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septicpieplier alpha fe, alpha mark and omega jack go out for ice cream together and another alpha tries to make a move on jack (rather sexually) and mark and fe get v mad

(Just to clarify, in my own au, alpha/beta/omegas are kind of like the teen wolf wolves? They don’t actually fully shift, but they have the same instincts and habits of a real wolf. They also can grow sharp canines in distress/ growl/ snarl/ stuff like that. Alphas can have red eyes when angry, omegas= yellow, and betas don’t change because they’re basically human.)

-Felix asks jack what he wants and goes up to order for the three of them. While he does that, mark goes to the car to grab his phone for pictures.
-that leaves jack alone. As an omega, he still sometimes has to fend off unwanted advances from other alphas. Sometimes, once they get close enough and realize that the scent of two alphas is all over him, they back off.
-other times, like now, the cocky alpha ignores the scent. “Hey baby,” the alpha starts with, jack instantly hates him, “why do you look so sad? Cheer up. Smile.” Jack glares and instinctually looks away to subtly show the alpha his two mate marks.
-the alpha doesn’t get the hint and steps closer. His presence is domineering and frankly, scary. Mark is still in the car, doing god knows what, and Felix is still waiting in line to order.
-jack could call out to either of them, but the alphas overpowering scent is taking over his senses. Instead he continues to glare at the alpha. “Don’t tell me to smile you bitch. M’ not interested, so get lost.” Jack doesn’t feel like he needs to bring up his alphas. That shouldn’t matter.
-the alpha visibly flinches. His whole demeanor changes, from sickly sweet to angry. “Excuse me?” He looks like he’s gearing up to grab jack, but suddenly Felix is there.
-“what is going on here?” Jack feels like he can stand for himself, but he is grateful for Felix all the same. The two alphas have a stare down, the incomer not saying anything. Finally, “this omega is being too wild- betta do something about him!” The unnamed alpha says.
-mark must have seen Felix’s stiff posture and jack hiding partly behind him, because he comes over as fast as he can. “Who are you to tell me what do with jack?” Felix asks, putting emphasis on his name.
-mark looks confused for a few seconds. He quickly understands the situation and can’t help the warning growl that rumbles in his chest. The other alpha looks at mark. “Who’re you?”
-“doesn’t matter who I am. Get away from our omega.” His voice sounds deeper, more animalistic. Jack calms at the sound of both his alphas voices.
-the other alpha raises an eyebrow. Nevertheless, he takes a step back.
-Felix gets jack two ice creams, back home all three of them reassure their bonds and scents.
(Sorry I didn’t make this very sexual. I don’t really know if I can write a scene like that? And I don’t mean I’m not willing, I just don’t know if I’d do it right.)

When you don’t have any pictures of plus size models for your advertisement for plus size dresses so you just grab any old picture of a model and stretch the hell out of the x-axis


Aiden x Reader

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“What’re you doing?” Aiden asked as he walked into you room and found you throwing things around.

“Having a clear out… why what’re you doing?” You asked and he shrugged.

“Would you believe me if I said I was being nosey?” He asked and you smiled, giving him a tight hug before turning back to the drawer you were emptying.

“I missed you to you big dopey wolf.” You mumbled and he chuckled as he grabbed at a picture.

“This is cute, look how little you and Cora are!” He teased and you rolled your eyes.

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at some point after crooked kingdom
  • jesper: hey we got a letter from kuwei
  • wylan: is that so
  • jesper: yeah he says hi, that the weather in ravka is much nicer than ketterdam, and that you can have me because he has two boyfriends now
  • wylan: what?
  • jesper: yeah and he included a picture
  • wylan: *grabs the picture* holy cow they're gorgeous. do you think he'd be down to share?
  • jesper: wylan n o
  • wylan: im joking. but they ARE stunning
  • jesper: i know right????

九酱子  |  USS Bunker Hill CV-17

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Hi old friends! Remember me? I was wondering how many of my followers are still on, starting up, or are interested in weight loss? Like or re-blog this if so! I’m getting my blog together to talk about the picture that grabbed me a lot of positive AND negative attention (top photo from years ago). The second photo is me today. I will also be talking about my ups and downs since then and how I’ve finally learned to lose the weight and keep it off! Also, how my life has overall changed. I am so excited to share it with you!

Head over to my Instagram @parisritchie to be updated on my life, love, and travels.. I’ll soon be sharing a lot of my routine on there! Also I’d love to see what you’re all up to or to get a look at your regimens.. and keep an eye out for my first blog and post coming up this week! I’ve been working on this for a while and drawing up a “how to” guide for what worked for me. I’ll be looking forward to what you all think!

Thank you to all of those on here who have always been so kind. Also, send me updates on your progress or struggles. I want to hear. Talk soon, loves!

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so, i get that lapis trapped jasper underwater and took everything out on her etc. but if lapis is "the abuser" then why did rebecca sugar write jaspers lines in alone at sea to sound exactly like an abuser? not tryna sound rude, im just curious

hi! i’ve already talked about this a few times, so i’ll try to bring up some new points: i don’t call lapis the abuser, because i don’t think it’s that simple. i understand people have mixed feelings on “mutual” portrayals of this subject, i do too sometimes, but… well, real-world debate aside, that doesn’t really stop fictional authorial intent.

speaking of which:

rebecca sugar, guide to the crystal gems (2015)

that’s from my own copy. i think it paints a more-or-less fair picture: jasper grabbed lapis and pressured her to fuse. lapis agreed, if only under the guise of wanting to hurt the crystal gems. in reality, she’d already picked a different target to exact revenge on, and so she did.

lapis is pretty clear on it being for revenge, and not just for jasper’s actions: “i’m done being everyone’s prisoner. now you’re my prisoner, and i’m never letting you go!” (one toxic fusion later) “i was terrible to you… i liked taking everything out on you”. rebecca sugar has also talked about how extreme lapis can get, to feel in control, and that the guilt she felt afterwards is her becoming “self-aware”.

i’d say lapis, jasper, the narrative and the creator consistently agree that what lapis did was far beyond just “getting even”. what lapis wanted was someone to hurt, as badly as she’d been hurt over thousands of years - not just by jasper, but by everyone, like you said. i think that’s pretty obvious in the narrative.

also… context matters. a line in “lapis’ favor” does not erase another in “jasper’s favor”. in the fishing hook scene, lapis is the fisher and jasper is the fishthe fisher (lapis) hurts the fish (jasper), but the fish still bites. lapis asks “why would a fish bite a hook?”, to which greg responds “you bait it with something* it wants!” (*beating rose, feeling strong again, codependency, unhealthy coping mechanisms, take your pick). 

in my eyes, i’d say they were both given “typical” abuser lines that are sometimes uttered by victims. lapis got “i was terrible to you… i liked taking everything out on you. i- i needed to! i hated you!”, compare/contrast to jasper’s “it’ll be better this time. i’ve changed - you changed me. i’m the only one who can handle your kind of power”.

with context: lapis confesses her guilt for trapping jasper, and jasper responds “but it changed me, and if i change, it won’t happen again!”. lapis questions why jasper would want that, but in the process, she also realizes that both of them missing it doesn’t change how unhealthy it was.

how people interpret all of that is often based on their own experiences. i don’t think you should take one line, or even one scene, out of context and be like “welp, that decides that”. not when so many people relate to these characters, and they all feel differently. rebecca sugar hasn’t let either “off the hook”, either, and i think that’s a good thing.

Whatever you do don’t picture Blue being motherly towards Lance.

Don’t picture her nuzzling and cuddling him despite the fact that she’s the size of a skyscraper just because she saw one tear fall down his cheek.

Don’t picture her grabbing him by his jacket with her mouth to stop him from squabbling with Keith.

Don’t picture her grabbing him up by his hood with her paw and shaking the other paw at him in a no nonsense way because he made a jab at Keith’s hair.

Don’t picture her waterblasting him because she thinks he smells after a mission and her little cub needs a bath.

Don’t picture Lance curling up in the crook of her front leg and going to sleep as Blue gently nuzzles him and attempts to sing him to sleep.

Don’t picture her ripping apart a Galra monster BY HERSELF just because her cub fell down and uttered one “ow”.

(Feel free to add more)

  • Bellamy: all right we have to go
  • Clarke: okay. are your rations all ready? guns loaded? make sure you don't take off your jacket, it's probably chilly in ice nation. kept an eye on the kids and make sure they don't get into any trouble. oh an i forgot to grab the picture of me for you to look at if you get lonely so you'll have just close your eyes and imagine my face
  • Bellamy: can i get a kiss goodbye then?
  • Clarke: of course not bellamy we have to be Platonic
  • Clarke: all right then bye love you!
Love Myself- Rap Monster

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You walked the empty halls of the house you once shared with the man of your dreams. 

The only thing that remained was the pictures that you refused to take down becuase they gave you a sense of home. 

He was your home.

Sometimes you would grab the pictures and walk over to the trashcan, hovering over it but you could never throw them away. 

You always hoped that one day he’d come home and sweep you off your feet and tell you the journey that he’s been on.

That was never going to happen.

“Will you wait for me?” He asked.

You walked in the room where you both slept. The bed was still messed up from the last night he was there. 

You refused to sleep in that bed without him.

You ran your fingertips over the bed frame until you reached his side of the bed. The night table was left open, his journal was there along with all the notes and letters you ever wrote to each other. 

He didn’t want to take them with him. 

He didn’t want to take anything with him.

He left you and all the memories that you created together. You wish that you could be mad at him but the only thing you felt was emptiness.

Like every single light in your life just went out and you were left alone in the dark, like the feeling of looking in a mirror and not reconizing your own reflection.

“Don’t wait for me.” He said.

You picked up his journal and flipped to the last page he wrote in and traced the letters.

Tears pricked your eyes as you put it back and shut the drawer, you walked back into the kitchen and held yourself as you cried.

You could see all the nights you two spent in the kitchen, having fun, talking until the sun came back up. 

What you once held in the palm of your hands was on the floor and you cant pick it up.

You sniffled and grabbed the last bag you had and walked towards the front door, you didn’t want to look back.

But something told you to. 

You reached the front door and turned back to the house that held some of your happiest days and some of your saddest. 

Your taxi honked and snapped you out of your flashback, you wiped your eyes and walked out the house.

Once you settled in the backseat of the taxi and watched the house until it was no longer there, then you looked at your phone.

You clicked out of the the message and deleted it, then deleted his contact. 

You looked at your homescreen and saw the picture of you guys smiling at each other. 

You smiled slightly and locked your phone, leaning your head against the window. 

It wouldn’t hurt to keep it, something you can look at when things get rough, it couldn’t hurt..


I wanted some type of confession but
instead you asked me what my favorite sex position is and
i can’t get over the irony of
even when we’re saying goodbye that’s all you care about.

you once said being mad at me turned you on because
you pictured grabbing my hair and fucking me into a wall
i guess this must be the ultimate goddamn dream because
we’re not even talking and
i bet you get mad about these poems and
i bet you get mad about the way you left this and
i bet you get mad that
even after everything
every goddamn motherfucking thing
i still fucking held on when you couldn’t wait to let go.

—  I’ll give the pain time to settle and then the poems will stop– lily rain