oh lord, won’t you leave me
leave me on my knees?
cause i belong to the ground now
and it belongs to thee
and oh lord, won’t you leave me
leave me just like this?
cause i belong to the ground now
i want no more than this 

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NU’EST | Minhyun | Q is

Lully: I tried my hand at doing an edit of the new teaser pic. Hopefully it doesn’t look too bad, it was just done pretty quickly. It’s kind of fun trying to remove people from pictures, lmfao. Sorry Aron! I love you!

NOTE: This is at 360x640 so feel free to use as a cellphone wallpaper!

So, the time has finally come to put all of your hard work into action with your first CrossFit Competition! With the impending Women’s CrossFit Open we went straight to the experts to get the inside scoop on everything you need to know before you sign up. CrossFit trainer, veteran Open competitor, and published fitness author Melanie Sliwka dished about everything from WOD ideas to first timer facts regarding tackling your first competition. 

Read on for some tips, tricks, woes and no’s straight from the expert!

Six Tips For Your First CrossFit Competition >


JG (v2)

Graphics demo by Arthur Rakhteenko features interactive 3D scene which is rendered using Impressionist painterly strokes as particles (in the video below, the effect appears three minutes into it):

The “painted” effect wasn’t planned. Originally I only had an idea to render a natural scenery of a certain kind, and I wasn’t ready to spend a whole lot of time on it. It became clear to me, a “realistic” approach won’t work, resulting in either very mediocre visuals (due to engine limitations and the complexity of real-time vegetation modeling), or a whole year of trying to catch up with Crysis. So it wasn’t the way.

What I really wanted is to preserve the atmosphere, the feeling, avoiding ruining it with technical limitations.

A demo for PC can be downloaded here

More background on how this was technically done can be found here

[H/T: @fluate]

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I wanted to fall into sparkle hell again so Liz’s sin blog gets a new banner. I’m so proud of myself. it’s like everything I taught myself in high school has combined so I can make ironically cutesy things for nsfw blogs XD


🎉 Jaejoong’s birthday!! 🎉  
Thank you for everything kim jaejoong
Thank you for making me smile by being you,for giving me memories to keep,thank you for your dedication,for your hard work and for everything you’ve done for us,just thank you for existing! WE LOVE YOU 💖
I hope you do realise that you’re loved by many people and you deserve all this love 💗 
Happy birthday! (ノ ヮ )ノ*:・゚