What do you want for christmas?

Jason: Probably new glasses

Piper: A new surfboard

Frank: A longer bed and more arrows

Hazel: Pencils and a sketchbook

Leo: Fire-proof clothes

Annabeth: *points to percy who is doing some weird-ass stuff that includes a lot of yelling in the distance* A new boyfriend, thank you

letsboldlygomotherfuckers  asked:

I'm actually living for your pjo roommates au oh my god, please write more of it <3

Another frat house party. The music is too loud, and the beer is too warm, but Annabeth is dominating the beer pong table, and she’s never felt better.

Her partner is a statuesque girl she thinks she’s seen sitting at the back of Dean Chiron’s campus Town Hall meetings. She introduces herself as Reyna. Her hair is pulled up in a high ponytail, and she’s wearing a ripped black shirt, and every time Annabeth sinks another ball, she almost smiles.

They blow through a few pairs of challengers, and decimate them like clockwork. Loud bass beats through the stuffy rooms of the house, and someone hooks up a strobe light on the fireplace mantle that adds an actual element of challenge to the game. It’s a dizzying few minutes, trying to focus on the targets and not the flashing stutter of the world around her, and by the time someone gets fed up and yanks the plug out of the wall, she’s blinking back stars.

That’s when Reyna nudges her shoulder and nods towards the open back doors. Piper is weaving her way through the crowd. There’s a huge red stain across her–well, her everything. It looks like someone dumped a cup of tub juice on her; it’s on her shirt, and her jeans, and still dripping wet down her arms. It’s almost as red as her face.

She looks furious.

“I need you,” she says without preamble, grabbing Annabeth’s arm and tugging her away from the pong table.

Annabeth goes freely. She has to shout as they pass by the ridiculous stereo setup. “What is it? Why are you covered in tub juice?”

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OTP Prompt

Person A keeps telling everyone they have a s/o (person b). Nobody believes then until Person B visits person A and person A feels the need to flaunt their s/o to everybody they know.

At Camp
  • <p> <b>Person A:</b> *a responsible leader* Alright, what's the first thing about first aid we should teach the new campers?<p/><b>Person B:</b> *definitely not a responsible leader* *raises hand* Natural selection and every man for themselves?<p/><b>Person A:</b> You don't get to teach the new campers.<p/></p>