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Because I'm trying to pretend everything's okay, the song 'Meet me in the Woods' by Lord Huron for Percy. The second verse is now way more painful due to episode 68 but I hope everything is okay next episode, I'm trying to hold on hope. -Neptune Anon (Also, ;) as requested)

first off, you’re my favorite I just want you to know that

second, I love it obviously. I’m also trying to have hope and have faith, but in the meantime, this is lovely and painful. what a good Percy song. thanks




So a friend showed me this after events in episode 68 of Critical Role, and it feels so fitting with what happened.

My Reactions to Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III (ep68)

Episode 1: Eww, guns in a fantasy setting - I bet you’re the kind of player that reads the high fantasy setting info and then bases their character on an anime character from a cyberpunk show. I wish Taliesin would chill out a bit, it’s awful when players think role playing is about beating the DM. 

Episode 38: Woah this guy! He can spit out some really great lines! Cool character arc - hope he dies soon though, not a fan of the guns and Taliesin’s behaviour makes me feel uncomfortable. 

Episode 68: WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM IN PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN *sobs* I LOVE YOU! 

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Fiona Apple - Daredevil is just Percy through and through: self destruction, mechanical affinity, his love of gifts, and his need for a companion to ensure he doesn't go too far. And I think we know who he wants to hold on to with open arms... ;-)

this is a great percy song yeah


So i have a theory...

You know how Nico mention that Bianca chose to be reborn instead of moving on to Elysium? What if Bianca was reborn into Percy’s little sister? Like, the signs are little at first, but as she grows Percy starts to notice that his sister has the same toughness and independence Bianca had, and the willingness to do anything for family and then one day Percy just knows and he feels like maybe its just wishful thinking but he (embarrassed) tells Nico, expecting him to just disregard it, but instead Nico just smiles with a little bit of sadness in his eyes and nods because he had known all along just from her eyes and so Percy is just 10x more protective because theres no way in tartarus hes getting her hurt again and Nico makes it clear that he will cause anyone who hurts her immense pain so Percy’s sis has two designated badass older brothers who love her to death

The birthdays and how old pjo/hoo characters will be at the end of 2016
  • Percy Jackson:August 18th 1993, 23 years old
  • Annabeth Chase:July 12th 1993, 23 years old
  • Jason Grace:July 1st 1996, 20 years old
  • Thalia grace:sometime in 1988, would be 28, but is 15 due to immortality
  • Piper McLean:birthday unknown, probably about 20 years old
  • Leo Valdez:birthday unknown, probably about 20 years old
  • Nico di Angelo:1930s, due to a time stopping casino/hotel is about 21 years old
  • Will Solace:birthday unknown, probably about 21 years old
  • Hazel Levesque:December 17th 1928, due to dying and coming back to life is about 19 years old.
  • I would have included more but those characters are either deceased or I couldn't find any info. All information from Rick Riordan wikia