• I seriously don't get why the majority of the Gruvia fandom is insecure. Just because we haven't had certain interactions that we've wanted lately doesn't mean Mashima doesn't have something for us in store later. If you ask me I think this is just building up to something big.
  • Insulting other sides of the fandom who don't ship Gruvia isn't cool, and frankly a big waste of time. I mean come on guys, we don't have any real competition. Gray and Juvia have had so many sweet and incredible interactions up to now and there is still some on the way. We've had the hand holding, the forehead kiss, the hug, unison raids, Mashima's art, and so many other little things.
  • Whatever drama may stumble in the series later will eventually reflect on each side of the fandom. So if you feel down, don't. Patience is key.

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So, after ch 426 … The idea of Levy being in a council as some tactician and cooperating with Gajeel and contacting through hidden earpieces… probably wasnt the only person who came up with the idea but I first saw it written by gajeelredfox here and then later blanania drew that rain picture and you know what I love this whole idea way too much