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Kylo Ren x Reader

“You don’t understand”

Note: Master Kylo Ren signmethefuckup


His lightsaber moved towards you in a blinding stream of red sparks. Dodging his blow, you yelled, swinging back at him. He then chased you through the trees of the training area. His long legs carrying him close behind you. Hopping to the side, you interlocked lightsabers. Pushing forward, Kylo fell from your grip and then held the end of his lightsaber by your side. You sighed in defeat, and he twirled his lightsaber steadily in his hand.


“I don’t see why we have to keep-“


Groaning, you took your stance and then lunged at him. Fighting harder than the last, faster-quicker-better. Kylo, however, was better. He beat you again.

Leaning against on of the trees, you tried to catch your breath. The hilt of your lightsaber slick with sweat. Kylo grabbed you by the collar, pulling you away from the tree, and then he pulled your arm up, forcing you into your battle stance. The breeze whipped your hair in front of your eyes, and you brushed it away, clearing your throat.

“You won’t have time to catch your breath during a fight.” He muttered. You swallowed and ignited your lightsaber again.

“Why do you care so much?” You grunted, gripping the hilt of your weapon.

He didn’t answer, instead, the red sparks of his cross blade lightsaber flew up into the air once again, and instead of you, he surged forward. You tried to block him, but he hit the tree behind you.

“FIGHT!” He shouted over the sound of cackling sabers.

“I’m tired-Kylo please.” You cried out, swinging at him. He didn’t relinquish his efforts. Anger built in your stomach, and he felt it because he grinned. You then whipped yourself around, blocking his saber, and then twisting it out of his grip. Kicking him down, you pointed your weapon towards his chest.

With a single click, the hum of your saber died, and you fell onto the ground beside Kylo. After a few moments, Kylo then breathed out, his chest heaving.

“To answer your question…” Kylo sat up. “I care because I don’t want you to lose. I don’t want you to go into a fight unprepared. So, I’m going to push you. I’m going to push you until you break. So that I can glue you back together myself, stronger for when I’m not going to be there.”

Groaning, you grabbed your lightsaber, hooking it onto your belt, and then picking yourself up. Walking away from him with heavy feet… You were tired, your limbs shaking.

Kylo caught up to you, grabbing your arm once he was in reach.

“I thought you wanted me to help you?”

You looked down, afraid that you’d let the real reason you wanted him to train you to slip out into the crisp air. “No… yeah… I got it.”


“What, Kylo?” He bit his bottom lip, sighing. But didn’t say anything. You scoffed and then continued your walk back to your room to clean up. Then, you felt him in your head. Kylo’s words flooded your whole body, and you winced. It always hurt at first, like a dull throb.

Quickly turning around, Kylo still stood where you had left him. Instead of going through your head, he yelled,

You don’t understand, do you?” Within a second, Kylo was only inches from you. “You don’t understand. You can’t see the real reason I agreed to train you, can you…” His words were much more a demand than a question… Hard, thick. You swallowed. Your stomach dropping with the slight ease of his thoughts in your head. Stammering away, you forced him out. He blinked and looked at the ground. “I’m not going to lose you, Y/N.”

“This is a trick.“ Grabbing you by your collar once again, he quickly yanked you against him, slamming his lips against yours. His voice ran through your head again, and you didn’t know if he actually spoke or not.

I want you… And if anyone’s being tricked, it’s me… Can’t you see… Y/N…

“Hmmm…” You let out a small moan. Shocked by your actions, you then pulled away, your face flushed with embarrassment. His fingers still gripped your collar. Holding you firmly against him, his muscles tense against your small frame.

“I agreed to train you… Because I can’t bear to lose you. I won’t lose you like I’ve lost others. I need you to be strong, and I need you to be prepared.”

Squinting up at him, you reached up and cupped his face. Nodding, you then pulled him down. His lips were soft, gentle. Eager, warm against yours. You found yourself wanting more and sensing your desire for him, Kylo wrapped his lengthy arms tightly around your waist. Lifting you up against him, kissing you with such passion that your whole body shivered, you felt the hot sun shining on your back, and with your eyes closed, you may have not understood much, but you did understand one thing: You didn’t want this moment to end.

I won’t Apologize

Stefan x Reader

Summary: You save Stefan’s life, but he gets mad because you’re human and almost get yourself killed trying to save him. 

Requested by anon 

     The Salvatore house was quite, which was something that never happened. There was always some sort of conversation or fighting going on, but right now there was nothing. The silence worried you some, but you knew better than to jump to conclusions. You quickly made your way to Stefan's bedroom. You quickly flung open the door. You were half expecting Stefan to be sitting at his desk writing in his journal instead, the room was empty. “Stefan!” you called out in hopes that he would suddenly appear behind you. 

       You jumped when you heard a scream come from the basement. It sounded like Stefan. It had to be Stefan, but what was making him scream. You quickly scanned the room looking for any sharp wooden objects you could use to impale a possible vampire assailant. A broken chair leg looked like it would do the trick. You grabbed the chair and kicked the leg off. Your heart was pounding in your chest and you could feel every beat of it in your ears. If Stefan was in trouble you would have to be the one to save him because there didn’t seem to be anyone else around to do it. 

      You carefully made your way to the basement. as you got closer Stefan’s screams got louder. Every time you heard the slightest noise leave Stefan’s mouth you felt a horrible feeling in your gut. Listing to his screams was the worst thing you had ever had to do. You wanted badly to just run down there and kill his assailant, but you had to be careful or else you would get yourself killed. 

       Your element of surprise went quickly out the window when you heard a man’s voice say,”Listen to the flutter of their heartbeat.” You froze right where you were afraid to move because now the man knew you were there, he probably even knew how close you were to him. Stefan growled at the man and you could hear him struggling against some restraints. 

          Besides the sound of Stefan's growls, it was quite. Stefan was not being hurt he was instead just trying to escape his restraints. You knew the man was coming for you, he had to be. You quickly backed yourself up against a wall so he couldn't come up from behind you. Your grip on the chair leg tightened and the amount of adrenalin in your body skyrocketed. 

          “Hello.” Without even thinking you plunged the chair leg into the man in front of you. It was a strange man you had never seen before. His skin was now turning grey, but you could still clearly see his features. He had bright green eyes and dark brown hair, he was older, no older than 40, and he had a scar running down his left cheek. 

         “Y/N!” Stefan yelled. You looked one last time at the strange man dying on the ground and then ran towards Stefan. 

            He was tied to a chair and had a wooden stake in both legs. Blood soaked his shirt and his forehead was drenched in sweat. “Stefan.” You said weakly. You got down on your knees in front of him and pulled the Stakes from his legs. You quickly untied his ropes and got him out of the chair.

         “You should have gone and got Damon.” Stefan croaked. You stopped and looked at him. 

          “by the time I found Damon’s ass, you would have been dead.” You said with anger in your voice. Part of you knew he would be angry with you for saving him, which was stupid on his part. 

        “You could have been killed, by that man.” His voice got louder and his grip on your shoulder tightened. 

            “And he could have killed you too, Stefan. Can’t you just say ‘thanks for saving my life Y/N, let’s go get some burgers or something’.” You said in a mocking tone. 

           “You should have got Damon.” He said once more. 

           “What Stefan are you upset that a human killed him and you couldn’t.” You looked him dead in the eye. You were mad now because he was being ridiculous. “Look I am not going to apologize for saving your life, so get over yourself.” 

       He groaned in defeat, but he didn’t say another word about the whole thing. 

        “Who was that man, Stefan.” You asked as you watched him take his shirt off. 

       “Just some new vampire that wanted revenge on Damon, but sadly Damon wasn’t here.” He sighed and headed towards his bathroom. 

       “Why is Damon never around when you need him?” You said laughing. 

Halloween Spoopy Everyday LookBook 🎃

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Model Basics:
Hair by @plumboby
Boots by @dreamteamsims

1st Look:
Shirt by @puresims
Jeans by @puresims

2nd Look:
Shirt by @grassysimmer
Pants by Toksik

3rd Look:
Hat by Toksik
Shirt by @averagesimblr
Jeans by @savage-sims

4th Look:
Hat by @femmeonamissionsims
Dress by @bummerdudez
Stockings by @pixelunivairse

5th Look:

Shirt by @plumbobjuice
Shorts by @savage-sims
Stockings by @savage-sims

Thank you to the amazing creators!

LookBook Requests are OPEN! Want to request one? Send me the details. Any sex, age, style, theme.

I Like You

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Stiles trying to impress you at a lacrosse because he likes you, but things don’t exactly work out. However after the game you find him and try to cheer him up, when nothing works you decide to tell him something you know will make him smile.

Lacrosse was something that Beacon Hills High School took very seriously, especially Coach. So it was no surprise that tonight’s game was a close match. It was half time and you went down to the field to wish Scott, Stiles and Liam good luck with the rest of the game. Approaching the bench where Stiles was sitting you sat down beside him but saw no sign of Scott and Liam.

“Good game so far, hey?” you said.

Stiles looked up and smiled, even though he wasn’t actually playing he was still very up beat. Suddenly the coach came up behind Stiles, “Stilinski your up”.

You both turned your heads to look at coach “You mean I’m playing?”, you couldn’t help but smile at how excited he was at the chance to actually be playing in the game.

“Yes! Now get on that field Stilinski and show them what you’re made of”. The coach clapped Stiles on the back before walking off to yell at another team member who was probably doing something coach didn’t like. Stiles grabbed his lacrosse stick and had a cocky but yet dorky smile on his face “I’m getting good, really good” he said.

Laughing you couldn’t deny Stiles always managed to make you smile, there was something about him that put you in a good mood whenever you two spoke.

“Go get them” showing him a sign of support. He ran onto the field and took his position near the goal, while you went back and joined everyone else on the stands. Everything was going good in the game despite coach yelling from the sidelines, until the ball rolled it’s way to Stiles he picked it up and started running towards the opposite end goals. However what he didn’t see coming was a larger guy, who looked twice his size heading his way. Fingers crossed that everything would be okay, that was short lived when the guy knocked him to the ground.

Hearing gasps from several people in the stand, you hoped that he wasn’t injured. Scott ran towards Stiles and helped him get on his feet, “Are you okay?” Scott asked his best friend. "Yeah I’m fine, did Y/N see that?”. Scott looked over in your direction and quickly looked back, “No I’m sure she didn’t” he said trying to cheer up Stiles.

The game continued and apart from Stiles getting knocked down a few more times and the ball nearly hitting his face, the game was a success with the victory going to Beacon Hills just barely. The players all made their ways to the locker rooms to get changed, most of the people watching already went home but you choose to stay back and make sure Stiles was alright. You made your way to the boys locker room and waited outside the door, Scott came out with Liam but you didn’t see Stiles.

“Hey guys, do you know where Stiles is?” you asked Liam and Scott.

“His still in the locker room” Liam said while going off to catch up with Hayden.

Scott walked back to you and placed his hand on you shoulder “You should go in and talk to him, his a bit down after what happened in the game. Maybe you’ll have a better shot at cheering him up”. Nodding you made sure no one else was in the room and found Stiles sitting on the bench towards the back, there was no doubt he looked upset. Making your way towards him you sat down.

“Hey you”.

Stiles didn’t bother to even look up and you felt really bad for him. You went to Scott a few weeks ago and asked him if he knew anything about Stiles having feelings for you, he of course denied it but eventually you kept on insisting he tell you. Lydia was the only person who knew of your crush on Stiles, you weren’t planning for it to happen but one day you woke up and saw him in a different light.

“Stiles come on talk to me, you were great out there” .

He looked up and threw a shirt in his duffel bag, “I sucked Y/N. I literally got knocked on my butt”.

“It wasn’t that bad, the team won and Stiles your apart of the team” .

Clearly none of these attempts in cheering him up were working, fiddling with your fingers you hoped that what you were about to confess would do the trick.

Grabbing Stiles hand you looked in his yes, “It doesn’t matter to me how many times you got knocked on the ground. I thought you played great”.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better”.

Removing his bag to the ground you shuffled closer to him, “I can assure you that I’m being honest with you….Stiles the thing is I like you, more than a friend…” Nerves were running through every part of your body, and thank god he wasn’t a werewolf considering your heart was beating very heavily.

His expression was full of shock, “I-Are you sure?”.

You smiled and it was a classic Stiles response, leaning in you kissed him which is something you didn’t plan on doing but you were in the moment. Once Stiles registered that a kiss was in fact happening he grew more comfortable in it and everything just felt right. Pulling away smiles were plastered on both your faces.

“100% sure Stilinski”.

Standing up, he picked up his bag and laced his fingers in yours. Walking towards his Jeep he turned to you “Oh by the way I like you too”. Laughing you gave him a quick peek and watched him get into his Jeep and drive away. When you knew he had gone, you made your way to your own car. Seating in the drivers seat you were about to drive off when your phone beeped, digging through your purse you finally found the phone and saw that Stiles sent you a message, it read:

I forgot to ask before, but will you be my girlfriend? - Stiles.

What an absolute dork you thought, quickly typing yes as your answer you locked the phone and made your way home allowing the events that took place to sink in. You were officially dating Stiles Stilinski, life was certainly good.

Pranks for each zodiac sign. April Fools day.

**They’re intended to be funny but not offensive or too messy like most pranks usually are**

Aries: Go into a clothes store dressing room and play a shower sound on your phone. Then start singing.

Taurus: Go into a pet store and point at a human, while saying “I want that one mommy!”

Gemini: Find a jogger on the street, run in front of them and scream “STOP CHASING ME”.

Cancer: Suck in helium and go behind someone, saying “follow the yellow brick road!”, then hide.

Leo: Name your wifi “FBI surveillance van” to freak out your neighbours.

Virgo: Take a picture of a stranger, then walk up and show it to them saying “Have you seen this person?”

Libra: Fill public spaces with notes that seem like serious warnings but just say “excuse me, but, why are you reading my note?”

Scorpio: Tell your Aries or Pisces friend that’s going to celebrate their birthday soon that you’re gonna buy them an X Box. Buy a box, write X on it and give it to them.

Sagittarius: If you go on a public transport, sit in front of someone, grab your phone in a way that the person behind can see the screen perfectly and when you think they’re looking, open a new tab and type “how to kill the person behind me”.

Capricorn: Hold up a sign that says FREE HUGS. When someone comes, say “Sorry, we’ve run out.”

Aquarius: Tell someone to hold a glass of water on each of their hands’ palms, for a magic trick (not grabbing them, just letting the glasses on top of their palms) When both of their hands are occupied, take their wallet or their phones and run while they figure out how to react since they have two glasses of water balanced on their palms and they can’t just quickly get up and chase you or they’ll mess up. (If you think the glasses will break and you’ll get into trouble, use plastic ones)

Pisces: Log in to your parents/friend/sibling’s personal email account, and set an out-of-office message that makes them seem adorably bananas. Something like, “I will be unreachable by email from Wednesday, April 1st, until Saturday, Maytober 93rd. During this time I will be trying to locate my spirit fish by scuba diving in the pond behind my house. In case of emergency, contact my assistant, Cookie Monster, at”

Cooking - Requested by Anonymous

“Y/N, will you please stop playing with the turkey and get started on dinner?” Reiji smiled at you faintly as you made cute noises while making it dance.

Giggling, you continue to make the stuffing for the turkey. Before stuffing it, you decide to take the whip cream and dab some on his nose. As you reach, you successfully get some on there. He notices your trick and grabs your arm. You giggle even more as he dabs some on your nose. “Please stop playing and get back to the stuffing.” He sighed briefly as you licked the cream off his nose and your own. Turning around you hear him mumble something under his breath. “I should of licked it off myself…”

You can’t help but hold in the laughter as you stuff the turkey. Deciding to pull one more prank, you take the whip cream one more time. Instead of spraying him with it right away, you act as if you’re just making a top for the pumpkin pie. Unfortunately, for him, he fell for it. Turning his back you spray him all over with the cream. Her turns around quick. You expect him to be angry, instead he grabs the can and sprays you too. While you’re laughing harder than you should, he cracks a smile as he walks up to you and embraces your still laughing body. He kisses your forehead and scolds at you, “Look at this mess. I expect you to clean it up, otherwise…. I’ll have to punish you.”

You nod as you quickly run to grab a rag.

A/N: Sorry its so short. I didn’t have much of an idea besides small pranks. I hope you enjoyed anyway! 😆

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Her Broken Halo Pt. 3

A/N: Yay, my Windows 10 update failed. So, I was able to post tonight!

Read Part 1 & Part 2

What is the team to do with you? Or Hale, so they think? Tony and Bruce are in action to put a stop to “Hale,” while Wanda tries to intervene. She’s the only one who seems to be piecing it together. She tries to shake some sense into Pietro, but he’s dead set on believing you’re not you. He’s with Tony and Bruce on this one.

Warnings: Violence, references to sexual assault, sibling angst

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 1,725

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anonymous asked:

You know the flower shop/tattoo parlor fic trope? If applied to tythan, I'm sure a lot of people would pin Ethan as the flower shop owner and Tyler as the tattoo artist but I'm all about that switcheroo so just imagine mildly tattooed blue boi going in to Tyler's shop for some cacti to liven up his parlor and he keeps coming back (for Tyler of course) and there's just oblivious!Tyler asking him "why do you need all these plants I'm concerned."

I actually haven’t heard this yet but let’s see what I can do with it :3

When Ethan was younger no one really pinned him as the type to have his own tattoo parlor, but yet here he was. He lived downtown and loved what he did, tattoos were his life. Shortly after discovering his passion, he dyed his hair blue and got a few tattoos of his own. Most of them were of video game or comic book characters, the things he enjoyed the most as a child.

It was a rainy Sunday, the best kind of Sunday in his opinion. With the lack of natural light in his shop, he realized how dull the place looked. It was a strange realization, considering there was art all over the walls and posters for local bands scattered about, but it felt like it was just missing something… That’s when Ethan had an idea.

He quickly donned his rain jacket and steeped out into the rain. The hustle and bustle of the sidewalk always took him back. People walking through life, not looking where they’re going, or even caring. It honestly disgusted him. Ethan didn’t have far to go, the place he was looking for was right next door to his parlor. He walked in and a high pitched bell went off, announcing his entrance to the owner.

Ethan had seen this florist shop a few times, but never bothered to go in. He never had a reason to. No one was at the counter, even with the bell alerting them of his presence. Ethan just shrugged and began looking around. Some cacti in small pots caught his attention. They were so tiny, bit would definitely do the trick. He grabbed three of his favorites and took them up to the counter, looking around for an employee.

“Helllooo,” Ethan called out to the empty shop. He considered just leaving the cash on the counter for the plants, but as soon as the thought came to his mind, it quickly left. Someone was coming. From the back of the shop emerged a tall male, probably older than him. He had a light pastel sweater on, that looked a bit loose on him. The males curly brown hair was topped with a flower crown, the looked as if it was made out of real flowers. Considering where he was, it probably is.

“Hey, how can I help you?” The man said to Ethan. He looked down at the Employees nametag, noting his name was Tyler. The nametag was also colorfully decorated with stickers. Figures.

“I’d like to buy these,” Ethan said getting lost in Tyler’s eyes all of a sudden, “please.” He added on, not trying to seem rude.

“Of course.” Tyler had replied with a small. It was weird, when he smiled like that, it made Ethan’s stomach flip. He hadn’t felt that way since high school. Ethan looked the other guy up and down. Well, he WAS attractive as hell, flower crown and all. Ethan decided to go for it, I mean what could it hurt?

“Thanks,” Ethan grabbed the bag from Tyler and reached for the receipt in the bag pulling it out and grabbing a pen off the counter. Tyler looked on confused. Ethan wrote on the receipt simply, ‘text me :) ’ and scribbled his phone number underneath. He handed it to Tyler who read it and immediately began blushing. Before he could respond, however, Ethan had already left the shop.


Sebastian Stan Request

hi sweetie! could you please write a sebastian stan x reader where they’re married and they take their 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter trick or treating?

This was about to take the cake as the greatest family Halloween costume ever. You had borrowed one of the set’s Black Widow outfits, Sebastian had taken his metal arm and Winter Soldier costume, and your 4 year old son, Robbie, and your 2 year old daughter, Emma, were clad in a Captain America and a Thor costume.

“Look at my little daughter of Odin,” you said swooping up Emma in your arms. Thor was her favorite super hero much to her Uncle Chris’ dismay.

“I had a feeling she wasn’t mine,” Sebastian said laughing as he came in the room. “I’ve been asked to give an introduction,” he cleared his he throat dramatically. “Everyone, please try and contain your excitement for the one, the only, the greatest….Captain America,” you cheered and Emma clapped her hands.

Robbie came out of the hall in his Captain America suit with his hood up and his shield. “Oh my goodness, that the handsomest superhero I’ve ever seen,” you gasped.

“I should be offended but I can’t disagree with you,” Seb walked over and grabbed the kid’s trick or treat baskets. “You guys ready to hit the streets?”

“After we get a picture,” you demanded.

Then you four took the streets. “Trick or Treat,” Robbie and Emma smiled at one of your neighbors as they answered the door.

“Looks, it’s Earth’s mightiest heroes,” he cheered! “Thank God you guys are in the neighborhood. It makes me feel extra safe.” He dropped candy into their buckets.

“What do you say Thor-eena and Cap,” you reminded them.

“Thank you,” they smiled.

After nearly two hours or walking the neighborhood you and Sebastian were carrying two buckets full of candy and a tried two year old. Emma was passed out in her dad’s arms while Robbie held your hand and continued to drag his feet more and more. “Ok, Y/N take Thor, I’ll take little Steve.” You took Emma and Sebastian picked up Robbie and carried him the rest of the way home.

When you got home you took Emma to bed and put her her pajamas while Seb took care of Robbie. You tucked her into bed and made your way to the kitchen to use your parental right of eating your kids candy. You leaned against the kitchen island and stripped the wrapper off a large KitKat bar.

You felt two arms, one metal, wrap around your waist. “I really like you in this outfit,” he cooed in your ear.

“I like you in all black,” you leaned back into him. “And I didn’t realize how much I missed the longer hair.”

“This could go two ways,” he whispered. “One, we could go to our room and get out of these costumes,” he said suggestively, “or two, we can take this candy to the couch and watch the Conjuring.” The smile on your face grew and without saying anything you both grabbed a bag from the island and ran to the couch.

You took out a little pack of skittles “I’ll trade you skittles for nerds.”