grabbing hair

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HOLY CRUD KAT KAT KAT THAT HASHIOBI FICLET HOLY /CRUD/ IM SCREAMING THE SLASH POTENTIAL AND ALSO THE SHEER EMOTIONS ROLLING THROUGH OBITO AND THE WAY HE TOTALLY JUST KICKED EVERYONE'S COLLECTIVE ARSE WAS LIKE WOW. WOW. the realism with which you write your characters never fails to overwhelm me!! <3 <3 <3 I'm kinda spazzing out now from how awesome that was thank you for sharing you are a gift to the world


I’ll be honest, that scene was entirely the result of me wanting Obito to grab Madara by the hair and knock him on his ass. Though the rest of the curbstomp was gleefully fun to write as well. Thank you!  💕