Ben: Harry, my dude. I love you man but you need to stop telling everyone you’re Ruby’s mother. 

Harry: oh. sorry. it’s just we’re so bonded it feels that way sometimes. 

Ben: just no more, k? 

Harry: got it! no more mommy talk. 

Harry: hey adam, have you met Ruby? 

Harry: isn’t she beautiful? 

harry: …I birthed her. 

My Fake Boyfriend - part one

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Pairing: Harry Styles x reader

Summary: You refuse to go on a date with Harry, but when you tell your ex that you will be attending his engagement party with your new boyfriend by your side, you may just need him.

A/N: send me a message or an ask if you would like a part two to this! If no one wants it then I won’t be prioritising it in my ‘to write’ list.

He was late, you thought as you glanced at the analogue face of your watch.

You immediately cursed yourself for thinking such a thing. For him to be late, there had to be a prearranged meeting where a time was set for him to arrive. Just because he came into your store at 11 o’clock sharp every Saturday morning for the past month didn’t mean he was obligated to come today. Besides, you shouldn’t care. No. You didn’t care.

It was a quiet time of day in the cupcake patisserie. It gave you plenty of time to prepare all of the cupcake orders you had later in the day. You were just pulling a tray of red velvet cupcakes out of the oven for an order to be ready at midday when you heard the familiar twinkle of the door chime. It took all the self-control you had not to whip around and check to see if it was who you thought it was. If it was him, you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction.

You took your time sliding the tray onto the cooling rack and taking off your oven mitts before turning to greet your customer. You fought the smile that threatened to creep its way onto your face and chiselled your face into a mask of nonchalance as you took him in.

Harry leant his forearms on the counter, a smirk on his face and amusement in his eyes. While dressed in one of his much more casual outfits, you were sure that the brown knit sweater he adorned was worth more than all your clothes combined. A moment of silence passed between the two of you before Harry spoke. “Mornin’ love. Sorry I’m late, I got caught up in a meeting.”

“Late?” you asked, as though you hadn’t thought that. “Who are you again?” you asked, as though everyone in the Western world didn’t know who he was. You knew this boy’s status and you refused to allow him to believe you cared in the slightest. Which you didn’t. Your growing attraction to him had nothing to do with that.

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“Swear m’gonna take that mirror down if you keep looking at yourself like that.”

Harry said as he was leaning on the wall with his arms crossed and his voice almost as a playful scold, unknown to you that he was watching you look at yourself in the full-length mirror for quite some time.

“Yes, yes. I know I can’t blame you.”

You smiled as his words went ahead of what you were supposed to say, looking down as his hands latched on top of your seven-month old bump from behind, humming to himself.

“But y’know, there’s our princess — in your bump.”

You laughed as you lightly slapped his arm and looked at the reflection who’s staring right back, a hint of mischief in his expression as it was your turn to cross your arms across your chest.

“Thought we’ll be knowing the gender once I go into labor?”

“M’claiming it already.”

Harry scoffed as he laughed, putting his hands up as there’s still the tension of uncomfortability, his lips pursing as the laughter died down and you looking down the floor.

It was both a blessing and a curse that he knows what you were thinking most of the time out of second instinct, knowing to himself that he got better at observing details the moment he started dating you, each time having an improvement as he looked for answers himself.

“You’re still lovely as ever if you were thinking of that. Nothing would change that.”

He carried a small smile, wanting to address what you were feeling just so he could take off the hesitation you had in your chest, putting aside the plans that would go in the middle of him prioritizing you.

“And you are the greatest wife and would be the greatest mum if you were thinking of that too.”

It did hurt Harry to see you have second thoughts of anything as he knows to himself you shouldn’t have any because he’d do anything to take out any inconvenience no matter what it is, wanting what’s best for your sake.

“And in case if you were thinking of it too,” he started off, looking at the both of you at the full-length mirror as his hands clasped yours, smiling back as you know your husband wouldn’t sleep until he solved the conflict and the heaviness in your chest you had against anyone.

“I love you still.”

He spoke thickly as he just woke up yet disregarded it if that’s what it meant to re-aasure you, grinning as he finally saw you smile.

Harry pressed a kiss onto the crook of your neck as he whispered, knowing that he’s fully open into repeating it if that’s what it would cost to make you happy, genuine as he uttered the word that lifted you off your doubt.

“Always will.”

Strange Love (Part #4)

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoy this part! Previous parts are here x

Harry barely acknowledged your admission. He remained in the same crouched position he was in before you admitted your fear, something you never thought would leave your lips, despite always being on your mind.

Your eyes cast to the ground as you saw the muscles in Harry’s jaw tighten. His gaze was cast down and his eyelashes nearly kissed the tops of his cheekbones. Wordlessly, he dipped his hand in the blue paint. With carefree movements he ran his hand along the canvas.

“Try it Y/N,” he said softly. The tenderness in his voice was the only proof he had heard you.

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Bruised Love {Part 3}

Warnings: Cursing, very angsty

Word count: 791

Summary: Harry has been avoiding (Y/N) lately making her feel unwanted and lonely, as he pushed her away causing her to keep trying to love him and make him notice her, but only to bring her more ache to the heart.

Note: Sorry this kind of shot, I have big plans for part 4. Yes you heard right, their will be a part 4. but I know you guys have been waiting for this sit back get comfy and ENJOY!!;)

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*Third POV*

“I hate you, harry”

“I hate you”

“I hate you”

Her words were all Harry could think of. Every word she had spoken running through his mind repeatedly as he sat there in a chair beside her, watching her fragile body laying there on the uncomfortable hospital bed, her breathing at a rhythm pace. She was tangled up with many cords stuck to her body, as a mask covered most of her face, helping her breathe better. It has been 3 hours since the incident, and (Y/N) still hasn’t woken up yet. Neither has Harry left that spot. He wasn’t going to leave her not now, not ever. But that had changed when the doctor came in the room gesturing for him to meet him out in the hallway.

A heavy groan left his chapped lips as he stood up, his knees tingling from sitting in that chair for hours. He glanced at (Y/N) one more time, before walking out into the white hall seeing nurses walking around the quiet halls. When he noticed the doctor standing by the window to her room, he walked towards him.

“What’s up?” He asked him, scared something had went wrong with (Y/N).

“(Y/N)’s immune system is weakened due to lack of vitamins and minerals, which is due to not eating” the doctor said, as a sigh left Harry’s lips, looking down, putting his fingers through his tangled hair tugging it with frustration. 

“Is there a way I can fix this” He asked, willing to do anything for his lovely (Y/N).

“Yes, she needs to start eating again and then she will be healthy in no time” he suggested, a small smile forming on his lips before petting Harry’s shoulder and walking off to another patient, leaving him in the hallway alone. Harry didn’t know what to do, or how to feed her when she’s going to wake up and doesn’t want him around anymore. 

He walked back into the room seeing (Y/N) still sleep. This was killing him, knowing he let it get this far. She is such an amazing person and Harry just pushed her to the limits, which caused this to happen. He really didn’t want to lose her, she was his first love and still is. He can’t even think what life would be like without her in it. 

Harry can feel his emotions take control of him again, the guilt knocking down his walls. Breathing rugged, chest falling up and down like a machine. His (Y/n), his lovely, perfect little angel, was probably still hurting inside even in her sleep because of him. And it was all his fault. The way she looked at him when she was crying her heart out to him. All she wanted was for Harry to love her and care for her, just as much as she did for him, but maybe just a little more. He slowly walked back to his original spot, making himself comfortable in the chair. 

“This is all my fault” Harry cried to myself, his hands tangled up in hers, as he just let his emotions flung free.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), I just wanted you to live a better life without me.” He knows he wasn’t going to get anything from her, but he just wanted to feel close to her as if she was listening. 

“I shouldn’t of pushed you away, I didn’t mean anything I said….. please (Y/N) I need you." 

His sobs were quiet but loud enough for a person in the room to hear him. Harry felt terrible, so terrible. He just wanted to hold his baby girl, make her feel so special to him. His grip on her small cold hand, tighten as he looked at her one more time. She was so beautiful even when she looked so pale. Harry had noticed over the couple of days of him pushing her away her body had changed. She was more skinnier and weaker, which made him feel like she did this for him, like she wanted to show him she can change for him. But Harry didn’t want that, he loved his (Y/N) no matter what she is. She is perfect just the way she is, without a doubt. 

"I love you, (Y/N). Oh god I love you so much, I’m so sorry” he whispers, as he plants a small, delicate kiss on each of her fingers, his tears landing on them. He laid his head down beside her, inhaling her scent, her flower blossom scent that still hang around her. 

His eyelids felt weak as his tears slowly fall from his cheeks. He felt tired, while his body relaxed, soon drifting off with words falling free before closing his eyes. 

“I love you.”