I’m shouting out into the universe WE WANT MORE MONSTROUS WILDLIFE FRANK ROBNIK! 

So I’ve been feeling a bit “stuck” lately. And decided that whenever I feel this way I will redraw a sticker. Because I have a seriously ridiculous sticker collection. And a lot of sketchbooks to fill. 

I used to write letters and liked to sprinkle stickers around my words…so between Lisa Frank stationary kits and various accumulation over the years, I’ve amassed quite the stockpile. 

I’ve held onto some, like this one, since I was in elementary school. It was part of a color-your-own-sticker activity set of about 300 stickers, most of which I never used. The limited maker selection it came with is to blame for the poor readability of the sticker, but it’s a Dino looking in a hollow stump for a meal while the triceratops-esque critter is popping out of a hole about to chomp its tail. 

This immediately reminded adult me of a grabboid so then this happened. Pretty quickly sketched and inked so sorry for the sloppiness. If I weren’t about to go to bed I’d color it but, meh. Sleepy. Also it’s pretty stupid looking and I didn’t feel like spending more time on it. xD We’ll see how far I got with this particular prompt. Maybe it only sounds like a good idea because I’m tired.