gra o tron

Deleted scene from S07E03.

BTW, I’d love to hear what the away message on Daenerys Targaryen’s voice mail would sound like.

I think Joffrey is now the king in America. And he’s grown up just as petulant and irrational as he was when he was thirteen in the books.
—  George R.R. Martin in Esquire.
We had seven years to build up to this moment where he finally says no to her. His whole life has been about trying to navigate around her and protect her and do whatever he could to do to be there for her. Now, suddenly, he can’t do what she wants him to do. She’s overstepped her boundaries, and clearly they have been stretching, but this time something snapped.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau at Entertainment Tonight (ET) on Jaime Lannister’s split with Cersei at the end of Season 7.

Nigdy nie zapominaj o tym, kim jesteś, bo świat na pewno o tym nie zapomni. Uczyń z tego swoją siłę, a wtedy przestanie to być twoim słabym punktem. Zrób z tego swoją zbroję, a nikt nie użyje tego przeciwko tobie.
—  Gra o Tron