This Is How Fast America Changes Its Mind | Bloomberg

Editor’s Note: These graphs are not actually the best indicators of “how fast” the U.S. “changes its mind.” They are, however, good indicators of how rapidly political climates can shift AFTER a social movement has been built to challenge status quo power, a process which takes decades – and sometimes centuries. They are also good indicators of how social movements get co-opted and channeled into strictly policy agendas rather than broad, radical reshaping – or abolition – of dominant power structures. 


Hello everyone! Just a few days ago I hit a milestone I never imagined would be possible, I hit 5K followers. Honestly I’m speechless. I want to say thank you to all my followers. I wanted to make this follow forever to thank everyone who has come to my blog and decided to click that small little follow button and give special thanks to all the lovely blogs who make my dash so wonderful. You all make me smile everyday and inspire me to become a better person. The friendships I’ve made have been so amazing. This website has helped me to become more confident in myself and break out of my shell little by little. And it’s because of you all that I keep coming back! So here it is, these are some of my favorite blogs that make my dash so wonderful. They aren’t only blogs, but they have amazing people behind them! I hope you all continue to stay brilliant!!! (If you have more than one blog that I follow I only put one of them on here!)

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DAY 8, Entry #1 "Mabel's Guide to Dating" ✂ - mmabelpines
"Grunkle Stan, on a scale from one to five, you scored a three. 
This will limit your dating pool to widows, 
lady plumbers and convicts.
Dipper. Your score is... Yeesh! 
You know, scores don't really matter. 
You just need to focus on being you.
Soos, on a scale from one to five you scored.. a twelve?"
Entry #2 "Mabel's Guide to Stickers"
"Throughout history, stickers have been 
the backbone of many great civilizations.
The ancient Greeks used leeches for stickers! 
The more stickers you had, the cooler you were! "
Entry #3 "Mabel's Guide to Fashion"
"Now you just have to walk backwards everywhere you go and bingo! 
You're fabulous."

[1/10] series - D.Gray-Man

↳ “God? I don’t care about that. I… I’ve made my own oaths. To myself, that I would destroy the Akuma. To my friends, that I would fight alongside them. To this world, that I would save it. To my father, that I would keep walking until I died. I made an oath to them all… This is the only path I can take so I can feel alive.”

(insp. )


taylorswift my grandma passed away today was so hard, And i painted this , a lyric from the best days . And its been so hard, i even read this eulogy. Even though I was crying, this was the last song i played and she heard. Would mean alot to me for u to see this , u were even included in this part of the eulogy. You are an important person in my life, and reminded me so much of her. And you have gotten me though these hard times just like these, and just like her… Goodbye grandma