About Kuroshitsuji’s Chapter 133.

Here I am with the last chapter of Kuroshitsuji, number 133! 
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So, let’s start. First panel!

Phantomhive twins and Sebastian. I mean… they’re so damn cute. Also, this dog always reminds me about Sebastian the demon. This big, black, beautiful dog used to watch over the little twins just like the demon watch over Our Ciel now. We can simply understand that Real Ciel is the one on the right, hugging the dog, while Our Ciel is the other one behind the dog, trying to stroke him even if he’s a little scared. Real and Our Ciel are so similar but also so different at the same time!


This part obviously refers to the previous chapter, when Our Ciel said he will leave the Phantomhive house one day in order to become a toymaker and open his own toy shop in London. I think Real Ciel is very yandere, don’t you think? He always wants to stay with his little twin brother.  
Let’s go on.


Just think about the Phantomhive’s blue ring. We know about it since the beginning, it’s the Earl’s ring. Blue like Real Ciel’s eyes (and Our Ciel ones, as well). “A stone of deepest blue that blazes with the fire of the stars from within…”. The sky and the stars. Ciel means “sky” and Astre means “star”, could it be another clue that the name of Our Ciel is Astre? 
Also, could it be that Real Ciel changed his mind and accepted to become the Earl in order to always help his little brother in the future? “I have no choice but to become Earl Phantomhive, huh?” Unlike Our Ciel, Real Ciel can’t decide what to be in the future, he HAVE to be Earl, that’s his only possible future, but he accepted because this way he will be able to help Our Ciel if needed. 


I remember that when I was a child I also used to open everyday the advent calendar for Christmas with my big brother and eat together the chocolate inside. Aaah so cute, look at them, they’re so happy!! 


Here we are. This is the moment.
We will now know what exactly happened the day of their tenth birthday when their lives completely changed, forever. Look at the shadows in the last panel, they make us understand that something bad is going to happen. I’m so scared and worried, oh god. OH GOD.

Well, I like this chapter but I’m a bit disappointed ‘cause I really wanted to know Our Ciel’s name; guess we’ll have to wait a lot for it. I still hope for the next chapter. 
What do you think about chapter 133? Did you like it? Let me know! 


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