grab your crucifix

5, 6, Grab Your Crucifix

Characters/Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader, little bit of OMC Glen x Reader

Word Count: 6676 (side-eyes myself)

Warnings: OK, here goes…language, drinking, possessiveness, violence, biting, rough sex, marking/claiming sex, non-con voyeurism, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex (pretend there’s a pill or something of that sort in use)…If I missed something, let me know

A/N: Alright, well, here is my late submission for @roxy-davenport‘s birthday writing challenge. I had the prompts: Demon!Dean, Claiming sex, Nightmare on Elm Street, and the quote “Aren’t you precious?” I had a lot of fun with this one, and went more for the dickish Demon!Dean than evil. Much love and thanks to @kayteonline and @ilsawasanacrobat for the beta work and read-throughs and encouragement! You both rock!!

Hope you enjoy it. Please note the warnings. Feedback and constructive criticism are amazing things, please give them to me.

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Year after year, the reason changed, and at first, you meant it. Bartending was supposed to be temporary. Just something to fill your free nights and get some extra cash in your pocket. Now, though, if you were honest, you kept at it because you really enjoyed it. All of it - the fast pace, the free entertainment, and sometimes the company.

Flirting came with the job. The sex? That was where you had to be careful. You didn’t need any overzealous clingy partners hanging around, so you were fairly cautious and discreet, enjoyed more casual flings as they came and went.

Your current FWB, Glen, sat at the end of the bar, out of the way, but close enough that you could still talk and flirt as you worked.

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” you teased, making up another drink for him.

“Not yet,” he answered with a quick up-down of his eyebrows, making you roll your head back in mock disgust.

“You’re so fucking lame.” You threw a coaster at him and went back to work, flicking off bottle caps and pouring mixers as the bar began to fill. You were scanning the crowd, keeping an eye out for your regulars and anyone looking to flag you down for another drink when you caught sight of him. With that gorgeous face you’d have to struggle to forget, he sat casually at the middle of the bar. He already had a glass in front of him and you wondered how you’d missed him earlier. If you weren’t already warm and flushed from the rush of work, the look he was sending your way would have done it.

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The Nail: June 2017

The Nail isn’t about perfection. It isn’t about award-level contenders. It’s about seeing focus and effort and hard work radiate off of the screen. 

The Nail’s purpose isn’t to highlight genres of fics or specific ships written during a certain time frame - the sole focus is quality.

Character dimension. Writing with clever readers in mind. Solid world-building. Tension through boundaries. Crazy crisp dialogue. Incredibly tight plotting. Big emotion.

And though yours truly - nice to meet you, new folks, I’m Nash! - is editor of the list, the goal is for YOU to curate the content. 

Read more about how all this came to be, find past editions, see what factors are considered when constructing the list, and learn how to get your recommendations in HERE.

Now - on to the stories!

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Friday, I’m in love... With your writing! (week 17)


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Hey, it’s my Masterlist

**Feel free to breeze past the first 3 fics on this list. They’re not my favorites, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere, right? Anyway…**

Something Quite Atrocious - Dean x Reader Suggestive content, sfw. 

Taming Wild Beasts - Sam x Reader, sfw, silly fluff.

I Remember - Dean x Reader, sfw, but implied smut.

CYOSA September Pt 4 - Dean x Reader, sfw, canon-typical violence. Conclusion piece for the Choose Your Own Supernatural Adventure.

Keeping Up with the Joneses - Dean x Reader, nsfw, smut, sex toys. 

It’s a Dying Industry Pt. 1 - Dean x Reader, sfw, bad jokes about death. 

It’s a Dying Industry Pt. 2 

The Sky is Empty - Sam x Reader, sfw, angst, religious subject matter. 

Widow’s Weekend - No pairing, sfw

Copy, Rogue Leader - Sam x Reader, sfw, suggestive flirting, lots of Star Wars quotes, total nerd fest.

By Someone Who Knows How - Dean x Reader, fluff, sfw, first kiss with Dean

This is Our Time - No pairing, crack fic, sfw.

CYOSA November Pt 4: Back to Life - Dean x Reader, nsfw, canon-typical violence, language, angst, and smut

That Special Someone - Stanford!Sam x Reader (platonic), sfw, some language

Try to Understand pt. 1 - A/B/O, Alpha!Dean Smith x Reader, some language, sfw

Try to Understand pt. 2 - language, mild sexy times

Try to Understand pt. 3 - same warnings from part 2

Got It Bad - Sam x Reader,nsfw, angst, smut, fluff, lots of pining for the Moose

5, 6, Grab Your Crucifix - Demon!Dean x Reader, nsfw, smutty smut and light violence (not to reader)

Strategic Mothering - Young!Mary Winchester fic feat. John, toddler!dean, and Samuel Campbell, smidge of panic and angst

CYOSTODA Pt 6 - Smut, the porn kind. Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader, OFC Leah x Reader, nsfw - I repeat - smut!

Crapulous - Dean x Reader + an OFC, sfw, fluff and humor, language and discussions of drunken shenanigans

Baby’s Big 50 Writing Challenge Masterlist - various pairings, smut, angst, crack, fluff…Lots of writers wrote Baby-centric fics to celebrate her birthday (keep an eye for out for updates)

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jonathan horror movies

Every Friday you and Jonathan would have a horror movie night. You would pick a movie, make dinner and enjoy the evening. This Friday it was your turn to pick a movie and prepare some food. You decided to make pancakes and watch A Nightmare on Elm Street. Jonathan came over at around 8pm just in time when you finished your pancakes.

When you opened the door you found him looking at the sky and trees trying to find the right angle to take a picture.  After he finally did he turned around as you wrapped your hands around his neck pulling him closer for a hug. He was your best friend and you trusted him with all your heart but sometimes you would question your friendly feelings towards him. Sometimes you would accidently fall asleep next to him during a movie night and wake up to beautiful messy haired Jonathan next to you on the couch who would make your stomach filled with butterflies. He was the only person who understood you more than you understood yourself. He also shared the same friendly feelings towards you too but was too shy to say anything about it, instead he would show you. He was always there for you and always making sure you’re okay…

First you had dinner, talked about school, people…life, and then went to your living room to watch the movie.

“I haven’t had a chance to see this one.” You said. “I picked A Nightmare on Elm Street.”

“I haven’t seen it either.”

Because it was the middle of December you both hid under the big warm blanket you brought from your room. Halfway through the movie and you were using Jonathan as a pillow. He of course didn’t mind. You didn’t want to admit but you were scared of Freddy Krueger, he was creepy and made you feel really uncomfortable.

“Are you enjoying the movie so far?” You asked him.

“Yeah it’s good and not that scary.”

“Yeah.” You lied. “Not scary at all…”

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you
Three, four, better lock your door
Five, six, grab your crucifix
Seven, eight, gonna stay up late
Nine, ten, never sleep again

When you heard that song you immediately covered your ears while shivers covered your whole body. You couldn’t help it. You have never heard it before and didn’t want to ever again. You snuggled against Jonathan as you wrapped your arms around his like a koala.

“Are you okay?”

“No.” You mumbled under the blanket. “I don’t like it.”

“We watched the Shinning last week and you were perfectly okay even though it’s was more scary than this.” He smiled.

“Because I read the book first and I knew what to expect.”

“Do you want to me to turn it off? We can watch something else.”

“No I’m okay I can do this.”

At the end of the evening you managed to watch the whole movie without jumping or covering your face. When it ended you realized you were alone with Jonathan because your parents went to visit relatives for a week.

“I like the movie.” Jonathan said trying to stand up but you didn’t let him. You were still like a koala wrapped around his arm. “(Y/N) are you okay?”

“Can I ask you something?”


“Can you stay for the night? I know it’s stupid but I’m freaked out. Please?”



“Sure I just have to call my mom.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” You jumped from the couch giving him the biggest hug and kissed his cheek. When you pulled away you could clearly see he was blushing.

“You’re welcome.”

Since that night you have moved on from horror movies and decided that Friday was a day for comedies.


It’s halloween your favourite time of year! Except christmas of course but it was an excuse to eat candy and watch scary films. J was out on business as usual but you took this opportunity to sit in your pyjama’s with a blanket and stuff your face, You stick on a movie and tuck into some popcorn and m&m’s. You loved scary movies even though you were such a wimp your movie choice was a nightmare on elm street… You had the lights out and all you had was the flickering light of the tv you were fully immersed. You were deep into the movie by now blanket up to your chest and you clung onto it tightly “bitch are you stupid!” You shouted at the tv “this is how you die girl!” You continued, with all the immersion you didn’t hear j return home he stood behind you examining you and smiling at how into the movie you were. “One two Freddy’s coming for you three four better lock your door five six grab your crucifix seven eight better stay up late nine ten never sleep again” as the song finishes on the movie J grabs your shoulder. You scream loudly and shoot up from under the blanket “ha ha ha ha” J laughs clapping his hands together “what the fuck J!” You cross your arms “i’m sorry kitten i couldn’t help myself” J laughs. “It’s not funny J i almost had a heart attack” “it’s a little funny doll” J says while sitting down before patting the seat next to him “what are we watching baby” J asks, you pout and sit down next to him and you both finish watching the movie together. You are going to get him back for this.

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One, two, Freddy’s coming for you,

Three, four, better lock your door,

Five, six, grab your crucifix,

Seven, eight, better stay up late, 

Nine, ten, never sleep again.”

Custom denim dress, Krueger style. Hand painted and studded.


Ink/Inkwash on 9x12 bristol board ~ Art by Francesco Francavilla

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.
Three, four, better lock your door.
Five, six, grab your crucifix.
Seven, eight, gonna stay up late.
Nine, ten, never sleep again!

Doing this one-a-day-all-month-long horror art thing in October leading to Halloween :)

Day 7 of FFFear brings you another old friend and one of the legendary icons of horror movies from the recent decades: Freddy Krueger! :)