I’m sure it’s been analyzed to hell and back but it’s always bothered me (among other fucked up things in the Hunger Games) how in the training Foxface is shown to have seemingly expansive knowledge on flora. She’s identifying those plants lightning fast. So wouldn’t she have known that those berries were nightlock? I’ve seen it theorized that she did it on purpose.

I just wish we had short stories and names on all the tributes for more of an inside look on just how this effected them all.

The Hunger Games- Foxface [INTP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by dragonstoning 

Introverted thinking (Ti): Foxface is very detached and logical, always looking for the most logical solution out of things. She is often described as “sly” and very clever, and her only line in her interview with Caesar was “I will always analyze the situation and apply myself”. She can always think her way out of things and sees the way the society of Panem works, which later brings her torment as she wrestles with the decision over whether to kill herself.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Foxface can easily see all the ways she can work with a situation and picks the one she thinks will be most advantageous. Her ways of coming up with solutions often helps her in the games, such as when she steals food from the careers’ pyramid and quickly and easily steals her package from the feast. She is not afraid to take risks in dangerous situations.

Introverted sensing (Si): Foxface has an incredible memory, displayed through her skills to remember different plants both in training and in the games. She used a strategy that was shown to work before by other tributes: do not show your strengths and your other tributes will underestimate you.

Extroverted feeling (Fe): Foxface doesn’t want to be in the games- she just wants peace. Despite possessing the skills to win, she avoids conflicts and stays on her own to avoid killing other competitors. When she comes across Katniss, rather than try and injure or kill her, Foxface runs away. There is a fan theory that Foxface knew the nightlock would kill her when she ate it, so she would be committing suicide, possibly so she wouldn’t have to hurt anyone in the games.