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what is the easiest way to know if a girl is into you or likes you ? Other than asking lol

Asking is usually the best way of finding out, but since you took that option away, you’re left with body language interpretation and guessing. Girls will usually be more touchy feely with the person they’re interested in, or they’ll seem to smile more or play with their hair more. But again, that’s just a guessing on my part since I can’t see y'all interact. Do you have a girl in mind that you’d like to find out her feelings about you? What’s she like?

lust part 2(n.m)

The boys were oblivious to the fact that anything was happening between Nate and I, and I liked it that why. I liked it better being known as the single one.

“Can I lick the frosting off of the spoon?” Sam asked while reaching over and trying to grab the spoon from Johnson’s hands. He jerked away from him and laughed.

“No, I said to wait.” Johnson demanded while going back and fixing the homemade frosting he was making. He was doing most of the work while Jack and Sam kept trying to eat everything. Jack eventually gave up on trying while Sam was right besides Gilinsky waiting to get the spoon.

“How long does it honestly take you to stir that frosting?” Sam asked while pointing to the creamy whipped mixture. Jack rolled his eyes but slowly stirred slower just to annoy Sam.

“You suck.” Sam muttered before sitting next to Jack on the counter.

I got down from my spot on the counter quietly so I could run to the bathroom. No one said anything but I was kinda glad, I wanted to think for a minute. I couldn’t exactly think in there with Sam complaining and Melany, my best friend all over Nate, he just sat there watching Sam and Johnson bicker and ignored her.

I pushed my door open and headed into my bathroom to look into the mirror. For some reason everytime I needed to think about something I headed to my bathroom and stared at myself. I ran my hands through my blonde hair before leaning against the counter. My brown eyes studied my face, from the mascara on my lashes to the light blush on my cheeks. Wandering to look at my lips I felt myself blush at the memories of Nate a half an hour ago. The thought of his lips on mine made my stomach burn and I wanted it so badly.

“What are you doing?” His voice was husky again and when I met his eyes in the mirror I couldn’t look away. He looked so attractive leaning against the door way just looking at me. Quickly looking away from him I turned to the mirror and glanced at myself.

“I was just thinking.” I say softly sounding really shy compared to how I wanted to sound. Nate nods slightly before slowly walking towords me. I feel my heart speed up as I watch him through the mirror. His shoulder brushes against mine softly and he purposly drags his fingers across the skin of my lower back that was showing. My skin burns at his touch and my breath hitches in my throat. I watch him pull away just as quickly as he had touched me. I suddenly miss the feeling of his touch but push it away.

“Thinking about what?” He asks as he jumps up onto my bathroom counter and leans against the mirror watching me. I try to distract myself by grabbing some chapstick and putting it on slowly in the mirror, I know if I look at him I’ll blush like crazy.

“Just stuff.” I answer with a shrug hoping he thinks it wasn’t partly about him, though all of it was. I put the cap back onto the chapstick and set it on the counter. I still won’t look at him and it can tell it’s just driving him crazy. Out of the corner of my eye I can see him playing with his fingers with his eyes on me.

Suddenly his fingers slip under my chin forcing me to look at him. His eyes search mine like he’s looking for something. Even though I loved the feeling of being close to him I felt nervous, like I’d do something stupid and embrasses myself.

“Was it because of earlier?” Nate asks me and jumps down from the counter to face infront of me. My cheeks heat up answering his question and he starts to smile at me. “It was wasn’t it?” He isn’t smirking at me like earlier, instead his cheeks are a little red as he smiles down at me.

“I guess.” I mumble not really knowing how to answer him without embarrassing myself, I was pretty damn good at that if I say so myself.

“You know I meant what I said, that you’re gorgeous.” Nate licks his lips and stares at me. “And that I want to kiss you, all over.” Just like that my stomach’s buring again and it’s so hard so for me not to kiss him as he takes a step closer. His hands are on both sides of my face while I stare up at him watching him. His eyes glance between my eyes and my lips, almost like he’s asking for permission.

“Can I?” He whispers huskily and I don’t even have to think. I want his lips on mine so bad, to run my hands through his soft brown hair. To bite his lip while he rans his hands all over me. Just the thought of it makes my stomach go wild and my fingers itch to be in his hair. I nod while staring at him and he gives me a small smile before slowly leaning in.

“I knew it.” Someone’s voice said making me fly away from Nate to see Jack leaning in the door way watching us. He raises his eyebrows at me with a smirk before pointing at both of us.

“I knew there was something between you two. The fact that it took you forever to get the cupcake liners when you were with him and you both leaving to go upstairs at slightly different times, kinda obvious. The guys may not have noticed but I did.” He looked at me most of the time with a smile and glanced at Nate. My cheeks were burning and when I glanced at Nate his were too. “Oh, and the cupcakes are ready.”

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Cake and Fingers- Calum
-I really enjoyed writing this-

     “Calum please don’t put that in there!” I told him as he picked up a bag of flour.
    Today Calum said he wanted to bake a cake and I told him I’d help him. We had just finished mixing the ingredients that were on the recipe page and Calum thought we needed to add more.
     “But I thought it called for more.” he said.
     “Calum, I’ve made this cake before, I know what I’m doing.” I told him.
     “Well what do we do now?” he asked.
     “We put this into this.” I said motioning from the bowl of batter to the cake pan.
    “Ok I can do that!” Calum said grabbing the bowl and the spoon. When he did so, the spoon got flung out of the bowl causing some of the cake mixture to fly onto us. I felt a bit on my face but Calum saw it too.
    “Here, you got something on your face.” he said wiping it off with his finger.
    “Thanks.” I said trying not to be flustered by it.
    “Want to taste it?” he said winking at me.
     I felt my cheeks heat up really fast and my heart sped up a tad but I played it cool.
    “Sure.” I told him and opened my mouth slightly.
    Calum placed his finger in my mouth and I closed my lips around the digit. I swirled my tongue around the area where the cake mixture was and then sucked on it as I pulled away from him. I looked over to Cal whose eyes were now hooded and he was staring at me with a look I’d never seen before.
    “You know what, I think I want to try something a little different than cake today.” he said smirking at me.
   I looked down quickly and saw why he didn’t want cake anymore and then quickly looked back up at him, “Did I do that, Calum?”
  “You know you did. Don’t play coy. So now you’re going to fix it.” he said walking toward me with lust in his eyes.
  “Well isn’t that what best friends are for?”

do you ever like have to stop doing something bc youre thinking about how gay your are like?? ur just casually eating your cereal and you grab a spoonful and stare into the milk like jesus christ im queer as hell

Friends or more?

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Ask: Okay Marilee and Seth have been friends for a long time. Growing up together in Highschool , she had always been excited for him and watching him achieve his dreams. Seth had seen her grow up from this crazy 4 eyed geek to a beautiful woman. He took notice for sure, but what she doesn’t know is that he feels the same way she does. He invites her to a show, hoping to reconnect with his best friend, she agrees to go. What happens when they reveal their feelings? They hit the sheets together.

Pairings: Seth X Marilee.

Warnings: Swearing and a little sex scene. 

A/N: I’m sorry the sex scene sucks! I’m horrible at writing anything drily! 

For the lovely demonicbalorlegos

Marilee was cooking in the kitchen when her phone start ringing, quickly she put down the spoon,  grabbing her phone and answered it without looking at the caller I’D.

“Hello?” Marilee asked, holding her phone with her cheek and shoulder, picking her spoon back up and continued cooking.

“Hey, Marilee!” 

“Seth!” Marilee squealed

Marilee heard Seth laughing on the other end. “How are you?!” Marilee asked.

“I’m good, great. How are you” Seth asked.

“I’m doing good. It’s been so long since I’ve talked to you! So how’s life as a wrestler?” Marilee asked. 

Marilee and Seth had been friends since high school. She loved and was excited that he finely made it to the WWE. It was the best phone call she ever gotten from him. 

“Life as a wrestler is great! But I called you to tell you something that I think you’ll enjoy” Seth said.

“What!?” Marilee asked, excitedly.

“Well, RAW is coming near you and I have a ticket for you AND I can get you backstage!” Seth yelled.

“Oh my god!! When!?!” 

“Tomorrow night! So be ready! I sent your ticket in the mail, should be there later” 

“Oh my god! I can’t wait to see you!” 

“Me either…..Listen I have to go, but I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” 

“Damn right you will!” 


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Marilee sat front row at RAW, a guard was right next to her, wait for RAW to be over so he could take her backstage. 

Marilee bit her nails as she watched Seth face Ryback in the main event. Ryback had control of the match so far, Seth was thrown into the turnbuckle right near her. 

“Come on, Seth! Kick his ass!” Marilee yelled. Seth turned his head and seen her standing there, her hands rolled up into a little fist and she had this little pout in her face. He smiled, he absolutely loved her and to see her grown up from being a little four eyed geek into this beautiful woman. 

He watch her lose the glasses and get contacts, he watch her ditch nervous and shy personally and become this outgoing beautiful woman that he has come to love. No matter how many girls he dated, he always found himself wishing it was Marilee that was holding his hand, kissing him goodbye or waking up next to. 

“Come on, Seth! Don’t let him win!” Marilee yelled. Seth looked up and seen Ryback charging at him.

Seth quickly moved and Ryback ran right in the turnbuckle. After that Seth had control on the match. He hit him with the flighting knee and the pedigree, picking up the win.

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Marilee was taking to the back by the guard. She stood there waiting for Seth.

“Marilee!” Seth yelled. She spun around and locked eyes with him. She ran over to him and jumped on him, wrapping her arms around his neck and locking her legs around his waist.

His arms came around her and he spun them around in circles. 

“I missed you so fucking much!” Seth said, pushing his face into Marilee’s neck once he stopped spinning them.

“I missed you. so. fucking. much!.” Marilee said. She got down off of him. She smiled at him. He smirk at her as he look at what she was wearing.

“I see you’re a big fan of me” Seth said. Marilee was wearing a Seth Rollins shirt and jacket. 

“I’m only wearing it because you sent it to me with the ticket!” She said, laughing.

“Yeah, uh hu, ok!” Seth said, teasingly. Marilee laughed and hit him playfully in the chest. “Shut it!”

Some dude came over and needed Seth to come with him for a minute.

“Stay here! I’ll be right back” Seth said. She nodded your head.

Marilee sat in a chair and started scrolling down her phone, until Ryback came over and sat next to her.

“Hey, Marilee. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you here” Ryback said, smiling.

Marilee smiled back at him. “I know! WWE hasn’t been here is a really long time! You had a good match tonight!  How have you been?

“Thank you and I’ve been good. How about you? You look really beautiful tonight, just as always”

Marilee blushed. “Well thank you and I’ve been very well” 

Ryback continuled to flirt with Marilee as Seth came around corner and seen Ryback move his hand onto her thigh, gently stroking it with his thumb. 

Jealously flared in Seth. How dare he touch Marilee.

Seth came stomping over towards Marilee and grabbed her hand and pulled her away from Ryback and down the hall towards his locker room.

“Seth, what’s the matter?” Marilee asked, as Seth dragged her into his locker room.

“Ryback! He hand his hands all over you!” Seth said, throwing his hands in the air.

Marilee looked down and said. “ Why do you care? It’s not like it effected you” Marilee has always loved Seth, but she knew that Seth never felt that way about her, right? I mean yeah he would alway act like a jerk to any of her boyfriends but he never made a move on her either. 

“It would effected me!”

“How through?”

“Because-because…….I love you! Okay! I fucking love you! And I don’t want you with him!” 

Marilee stappend her head up. “You…you love me?”

“Yes….yes, I love you! Fuck! I’ve loved you for so long” Seth said, looking down.

“Well, I….I love you too” Seth looked up, walking over to her and cupping her cheeks, he kissed her.

The kiss was sweet and gently, he stroked her cheek with his thumb, while his another hand came and reseted against her ass, giving get a hard slap.

Seth pulled away and began to trial kisses down her neck, sucking just a little. Marilee let out a moan as her breathing was hard.

“Lets….lets go back to my place” Seth looked up and kissed her again before nodding. 

At Marilee’s House-

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Marilee couldn’t even get the door all the way open before Seth’s hands were all over her.

Seth kicked the door shut behind him and grabbed Marilee’s hand and pulled her near him, kissing her again. 

Seth pushed the jacket off of her shoulders and pulling her shirt over her head and throwing somewhere. 

Marilee pulled at the helm on his shirt and he quickly pulled it off. Seth moved his hands to his belt and pulled it off.

Marilee pulled Seth to the bedroom. Seth kissed her all over her neck and then sat on the bed and watched Marilee kick her shoes of and pulled her pants off. Leaving her in her bra and panties. 

Seth took her hand and pulled her over so that she was standing in front of him.  

His hands gripped her hips and he began kissed down her stomach. His hands came gripped her ass, giving it a hard squeeze and a slap.

Seth pulled Marilee down on his lap, his hands running up and down her back.

He flipped them so that she was laying down on her back. Seth got up and hooked his thumbs in the side of his pants and boxers pulled them both down and kicking them to the side. 

Marilee watched, taking him and in, the way his body looked, the way his muscles flexed. 

Seth pulled her panties down and climbed in between her legs, kissing her neck and jaw.

“Oh god, Seth!” Marilee moaned as she felt Seth at her entrance. Gently Seth pushed in and moaned.

“Oh Marilee!” 

“Harder!” Marilee moaned. Seth went harder.

“Faster, Seth! Faster!” Seth went faster, pushing his face into her neck as her hands scratched down his back.

“I’m close!” Marilee moaned. 

“Me too, baby!” Seth moaned into her neck, gently biting down on her neck.

They both reached peek and came. Seth rolled off of her and laid to the side of her. Seth pulled her near him, kissing the side of her head.

“I love you, Marilee”

“I love you too, Seth” Marilee said, cuddling closer to Seth, kissing his chest. 

“That was amazing” Seth mumble into her hair. Marilee nodded her head. “Yeah it was”

Seth rubbed his hands up and down her back, mumbled just how much he loved her.

Oh god! That last part was horrible! I’m sorry! X(

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“We can share.”

“You want me to share my ice cream?” The blonde asks
looking at her best friend, whom she happened to have
feelings for but never said a word about it. “Oh come on,
grab a spoon!” She caved to allowing the sharing of her
favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip. She normally would
 not allow anyone to have any of her ice cream but it was Emily,
 she could share a little bit for her.

So, Affairs will be updated today. Grab the Nutella. Grab the spoons. Hide your feels, the angst parade marches on.


Someone Else’s Starr Spoilers (As you can see I’m in a jumping between stories kind of mood.)

Tatum grabbed Scott by the crook of his elbow and dragged him to the kitchen with her.  He walked backwards until Tatum accidentally ran him into a wall.  She giggled her apology before stepping into the kitchen and meandering toward the fridge. Opening it, she pulled out a pudding cup and set it on the counter.  She went to go grab a spoon when Scott stole her pudding cup and started devouring it. With her mouth wide open, she walked over and smacked her cousin playfully on the arm before pulling out another pudding cup.  Scott just laughed as he sat down at the kitchen table, waiting for Tatum.  She came over and sat down cross-legged on the chair beside Scott. 

“So the very fact that you haven’t blown me off with a nothing yet, makes me very curious that something actually happened to you,” Tatum said before scooping chocolate pudding into her mouth.  She missed her mouth a bit and got some pudding the tip of her nose, but she easily licked it off with her tongue.  Scott just sat there watching her. “Well?”

“I was at work.” Scott shrugged his shoulders and took another bite of pudding.  Tatum didn’t buy it and the incredulous expression she gave her cousin said so.

“And?  Come on.  Spill your guts.  You know that I live my social life vicariously through you, not that you’re actually that much more social than I am, but that’s beside the point.  Tell me!”

“Says the girl who is now friends with Lydia Martin.  Stiles would not shut up about it in the locker room.”

“As disturbing as I find the fact that Stiles was talking about me in the locker room, we’re talking about you.”

“There’s no distracting you is there?”

“Nope.  One of my finer qualities.  Now tell me.  Pleeease. Or I’ll tell Allison all your embarrassing stories at school tomorrow.”

“Blackmail, really?” Tatum smirked at her cousin causing him to shake his head in her direction. “I’ll tell you but only if you promise not to tell Allison my embarrassing stories.”

“Pinky promise.” Tatum stuck her pinky finger out. A childish gesture that kept many secrets between her and her cousin.  A pinky promise between the two of them actually meant something.  Scott rolled his eyes before wrapping his pinky finger around his cousin’s finger.  “All right Scotty, any time now.”

“Allison.  I was with Allison.  She hit a dog and then we brought it to the animal clinic and yeah.” Tatum dropped her spoon to the floor, the metal clanking against the tile.  Scott bent down to pick up her spoon because he refused to meet Tatum’s surprised expression.

“Na-uh.”  Scott banged his head on the table trying to sit up.  Tatum threw her head back and laughed at her cousin’s expense as he handed her spoon back to her, rubbing the back of his head.  Her stomach hurt from laughing at him that she clutched her stomach, trying to settle herself.  

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8 and 19 on that meme thing for my son Carlos!

8: Favorite indulgence and feelings surrounding indulging:

Okay, I have a meaningful and more in-character indulgence and just a silly one cosleia wrote about. >w<

The silly one is, Carlos really likes eating frosting. Straight out of the can. He just grabs a spoon and eats it from the can. And he has absolutely no regret for this indulgence, either. At this point it is a scientific and important part of his very being. \(^ω^\)

The serious one is, there are some science experiments he does to wind down! Just some passive ones with no exploding and no things he’s looking to find out! Like, maybe he runs PCRs with no genetic material or runs some basic chemistry experiments for fun! I think, he really enjoys doing this kind of thing because it helps him focus on something small but something that is natural and something he can do and know will be exciting, even if he’s done this experiment a bunch of times! I also just think he likes being in the lab doing science things hehehe. (ノ゚▽゚)ノ


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Octavia looked down to find Aaron lying on her couch, a quiet snore expelling from his lips. With a wicked grin, she grabbed a spoon and a pot and began banging loudly. “Rise and shine, Plaidboy!

”Piss off,” he managed to mutter, pulling the couch cushion over his face to block away the sun. It was far too early, and Octavia was far too chirpy and happy for it to be eight in the morning. “Can’t a guy get some sleep around here?”