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One of my favorite little changes they made to the new beauty and the beast was when the beast realizes that belle has come back. First off, I love how belle grabs the arrows from gaston and breaks them over her knee, “where is he?!” like girl…I love you so much, and then she wrestles with the gun gaston has! That was so great to see because you see how desperate belle is to protect the beast because she knows the type of man gaston is and what he can do. 

So at this point the beast is jumping from turret to turret on the castle because he’s trying to get his footing, but everything is falling apart where he lands. That’s when it happens. Belle, who runs to an opening on one of the turrets, looks out and see’s the beast almost fall and she screams “No!” and the beast stops, whispers “belle?” and looks over and there she is. She’s wearing her white under garments and against the darkness, she sticks out, the light of hope and love that the beast thought he had lost. 

He then jumps up to another turret and it’s this shot that I adore

“Belle!” he screams and it shoots back to her face and she looks so relived that he’s ok, “You came back!” and EVERY TIME I see this movie (i’ve seen it like…5 times…maybe more) I get goosebumps at that line. The way that Dan delivers his performance as the beast is fantastic. Belle then screams that she tried to stop the villagers from coming, but the beast is all focused on belle. “Stay there! I’m coming!” and he has this focus on belle, he’s completely forgotten about gaston, he just needs to get to belle, to see belle, to be with her again. 

Fast forward a bit and the beast has this great line when he’s holding gaston over the edge, “I am NOT a beast” and then it quickly shoots to belle who gets this watery smile on her face, and the beast yells to gaston to leave. And the beast is getting ready to jump over to belle and she’s all panicked, “no! it’s too far!” so worried about him, and he does make the jump, pulling himself up and then they stare at one another and it’s a moment of peace because finally they are back together. 

BAM. Gaston shoots the beast and belle quickly runs over to him and is trying so hard to get him out of harms way but he’s too heavy and he’s too hurt to move on his own, and she’s so desperate. Calling for gaston to stop, trying to pull the beast, “come on!” she says at one point (caught this on my 3rd viewing, she sounds so scared and desperate as she tries to get him to safety) and then gaston shoots the beast AGAIN and he tumbles out of belle’s arms and she runs to him. 

Yes, the end exchange between them is quick. But, for me, that makes sense. The beast has been shot 3 times in the back and had been hit multiple times. It would make sense that he is dying faster in this version. That was something that always bothered me in the animated version (which i love and adore mind you) because…he gets stabbed in the side. And maybe he gets hit in a vital organ, I don’t know. But he gets stabbed with this little knife (after an arrow to the leg and being hit a few times) and just dies on the spot. It’s an animated movie of course, so things will differ because of our suspension of disbelief. 

Am I saying one is better then the other? No, because I love both movies. I love them for all their similarities and their smaller differences. Some tweaks I like more in the live action movie, and some things I like more in the animated. But for me, both these movies are pure magic. 

Four Eyes

A/N: One of my favorite requests I wrote, it was previously posted on axstheticminds. 

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You rolled on to your side, pulling the covers over your head. It was Monday, the oh so very dreaded Monday. You grabbed your phone from underneath your pillow and automatically jumped out of bed when you saw the time. You had a perfect record, which included never being late. 

You stumbled into the bathroom, and instinctively reached for the box, containing a fresh pair of contacts, you shoved your hand all the way into the box, when you remembered; the ones you ordered wouldn’t arrive until later on today. You hazily looked through your drawers till you finally found the case you had been looking for. 

You ran through the doors of the BAU, you we’re on time, which was the most important part. You kept a steady pace as you walked to your desk with your head down. You had already felt a couple of stares from people around you. The piece of plastic resting on your face was not something you were used too. You could still see black frames, but more importantly you could see. 

It was bath enough having to wear glasses, but you didn’t even want to imagine what would happen when you would run into – “Oh my god I am so sorry” Spencer.

You ran right into him knocking the files out of his hands, your face turned red from embarrassment. This would only happen to you, on today of all days. You quickly bent down to pick up the papers that scattered all over the floor. Spencer couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, you felt the way his eyes searched your face. 

You were still insecure about wearing your glasses, even around the people you saw the most. You remember when you were little constantly being teased about something new. You could just hear what those people would have to say if they saw you walking in.

“I didn’t know you wore glasses,” Spencer said as you handed him the files you had in your hands. “Yeah, I don’t”

“Well they look nice, you look nice today, I mean you look nice all the time, but I have never seen you wear glasses, you look nice” he said running through his words.

It was hard to not fall in love with you; it was even harder to keep that a secret from the rest of the team. Even though he never said anything it was more about what he did. Constantly giving you books to read, sitting with you on lunch, always making your coffee just how you liked it. But lately he’d look at you a little bit longer, try to talk to you about anything, and on several occasions done some of the nervous rambling trying to cover up the things he said.

“Thanks Spence” you said with a smile on your face. You began to walk away when you ran into Morgan who had been around the corner the entire time. “Hey you” you said surprised.

“I didn’t know you wore glasses?” he said in a puzzled tone.

Before you could realize where he was going with that comment you said “Yeah, I don’t.”

“They look nice, you look nice today, you look nice all time” you started walking away shaking your head as soon as you caught up.

“Hey pretty boy, that was cute, but you should just ask her out, like on a date” Morgan said walking up to Spencer.

“What, no, why would I—“

“Because you like her, I see it, Penelope sees it, Hotch talks about it, JJ tells Emily about it, just do it”

Morgan looked at you as you walked away, “Go get her pretty boy”

Hockey Stick

Y/n hummed to the low music playing through out the bathroom.
A noise from downstairs made her suddenly alert.

Y/n stopped humming and exited the bathroom, tip toeing across the soft carpet floor.

As she reached the bedroom door it suddenly flew open, a dark clothed man in a mask lunged into the room and grabbed her by the wrist and shoving her to the floor.
Y/n let out an ear peircing scream and kicked the man as he came closer to you, buying some time to race back into the bathroom and locking the door.

Y/n imediatly grabbed her phone from her pocket and speed dialled Hotch.

The intruder began kicking at the door until the hinges fell off and the door crashed to the floor.

Y/n dropped her phone in fright and screamed as the man pulled her by the legs and into the bedroom.
He made no sound as he pinned her to the floor and revealed duct tape from his jacket pocket.

“No! Get off me!”
Y/n screamed and scratched at his face and wiggled free once again.

Y/n bolted down the stairs and went straight towards the lounge room.

The man who was not far behind, tackled her to the ground and covered her mouth, trying to rid her screams from reaching the neighbours.

Panic started to set in as y/n flailed her arms everywhere, trying to reach something, anything to help her fight off her attacker.
Her hands finaly reached something and without looking to see what it was she bashed it over the his head, causing him to be startled and fall backwards.

Y/n stood quickly and gripped tighter to the item in her hand.
It was a hockey stick that Derek gave her last year.
Y/n raised it up over her head and lowered it quickly and powerfully across the mans body.

“You! Will! Not! Take! Me!” Y/n yelled each word after each hit.

As you pulled the stick back to hit the man again hands wrapped around you, causing you to gasp in pure fright and turn and wack them across the head with it.

“Y/n! It’s Hotch!”
Hotch held up his hands in defense.

Y/n halted her movements, Huffing and puffing.

“Yes it’s me.” He said, clutching his now throbbing head.

You turned around to your attacker and found Derek already there cuffing him.

Turning back to Hotch it had finally sunk in that you had just beaten your boss over the head with a hockey stick.


Hotch smiled and simply shook his head. “I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

Y/n still in utter shock at what had happed just simply nodded.

“Good. Glad to see you had things handled here.” Hotch pointed at the man the police officer was dragging away.

“I don’t even know how he got in. He tried to take me.”
Y/n spoke in disbelief.

“We will fugure that out later. First you…and probably me, need to go get checked over by the paramedic.”

“Oh yeah…” y/n scratched her head.
“Sorry again…about your head.”

He gave a small laugh “ I'ts okay y/n. Really.”

Y/n nodded her head and looked over to Derek who stood there watching the both of them, a smirk forming on his face.

“Good to see you making use of it.”
Derek smiled as he pointed to the hockey stick.

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Just when I thought I was having a bad day cause I overslept, and spilled coffee on myself on my drive to school, I saw someone having a worse day. This poor boy was missing a shoe, tried to jump a puddle to get to the door of his car, fell, and got his sock wet. Then he grabs a poster from his car, the wind blows and his poster goes sailing through the air straight into a puddle of mud... after that he just walked to his drivers side door and drove home.

That dude needs a hug.

Broken Glass | Jaeny (NCT)

Genre: Angst, fluff

Word Count: 1096

Summary: Since you were the shortest person in your relationship with Yoonoh and Johnny, naturally, they’re going to use their height to their advantage, and also to mess with you.

A/n: This was the only ship name I could find for Yoonoh and Johnny. So, if it’s wrong, please send me a message and I’ll fix it.

Warning: This scenario contains a poly relationship.

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I got asked by @thievinghippo for an image of my Ryder!  I have still not quite figured out the joys of screencapping on the PS4, so this is grabbed from  Here she is:

I made her by taking one of the default/preset faces and doing minimal tweaking of hair color/hairstyle/eye color/makeup (well, makeup removal, really), because I am sorry to say that I rarely have the patience to spend much time in any given game’s character creation window. Nonetheless I like how she turned out.

And this is her brother, who came out looking like a slightly shell-shocked Anthony Bourdain for some reason:

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29.“How is my wife more badass than me?” with miles pls :))

You grabbed the print out from the front desk and waved it in Miles face, “How about dem apples? Told you I kick ass.”

Miles took the paper from you and shook his head, “You didn’t just get first place you crushed it. How is my wife more badass than me?”

You leaned over and kissed him softly, “I’m also the one who suggested laser tag on our honeymoon.”

“That’s it. You’re officially too cool for me,” he waved his hand, “Too bad I already married you. No escaping now.”

“Not unless I file for divorce!” you teased as you ran back into the room for the next round.

This is how you marriage

Arrived at my hotel. Checked in. Went to grab my bag from the car…. husband had packed me a cool bag with a sandwich and 2 sodas. 😱😱😱😱😱

*Prince pulls away from the now asleep Anxiety. When had they fallen asleep? He smiles and gets up, grabbing the plushies from earlier and putting them around Anxiety before leaving to his room*


Logan and William in Westworld 1x05 “Contrapasso”

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