Mafia Royalties [Chapter One]

Lucy was told by her Father that she already knew someone here. Someone she met during a ball? Apparently he also studies here. He is also someone who has connections to the mafia. The blond stops in sudden realization.

Then she broke into a run all the way to the classroom and slammed the door open. There he is! She can see that the students were surprised by her sudden intrusion. She saw his eyes widen when he saw her. He stood up abruptly.

“Holy! Is that you?”

Lucy ignored his guestion and jumped onto his arms, her hands latching onto his neck while his wrap around her waist.

She heard surprised gasps coming from the students and the teacher. They must be surprised.

“Loke I’ve missed you so much!” Lucy squeals in happiness while Loke’s shoulders shake with laughter. The girl saw his friends gaping at them, though one particular guy— no, man caught her attention.

First of all, his hair was pink. Dyed?

“I missed you too, Princess. How was Paris?” He casually asked, as if it was just the two of them.

“It was great. You should come with me next time!” Lucy grinned at him. The two almost had a thing before, guess the endearment stuck.

“Why don’t we take a walk. I’ll give you a tour of the school.” He winked at the blond. Lucy smirked, looks like they won’t be doing any serious tour.

Loke slung his arm around her shoulder and pulled Lucy closer to his body, they were really close now. As in, literally close.

The students were still gaping at them. Oh! She almost forgot.

“My name’s Lucy Heartfilia. A Mafia Royalty.”

A royalty? And she’s close to Loke? Natsu looked at his friends. They were as alarmed as he was. Another royalty means imbalance in yhe school monarchy.

If she’s not on their side, chaos will ensue in Fiore High.

She doesn’t look like a Mafia Princess though. With her very short black and white sleeveless dress with a plunging neckline. It emphasized her boobs and her curves paired with white stilettos. She doesn’t look dangerous at all. She looks like a spoiled brat to him. Weak, useless and annoying.

An idea popped into his head. He smirked, why not?

Lucy ran a hand to her waist-length blond hair, not bothering to fix it and just left it to a wavy style.

She stared at her reflection.

Pink swollen lips, flushed cheeks, vibrant eyes and panting slightly. She looked happy, yet bothered at the same time. Is it because of that man before? He was really hot though. Dark mesmerizing eyes, lips that looked so soft, chiseled nose and a sculpted jaw. He looks like a god. He looks dangerous.

Strange, she hasn’t seen him before. Well, she better start looking for the King. They have to talk.


Lucy Heartfilia looked at her lunch. It’s been a week since her transfer and she’s already well-knowned because she’s apparently the ‘Queen’.

It’s very foolish though, to have a monarchy in a high school.

She’s been asking all around, about King’s identity. But due to fear(commoners) and orders from King himself(elites) no one answered her.

It looks like they’re more afraid of King than her. They probably think she’s just a pushover.

Lucy will show them, she is not someone you would want to mess with.

She is sitting at the railings of the rooftop while eating. It’s too noisy in the cafeteria.

Besides, here she could be herself.

Her true self.

All this time, Lucy has been nice to everyone. Her Mother told her to be kind after all

But now that she’s alone, she can be her cold, ruthless self.

Her face is stoic, void of any emotion. Eyes were set on a cold deadly glare. And her senses were on high alert. Lucy pursed her lips in boredom.

Her eyes quickly snapped to the door.

Someone’s here. Who?

The door opened, Lucy waited in silence and anticipation. It was


Natsu Dragneel! She learned his name from Loke, he was talking about them all the time.

His eyes. They were just like hers.

The eyes of someone from the mafia.


She caught the dagger he threw. He’s fast. No doubt, he really is King.

There was a paper attached. What is this?

Lucy slowly opened it.


I, Lucy Heartfilia(Queen), agree to be Natsu Dragneel’s(King) lover to maintain the equilibrium of the school monarchy. I promise to be a good Queen to him.

There are other personal reasons, but they will be revealed soon. If you cooperate.

There are rules and regulations, of course. Almost every contract has them.

RnR. This goes to the both of us.

Both must not have any relationship with other people. Flings aren’t allowed.

No flirting. It will be bad for the Royalties’ image.

Make the relationship look real. E.g. Higs, kisses, PDA.

Do not tell anyone else of this agreement.

The relationship must be known to both familia. Otherwise, it wouldn’t look real.

Both must attend to each other’s need. E.g. Emergency, shopping,etc.

Do not put the other in danger because of your selfish reasons.

Whenever there are gatherings or events, the two must always come together.

Never leave each other’s side.

Do not fall in love.

Easy right? Now all you have to do is sign below.

                                  LUCY HEARTFILIA


“What if I don’t want to?” Lucy said, using her deadly voice that could make anyone shiver in fear.

He didn’t look affected though.

Instead he just smirked. He looked like a devil.

A very handsome devil.

“Then I won’t return this to you.” He said in a dark voice that actually managed to terrify me.

I gasped. It was my Granny’s necklace. Damn.

“Fine, I agree.” Lucy reluctantly signed the damn paper.

Oh, he better run. That Natsu Dragneel!

Facts, Logic, and Canon: Lucy’s feelings for Natsu

   Fairy Tail seems to be reaching it’s climax, and as such the pairings in which Hiro Mashima is pushing for is becoming more and more obvious. Likewise, the pushback from fans who oppose these ships is becoming more and more apparent, and I am beginning to notice a disturbing trend. Discussions about pairings are becoming less and less about facts and logical interpretations of the canon material, and becoming more and more about accusing the other fanbase of acting in ways that triggers them. No more. It’s time for a return to form. 

This is the cover page of chapter 416. Now, I cannot possibly cover all of Natsu and Lucy’s relationship in one post. There is simply far too much content. To make things far less time consuming for me, I will limit this post to only material since the X791-X792 timeskip. Material from the omake specials, movie, OVA, and anime, will also be largely excluded. Most of the fanservice will also be excluded. I simply cannot go through all of the material in one post. 

This is from chapter 419.  After Fairy Tail disbanded, the one Lucy most wanted to see was Natsu. This is not an opinion, and there is not much room for interpretation. Plain and simple, this is definitive proof that Lucy missed Natsu the most. 

Lucy chased after Natsu when she found out he was leaving from his letter. Lucy did not have the same reaction to anyone else when Fairy Tail disbanded - and seeing as none of them purposely tried to avoid her when they left, it would have been far easier for her to follow them. 

This is Lucy’s outburst for Natsu leaving her behind. This was in response to Natsu criticizing Gray for leaving Juvia behind. 

 When Lucy thought Dimaria was about to stab out her eyes, her last thought was Natsu. Interpret this how you will. Lucy may have been calling out for Natsu to save her. Or she may have been worried about what would happen to him. Or she may have simply thought of him because it gives her hope. Either way, all roads lead back to the same conclusion.

Upon waking up from the aftermath, finding Natsu was Lucy’s first priority. In fact, Lucy was in such a rush to find Natsu that she forgot she was naked.

When Lucy finally arrived at where Natsu was, she rushed to hug him. If it wasn’t obvious how much Lucy cared about Natsu by her actions and thoughts up until this point, it should be fairly obvious now. It will continue to get more obvious below. 

Not to say that Lucy doesn’t care about Juvia and Gray’s conditions, but you can clearly tell that Lucy was the most worried for Natsu. This is evident in both the way she carries Natsu…

… and by the way she cradles him after Irene’s attack.

Lucy is willing to strip down and use her body heat to warm up Natsu. 

Upon Natsu waking up, Lucy can be shown visibly shaking due to relief. 

Lucy’s first instinct is to hug him once he wakes up. Once again, you get Lucy calling Natsu a dummy. You get Lucy saying how worried she was over Natsu. You get Lucy so caught up in the moment, she forget she’s naked.  

…And this is Lucy’s reaction when he thanks her. 

 If everything up until this point wasn’t clear enough, this is how Lucy acts when she is drunk during the Christmas Special.   

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. If you’ve been keeping up with Fairy Tail and are not in constant denial because of personal bias, you can clearly see that Lucy has feelings for Natsu. Even with a reasonable degree of bias, you cannot deny that Lucy having feelings a higher probability than her not. It is only when you are unreasonably biased against NaLu, that you would deny this. The evidence for is overwhelming compared to the evidence against, and we are long past the the point of plausible deniability. I will stand by what I say, and what I say is that Lucy having feelings for Natsu is the simplest and most direct conclusion after having observed her various actions throughout the most current arc.