so this is definitely one of my favorite moments in a one piece opening like

Usopp,Nami and Franky losing their shit because Brook and Chopper jumped into the sea to save Luffy

Robin chill af doesn’t give a shit

Zoro and Sanji fighting for a surfing board in the background

and then we have

Usopp rescuing those idiots

and Nami beating the shit out of them

Everyone is so done

ZoSan is CRYING over the now broken board

and Robin still doesn’t give a shit

i love this


The OPENING that I directed, storyboarded and animation-supervised for “Atom the Beginning”. Art-director: Jun Kumaori /
『アトム ザ・ビギニング』アニメのオープニングを演出と絵コンテと作画監督しました。/ OP美術監督とカラースクリプト:くまおり純 
・久保田 誓・伍 柏諭・Jonathan Djob Nkondo ・山下 清悟
・川野 達朗・森匡三・榎戸 駿・土上いつき・佐田とし
・黄 成希・末澤 慧・吉松孝博・磯 光雄・吉田大洋
OP Title Motion-Design: 松野貴仁-Maxilla Inc.


I’m so excited to share the intro for the Character Animation Producers’ Show!

Apparently Walt Disney has been kept frozen for 50 years at the president’s office, and this year we brought him back to life so he could see what CalArts has become.

Thanks to all of the incredible people who worked on this!
Full credit list on the Vimeo description.


So finally Annecy is coming to an end.

Have the second part of our opening’s final shot.
This shot was quite special, we were unsure of how it would be until the time i decided to animate it, i did like 4 rough version until this one.

It goes without saying that animating so many characters, animating the ground and animating the flying confettis was absurdly long, at least it turned ok.

Some friends asked me if i used 3D or after effect for the animation..
The answer is of course no.