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hello, another recolor for you all today. it’s the ayla hairstyle by wild-pixel in wms’ naturals and unnaturals. as always there are separates for each and one merged file with both palettes. they show up as additional swatches on the original hair. enjoy :)

grab the mesh here!


credits to wild-pixel for the hair and wildlyminiaturesandwich for the actions! :)

i’m not leaving

Request: Imagine story labour with Dan being idk cute and scared and awesome as well so like himself

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: I really loved this idea, so thank you so much for requesting!

Pairings: Dan x Reader

Warnings: child labour? like birth? but that ain’t really a warning, it’s literally how you were born.

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“I was suppose to be there for her!” Dan screamed, frustrated with himself. His heart beating rapidly against his chest and his hands gripping the seat that he sat in as his eyes watched the road carefully. 

“Dan, honestly, it’s okay.” Phil reassured him, giving him a soft look before readjusting his eyes on the road before him. He was trying to hurry and keep calm himself, but it was a bit hard when his best friends of years was shaking with literally anticipation and fear. He was practically bouncing in his seat like a three year old.

Dan sighed, grabbing at his hair in frustration. His curled locks were messed and his iconic fringe was frantically pushed back. “No! It isn’t! I was suppose to be the one to take her to the hospital and I was out.” 

Phil couldn’t help but lightly chuckle to himself, pulling into a parking spot, he turned to his best friend, setting a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Dan, Y/N wasn’t even alone. She was with her mom. Plus she’s early, isn’t she? How were you suppose to know?” He asked, trying to get Dan to stop having a panic attack. “Plus, she isn’t dying. She’s giving birth.”

Dan let out a sigh, calming his breath as he nodded to himself. “You’re right. Thank you.” Phil smiled.

“We should get going, shouldn’t we? She’s probably already in the room.” Dan nodded, unbuckling and quickly exiting the car. His breathing had calmed but he was still walking with a skip in his step to reach his destination quicker. Once he found out what room you were in, he walked through the halls, locating your rooms number. Phil trailed behind him before coming to a stop, knowing he couldn’t be in.

Dan stopped before the closed door, not sure on what to do. With a frantic breath, he turned back to Phil. “I don’t think I can do this, Phil.” He sighed.

“What are you talking about, Dan?” Phil asked incredulously. Walking up to his long time friend and grabbing him by the shoulder again. “That’s your wife in there, Dan! And she’s giving birth to your child! You need to be there for her.” Dan looked over at Phil, knowing he was right. But he was just so scared he would mess up or something was going to go wrong. But he was also pouncing with excitement. 

“Okay.” He nodded before walking through the door. When he walked in, he saw you but before he could say anything he was dressed in sanitary garbs and a masked before directed beside you. He took deep breaths to calm himself and sat in the chair beside your bed. You smiled, happy to see him, trying to calm yourself. 

“Hey.” You grinned.

“Hey.” He returned, turning to look at the rest of your body. He grabbed your hand, squeezing tightly.

“I’m glad you were able to come.” You teased.

Dan laughed, “i’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Honestly, i’m just glad you’re here now. I was so scared.” You squeezed his hand, finally excepting the erratic beating of your heart. You tried to hide the tears but you could feel one slip. This was your first time ever giving birth and you’d knew it would hurt, you were scared. 

Suddenly you felt another pain, and with a yell, you groaned. The doctor began to fuss as he told you that you were about to begin. You tried to calm your breathing and ignore the pain as you squeezed Dan’s hand even tighter. “i’m scared.” You whimpered.

Dan leaned forward, letting you crush his hand. “I’ll be here, Y/N. I’m not leaving you.”

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Goliath and Thak make my knees WEAK?? holy mother of god and the hair grabbing made me ascend to a higher plane of existence. stop doing this to me Prom i just went through goliath's tag and i love their backstory holy shit and i'm dying to know more about them. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME stop making me ship all these ripped boys

8^) EHE maybe ill draw fluff of them sometime