myself.” Steve gave you a look and you knew this was going to take some convincing, so you grabbed his hand and pulled him to your room and shouted to the girls “I’ll meet you guys there in a few” Wanda shouted back “don’t you let him make you take off that dress Y/N!” then Nat laughed and corrected her “no you can let him take it off, just make sure you put it back on after.” You could hear the teasing in their tone and you blushed and continued to drag Steve to his room.

Steve closed is door and looked at you again “Y/N I really think you should take that off” he said, his voice quiet and full of need. You continued this game “Come over here and make me”

That was all Steve needed to hear before he grabbed you by your waist pushing you down on to the bed, instantly pulling desperately at your tight dress, covering your face and neck in wet sloppy kisses. He instantly found your sweet spot and you moaned at the contact “ugh Steve, babe please.” Steve pulled away finally getting your dress over your head.

He took a minute to appreciate you fit body until you pulled him back down undoing his pants “someone in a hurry he teased” you pulled his pants and boxers all the way down letting his hard length free “don’t want to keep the girls waiting” you teased back.

Steve’s eyes were filled with hunger and he completely skipped the foreplay turning you on your stomach to take you from the back. He stood at the edge of the bed and you bent down onto the bed in the perfect position for him. He was fast but not rough, he slid his length inside of you and you let out a loud moan accidentally.

When Steve didn’t move right away you pushed backwards onto his dick and then forwards again causing him to let out a strangled moan as well.

Steve grabbed your nicely curled hair and pulled it bringing you closer to him as he thrusted into you, he pulled completely out and then slammed back in again “fuck Steve I’m almost there” he whispered in your ear and he pulled you back again by your hair “I know baby girl” you couldn’t help but whine at both the nickname that made you weak and his relentless thrusts. You felt yourself getting closer as you squeezed around him feeling him twitch at the same moment and you both released at the same time.

You rested for a moment before Steve Pulled out and picked up your dress of the floor, you quickly put it on and freshened yourself in the bathroom before running towards the door until Steve spoke out, as he now laid in bed “what no goodnight kiss?” you opened the door and looked back at him “After that I don’t think you need one” you winked and close the door, hurrying downstairs.

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Can we get some johnny sex headcannons please???

;)))))))))))))) *in Flynn Ryder’s voice* Hi ;))))))))))))

-he is usually so soft and careful
- he just loves you so much like he doesn’t want to hurt you at all
- but sometimes this smol bean prince gets mad that’s when it gets a lil INTENSE
- very into kissing every part of your body
- his favorite position is honestly probably u riding him cause he doesn’t really like to take the first move and you being on top he can look up at you and when you are both really close he is a sucker for pulling you down so u guys are like hugging and moaning while you release
- afterward it’s kinda like that scene from titanic where he rests his hand on ur chest and loves when you play with his hair
- honestly he is a boobs AND butt guy
- very grabby and feely
- yoooooooooooooooooooo sometimes he is feeling real confident and like dominant and will spank you and like he feels so in control and honestly he loves it
- he might seem shy but if y'all are in public and he gets a little needy he WILL tease you
- honestly he loves cuddling afterwards and is so giggly and like runs his fingers along the sides of your body
- forehead kisses

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I mean, Hercule is obviously going to be a joke character, but I can't really imagine how that would work without him being some kind of goofy grabby guy. He shouldn't even have projectiles or anything unless something has dramatically changed since I last heard about him.

check out his budokai/tenkaichi movesets, he had all sorts of goofy moves in those games lol

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Reporting in from Rochester, NY. I went to Wegmans and the cute guy was there stacking the newstand. I saw Harry's face and grabbed the Rolling Stone as if my life depended on it. Cute guy says, 'don't worry, they already ordered more as soon as they saw who was on the cover'. I'm all..."OH, uhh, okay" embarrassed that I got caught being so grabby. Cute guy says, "no worries, I already bought mine", and SMIRKED AT ME. [I literally wanted to die, but also wanted to hug him (i didn't)].

this is my favorite story

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*grabby hands* Man you guys are so close yet so far. Can we get a recap of your game plan after the igg ends? Time frame's for when closed beta goes live(donaters), for when bigger artists get those invites and 50 key give away. then what comes after?

If we hit funding, we’ll launch our beta at the end of August. After one month of beta, we’ll launch the second wave where we invite in bigger-name users (not just artists!) along with giving them 50 keys to hand out. After that, we’re tentatively shooting for December as our official release!

Bartender- Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 1796

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, harassment

Requested by anon: Erghmm I don’t really ask but I said why not I’m not a pietro girl but can you do an imagine where he sees the reader everyday like she’s a bartender and she seems him flirting with other girls but she’s falling in love with him because she talks to him before he flirts with the other girls but he actually loves her erh my gawd thanx

Authors Note: Omg thanks for asking! This is my first imagine, I hope you enjoy it :) Dragă means sweetheart (Used google translate sorry if it isn’t correct)

Pietro Maximoff sure knew how to sweep a girl off of her feet. He didn’t have to try, with his looks any girl would be lucky to talk to him.

(Y/N) was one of those girls. Being a bartender at a small bar always had it perks and one of them were Pietro. All he had to do was flash his signature grin and (Y/N) would melt right into his hands.

If you couldn’t tell Pietro Maximoff managed to steal (Y/N)’s heart before she could even realize. As of right now she was watching him drink his normal drink, a Jack Daniel mixed with Coke. (Y/N) could remember the first time he ordered that drink….

Tonight was the third late shift this week for (Y/N) and she hated it. The drunk people spilling drinks, having to cut off the extremely drunks, and people trying to hook up in the bathroom constantly made her head want to explode. However, these late shifts helped her pay her rent and she was not going to move back in with her parents.  

As her shift was ending people started to file out of the bar either wasted or buzzed. Rubbing her temples (Y/N) sighed to herself, she wasn’t getting paid enough for this. Cleaning up the bar area, (Y/N) prayed to herself that no one else would come in. The bar was finally empty and that meant she could leave early if she timed it right.

Sadly just as she finished cleaning the bar the bell above the door rang. Cursing under her breath (Y/N) put on a fake smile and watched the oddly familiar man sit at the bar sighing.

“Rough day buddy?” she asked trying to not to sound tired.

“Heh, you could say that,” the man said in a thick Romanian accent.

“What can I get you?” (Y/N) asked once more.

“Jack and Coke.”

Nodding (Y/N) quickly made the drink hoping the man was just here for one drink and then leave. Putting the drink in front of the man, (Y/N) watched as he gulped the drink down before slamming the glass back on the countertop.

“Another,” he quickly demanded loudly.

“Alright buddy but my shift is almost over I don’t wanna deal with a drunk guy ok?” (Y/N) snapped back.

“I’m, I’m sorry. It’s been a long day, I shouldn’t be taking it out on you,” he said apologizing.

That’s when (Y/N) realized who this man was, Pietro Maximoff, an Avenger. Cursing mentally to herself she poured another drink for him.  

“So,” she began to say, “you’re the Quicksilver guy right,” she asked as Pietro down another glass again.


(Y/N) stopped Pietro with her hand and set another glass down in front of him. Glancing over at the clock she sighed seeing her shift ended five minutes ago.

“You alright dragă?” he asked.

“Just a long day,” (Y/N) responded before setting another drink down.

“So what’s a pretty girl like you working at a bar like this?”

(Y/N) snorted loudly as Pietro smirked before downing his drink once again. Covering her mouth with her hand she felt her face blush.

“Sorry it’s just, that’s the worst pickup line ever,” she said trying to defend herself.

“What you didn’t see that coming?” he asked raising his eyebrow before chuckling to himself.

Rolling her eyes (Y/N) once again made him another drink. This had to be his sixth cup and Pietro showed no signs of being buzzed.

“Well, I’m (Y/N) and I need to cut you off. You seem like a nice guy and I actually want to a conversation with a sober you.”

Raising his hands in defense Pietro chuckled once more before showing his famous grin. Right then and there (Y/N) could feel her heart skip a beat.

“I can’t really get drunk but whatever you say dragă.”

A confuse look went on (Y/N)’s as she tried to figure what he was saying. She at least hoped it wasn’t anything bad.

“It means sweetheart,” Pietro said catching on her confusion.

“Oh,” blushing a bit more before speaking up “why were you in such a bad mood when you came in?” she asked.

“I can’t really get into details but I basically fucked up a mission.”

“How?” (Y/N) quickly asked.

The Avengers always sparked an interest in her and now one was sitting right in front of her. Her friends wouldn’t believe this.

“Well, I got cocky and let one of the guys we been chasing get away. I didn’t want to face the team so I came here.”

“I’m not a superhero and I never got into an actual fight but I know you shouldn’t drink your problems away. Trust me I see enough of those people every day,” (Y/N) said while touching his hand.

Once again she felt her heart skip a beat as she looked into his bright blue eyes. Clearing her throat she grabbed the empty glasses and started to clean up.

“I should probably go, it’s getting late,” Pietro said while getting his wallet out.

“No, no,” (Y/N) stopped him, “It’s on the house.”

“Are you su-”

“Yes, now go! And next time try not to be a cocky asshole on missions,” she said interrupting him.

“I’ll remember that,” he said kissing (Y/N)’s hand before speeding off.

Smiling to herself (Y/N) realized that boy managed to wrap her around his finger in one sitting than anyone she ever met. And that was something she was ok with.

Over the next couple of weeks, Pietro came in every day for a couple drinks and chat with (Y/N). If she was busy working he would just talk with another girl until she was free. Over that time they both became good friends but (Y/N) fell for him hard.

Every time she saw him flirting with another girl she felt a pang of jealousy but she knew Pietro just didn’t share the same feelings. All the flirting between them was just his personality. After all, Pietro was an Avenger and (Y/N) was just a bartender trying to make ends meet.

While working one of her long shifts she watched as a red headed chick laugh at another one of Pietro’s jokes before putting a hand on his chest. Looking away (Y/N) just tried to serve drinks trying not to think about the girl he was with.

Serving a few more drinks (Y/N) heard a whistle behind her. Turning around she was met with a couple of drunk guys making grabby hands at her. Sighing she put on a fake smile and walked over.

“What can I get for you?” she asked trying not to sound annoyed.

“J-Just you s-sweetheart,” one man slurred.

“Heh, sorry no. I’m going to cut off you and your buddies ok?” (Y/N) said clearly uncomfortable.

Turning around to serve other customers (Y/N) suddenly felt a strong hand grab her wrist. Feeling herself yanked back, she tried prying off the man’s hand as his buddies got extremely close to her.

“Come on, let’s have some fun,” another man slurred while breathing his breath in her face.

Panicking (Y/N) tried freeing herself but the man just tighten his grip around her wrist. Yelping in pain, she felt a breeze blow past her face. Suddenly the man holding her hand hit the countertop while his buddies took off.

Right behind him was none angry looking Pietro. Grabbing the man by his collar he threw him to the ground hard.

“OUT NOW ASSHOLE!” he yelled as the man ran off.

Motioning over to another worker to cover her (Y/N) left the bar and walked over to Pietro. Dragging him to the back to calm him down, she pushed past all the people watching what just unfolded. Opening to back door she sighed to herself as the cool air hit her face.

“You didn’t have to do that,” (Y/N) said holding her wrist.

“I don’t let anyone treat my friends like that,” Pietro said still angry from what happened.

Friend, (Y/N) winced at that word as he grabbed her wrist to examine it. Soon anger left Pietro’s eyes as worry filled them.

“This is going bruise,” he said in his thick accent.

Man (Y/N) loved that accent. It made a normal word sound like she was hearing it for the first time.

“Thank you, Pietro. You can go back to your little date,” (Y/N) said sighing.

“The red head? Heh, no we were just talking. I was waiting for your break.”

“Really she so much better looking than me. I mean look at me, I’m wearing a small amount of makeup and my hair is in this messy bun.”

“Hold on what?” he asked shocked.

“I’m just average, I don’t know why you hang out with me. I’m just a normal person trying to make ends meet,” (Y/N) said shrugging.

(Y/N) then felt his hands grab her face as Pietro stared at her. (Y/N) felt her face flush as their faces were inches apart.

“First off (Y/N) you are not average,” he said finally speaking.


“Let me speak. (Y/N) you have a gorgeous body and hair that always look good no matter what you’re wearing. Your eyes are the prettiest (y/e/c) I’ve ever seen and your smile could light up any room. Your laugh is cute and I love hearing it. But don’t get me started on your personality. You care for everyone and you’re such a kind person. I don’t think you have a mean bone in your body. And I’m so hopelessly in l-”

“Hopelessly in what?” (Y/N) asks quickly.

“I am without a doubt hopelessly in love with you,” he said before locking his lips onto her’s.

Smiling into the kissing (Y/N) felt a sense of joy bubble of her. He felt the same way, he actually did. Breaking apart they looking into each other’s eyes with such love.

“Me too,” she said still smiling from the kiss.

“Well then, I would like to treat you to dinner sometime,” he said with his grin growing wider by the minute.

“Tomorrow at 7, I get off early,” (Y/N) responded with a wink.

“Alright it’s a date, we should probably get inside. I don’t want you to get fired because of me.

“Umm Pietro?” (Y/N) asked.


“The guys back at the bar never paid.”

“Oh shit, I guess I didn’t think that one through.” he said awkwardly chuckling to himself.

Oh (Y/N) knew this one was a keeper.

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A little context here: 

I’m a professional model who has been incredibly modest and discerning with work choices and attire for my career’s six year lifespan. People up in the interwebs are lucky if they find a photo of me with my belly button exposed. Just to give you an idea at how desperately straw-grabby this guy is. 

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how do the generation of miracles kiss?

KUROKO’s kisses are always light and sweet. Other than kissing on the lips and the occasional brushing of his lips on your temple, he’s rather fond of softly pecking the tip of your nose just to see your cute reaction.

KISE is a clinging kisser. He would basically kiss you in any spot available, but is especially keen on kissing your cheeks and loves lots of PDA. He’s also pretty passionate about making out at the most inappropriate times.

MIDORIMA usually isn’t the one to initiate kissing on the lips, but when he does, it’s a slow, shy kiss or peck. He also always kisses the back of your hand and your forehead to show his affection.

AOMINE is a pretty grabby type of guy, needless to say. He would have a protective grip on your hips or waist and pull you into a deep kiss, occasionally stroking your sides with his fingers. He really loves french kissing and doesn’t care who sees it. 

MURASAKIBARA tends to grab at your hands and delicately place tiny pecks on the tips of each finger before pulling your lips to his. His kisses are short and honest, but sometimes he just wants to make out for a longg time.

AKASHI’s kisses are always burning with passion. Whether it’s on the lips, forehead, temple, or cheeks, he is always affectionate. Though it is a little improper for his taste, he likes to kiss you slowly on the lips in public just to show others that you are his.

Dean Ambrose Oneshot.

Summary: Your daughter has finally had the surgery and you and Dean are completely exhausted. (Part 4)


The doctors have told you guys that they’re going to do the procedure at 10:00 at night. 

“Isn’t that a little late?” You ask the doctors. 

“It is, But they doctors and surgeons are open to do that at that time. So it’s just something we do.” One doctor replies. You both nod your heads and understand what they’re saying. Dean held your hand tightly as they spoke about the operation, and the complications that can arise with it. Once they finish they leave you to be with Maiden for the last few hours before her operation. 

Maiden looks at you and Dean and makes her famous grabby hands towards you guys. Dean quickly goes over and picks her up and sits down on the bed with her. 

“Owie?” She asks Dean looking up to her. 

“Nope. It’s going to be all better.” He says to her softly. Her bright blue eyes look up at you and Dean. 

“No Owie mommy. No Owie.” She says as tears filled her eyes. Dean looks up at you and he tries to comfort Maiden. 

“No!” She says as she clings onto Dean’s jacket. He rubs her back soothingly. 

“Don’t worry baby. It’s going to be okay.” Dean says. But in all honesty Maiden was scared. 

“No go daddy, no go,” She cries. It pained you and Dean to see her like this. Tears filled your own eyes, you try your hardest to push them back and not scare Maiden more then she was. You put your hand on Dean’s shoulder to signal him to look at you. He notices the tears in your eyes. 

“I’m going to go out real fast.” You whisper and try to contain your emotions. Dean nods and goes back to sooth his daughter. Once you make it out those PICU doors you were completely overwhelmed in emotions. You were scared, sad, angry, and just over all worried that something was going to happen Maiden. You sit down on one of the benches they had near the PICU. You run your hands through your hair and began to cry. You didn’t want to see your daughter this way at all. You felt completely emotionally drained. You cry harder and held onto your chest as you do. No matter what you couldn’t hold back anymore. You drop your head and try to wipe the tears away but kept coming. After a few minutes, Dean walks out of the doors and quickly goes over and sits next to you.

“Dean, Why? Why do we have to go through this? Why does my baby have to??” You sob. Dean pulls you to his chest and held you as tightly as he could. His heart broke in half as he looks at his wife sob in his arms. His own eyes filled with tears as he held you. He tries to hold them back but he felt pure sadness wash over his body. Dean cries with you, even though he didn’t want to. He wanted to be the one to help you but how could he? The fear of losing your daughter was too hard for the both of you.

“I want her to be healthy.” You sob as you held his shirt tightly. 

“I know. Me too. But we have to be strong.” Dean’s voice cracks. You tighten the hug as much as you could. You felt so bad about this and there was nothing you could do. There was no magic spell that could help you, there was nothing. All you had to do was pray that your daughter would be okay.

Ten o’clock rolled around quite quickly if anyone asked you. You didn’t want to see her go behind the large white doors. You sit in her room anxiously and so does Dean. Maiden was laying down in bed they prepared her for surgery and was laying quiet and still. You let out a shaky breath and watch the nurses prepare your child. 

“I don’t want her to go.” Dean whispers

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Klaroline: "I'm at an anime convention with my friends and we're dressed like the Sailor Scouts. for some reason, you can't tell the difference between Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter." (Secondary ships: Kalijah and Rebenzo) I can see Elena as Sailor Moon, Katherine as Sailor Mars, and Caroline as Sailor Jupiter (or Sailor Venus).

Written by one of our new guest writers @wanderlust-in-nyc

A/N: I watched the Japanese anime of sailor moon, not the American version. The part where Caroline is walking is based on something that actually happened to my friend at a con!

Codename: Sailor V

Caroline adjusted her white gloves as she followed Katherine and Elena onto the convention floor, the rest of her friends bringing up the rear. She was excited that they were able to coordinate their costumes this year even if it wasn’t a complete set. Caroline sighed at her bickering friends as their voices grew louder, catching the attention of passersby.

“I don’t get why I can’t be Usagi!” Liv yelled, placing her hands firmly on her hips.

“Why should you get to be Usagi?!” Luke yelled back.

“You don’t have the right hair, and besides, I’m the one who got Tuxedo Mask!” Elena said.

“I’m blonde! You’re not!” Liv said.

“I’m blonde too!” Luke said.

“Well, Damon will only be Tuxedo Mask if I’m Serena!” Elena argued.

“It’s Usagi-chan!” Luke and Liv snapped at the same time.

Caroline rubbed her temples and sighed. What was supposed to have been the Sailor Scouts was turning into a complete nightmare.

Luke and Liv stormed off and Bonnie left, stating she wasn’t going to dress up as a cat just because she was Wiccan. Throughout, Katherine laughed, watching from the sidelines.

Elena dressed up as Sailor Moon, but couldn’t help complaining about the wig itching. Damon dressed up as Tuxedo Mask without any issues, surprisingly. Katherine was Sailor Mars and Caroline Sailor Venus.

“Can I just name the million other places I would rather be right now?” Stefan said.

Caroline looked over at Stefan, who was dressed as Artemis the white cat, friend of Sailor Venus.

“No one said you had to come. Bonnie said no and she left,” Caroline pointed out.

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Thoughts on the Petyr/Sansa situation going on in the season 6 finale episode…

I’m going to put the majority of this under a cut to avoid any spoilers just in case someone scrolling through the petyrxsansa tags comes across this and hasn’t seen the episode yet.


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Seventeens reaction to you moving to Korea to be closer to them for your relationship

Reactions are NOT open

Like from a different country?? Damn lol

*uses as many gifs from mansae as possible* hahaha


He’d be super excited and want to take you everywhere and show you everything!

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*grabby hands*

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You guys would go on cute dates and eat all sorts of foods you hadn’t tried yet.

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“You really came all this way for me??”

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“Have you been to Myeong-dong?? Let’s go there! What about Lotte World? We have to go there, let’s go!”

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*always stares at you like this*

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You’d always be the first one to hear his songs(:

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He wouldn’t think he was good enough for someone who would do something so drastic!! “Are you crazy?! What about your family?”

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He’d take you on dates as much as he could, all smiles the whole time!

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He’d be adorably thankful and always work to make you happy since you moved so far for him and he understands living away from family.

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*hugs you as much as possible*

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*totally overwhelmed and amazed*

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“You came here for meeee??!”

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